YTB: EP11: Broome & The Kimberley – our favorite place in Australia (+working on a pearl farm)

The colors of Broome + the mudwalk

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Show Notes

In this episode, we share our favorite area in Australia: Broome & The Kimberley region in Western Australia.

It’s unspoiled wilderness in an area that is three times the size of the UK. That means endless gorges, waterfalls, and off the beaten path adventures await with little people to crowd your space.

And let us tell you about those beaches, colors and sunsets!! The best colors in the world live here!

We also share about our life for 5 months working on Kuri Bay Pearl Farm, which was once the largest provider of South Sea Pearls in the world!

We discuss:

  • Why Broome is our favorite place in Australia and why you WANT to visit.
  • The adventures you can have in the Kimberley and a few amazing gorges and waterfalls along the Gibb River Road – Australia’s best road trip adventure.
  • The Best Beer in Australia + best sunset locations
  • Visiting the Horizontal Falls – a natural phenomenon around the corner from Kuri Bay
  • Staircase to the Moon – a popular full moon event
  • Kuri Bay – our pearl farm home – and a little about Paspaley Pearls and our commute to work by sea plane over the Buccaneer Archipelago
  • What cultivating a pearl involves
  • Our monthly mud walk with crocodiles – this area has the second highest tidal movements in the world.
  • How we worked on the boats through a cyclone and lived to tell the tale.
  • The American model who was killed by a crocodile in this area.
  • Camp life at Kuri Bay in the Prince Regent National Park – tourists spend thousands to see this area. We got paid to live and work in it.

Recommended tours of the Pearling region

At the moment, there are no tours to Kuri Bay. You never know when they may return. There are other tours you can do to other pearl farms in the Broome area and to learn more about the pearling history.

The colors of Broome

Kuri Bay, The Kimberley

We don’t have a lot of photos during this period. We weren’t travel blogging and just took snaps on a point and shoot camera.

But here is a little glimpse at life in Kuri Bay Pearl Farm

Kuri Bay mud walk
The infamous mud walk from the jetty out to the boats. We told you those tidal movements were large!
Kuri Bay Pearl Farm
We survived the cyclone party
Pas Paley Pearl Farm Kuri Bay Broome Western Australia
Our camp below
Sea plane kuri bay
Our commute

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