Why I Love Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia

High sand dunes that roll down changing from the red soil to light orange, to eventually fade into pure white sand as it reaches the turquoise Indian Ocean.

The view of Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia is wide and sweeping. Wide enough that on low tide Australia’s only beach polo event is held on the flat sands here.

Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

Around to the south, you can vaguely make out the red cliffs of Gantheaume Point, a beautiful spot to walk where even the dinosaurs have walked. Yep, there’s footprints to prove it.

To the north, camels slowly saunter along the hard sand in front of the setting sun lighting the sky red and pink.

Susnet camel ride, Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

There are a few palm trees.

You can either sit under them on the grass above the dunes, or peer at the sun through them from your seat at the Sunset Bar – a popular place for people to arrive of an afternoon and sit with chairs facing out for the spectacle.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia

We preferred to see it from our seat a little closer and higher from the lawn out the front of the tin shed, otherwise known as the Broome Surf Club.

Sssh, don’t tell

This is a true secret squirrel tip from us. Do not tell anyone. But, if you can swing a member to sign you in, the Surf Club is the CHEAPEST place in Broome to come for a drink and is the most chilled with the BEST views.

We became regular weekly visitors – first to arrive, last to leave.

Grab your plastic table and chairs, bring your own snacks and enjoy the $6 drinks with the locals as you watch nature’s last great act for the evening over the Indian Ocean.


Cable Beach Surf Club - Broome, Western Australia
Sunset drinks with my friend Emma

If you have never viewed an ocean sunset, Cable Beach will not disappoint. With colours ranging from purples and golds to fiery reds, even your camera will have a smile on its face.

Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

We’d arrive at the Surf Club after a short walk from our Villa – the girls powering along on their scooters. Sometimes it was just us, other times we were there creating memories with new friends (of course we let them in on our secret too. ) I discovered it after a little snooping.

I’d walk past the cute building going down the ramp to spend another afternoon on the beach building sand castles, boogie boarding and avoiding being stung by jelly fish.

Kalyra tallied twice stung, no tears, but a wicked slashing mark on her thigh. The lifesavers were sweet in helping her and sharing all their wisdom about Broome stingers, crocs and sharks. We were in Broome during the safe time to swim season.

I was intrigued by the small club and wanted to know if it was opened to visitors. I found it was on Friday and Sunday nights from 5pm-7pm for drinks. Well, not really to visitors. To members. But, if you smile sweetly and request to be a member’s guest, you’ll get to enjoy the sunset too.

Cable Beach in Broome is iconic

It’s deserving of its regular spot in the best beaches of the world list. It’s perfect for beach cricket, 4WD tailgating, camel rides, long walks and runs and swims, morning meditation and just lazing and gazing.

Crystal clear waters, rock pools, bars, food, a kiosk. Fabulous grassed area for the evening picnic and a playground for the kids – romance or family, action or relaxation.

Yummy cocktail at Zanders, Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia
Yummy cocktail at Zanders, Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

With months on end of perfect sunshine there is no better place to enjoy a beach holiday.

You can hire beach chairs and umbrellas and just chill out. It’s the best place to be in Broome as it gets the breeze to blow away that sticky heat that can get quite stifling in Broome Town.

So I guess you can tell I’m in love with Cable Beach. I’m in love with Broome. I’m in love with Western Australian sunsets. I’m in love with making memories with my family and new friends.

This is Broome. My favourite place in Australia. No comparisons or competition. (see other Australia favorites here.)

Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia
Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

Why do I love Broome so?

It’s the exotic flavour of Asia, mixed with the rugged Australian outback and the chilled out Aussie beach living.

It’s raw and harsh, peaceful and hypnotic. It’s acceptance and grace.

Be who you want. Enjoy nature. Good food and wine. Rest and play. Smile and wave. Worship the sun. Earth yourself in the red dust.

You won’t understand until you arrive. Once you do, you’ll be graced with the inherent knowing that you’re walking into a sacred place unlike any other.

Mind you, many people arrive after a brutal Outback drive from Darwin – kilometres of rugged inland escarpments, gorges, baking temperatures, gravel roads and red dusts. Broome is the oasis you never want to leave again.

Cable Beach,Sunset camel ride on Cable Beach in Broome - Western Australia
Susnet over Cable Beach in Broome - Western Australia
Sunset at Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia
Sunset Bar, Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia

Sunset at Gantheaume Point

At the southern end of Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point, a red rock cliff face overlooking a white sandy beach. Especially spectacular at sunset, but any time of day is worth the short drive on the unsealed road, or you can even walk the length of beach if you’re up for it.

We didn’t see this but there’s another track which leads to a cast of dinosaur footprints at the bottom of the cliff, but you have to go at low tide. I’m sure they would be a hit with the kids. Next time.

Sunset at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia
Sunset at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia
Sunset at Gantheaume Point - Broome, Western Australia

Broome Accommodation

If you’ve been following our road trip around Australia, more often than not we call home our 5×3 camper trailer.

Not only is it our sleeping quarters, but home office and classroom for Kalyra. Things get a little cramped in there. And hot.

When we can we like to upgrade to a little more comfort and space. Sometimes you just need a full-kitchen, your own bathroom, separate bedrooms for the kids, and a dining room to use as an office. Oh, and a TV never goes astray every now and then to keep the kids entertained for an hour.

Many thanks to our partnership with airbnb we found a 2 bedroom villa which was the perfect solution. Spacious, bright, and right across the road from the beach.

You review and book here. 

Our 2 bed villa with Airbnb in Broome, Western Australia
Our 2 bed villa with Airbnb in Broome, Western Australia
Our 2 bed villa with Airbnb in Broome, Western Australia

Out the back garden was a swimming pool the kids could jump in as an alternative to the beach, not sure if they were happier about that or having access to our own TV – it’s been a while.

A large pool

Not only was it a 5-minute walk to the beach, but also an easy walk to Zanders, the Sunset Bar and the Surf Club. And right across the road was a cafe (good fish & chips) and Divers Tavern and bottle shop – super handy for the essential beer and wine supplies!

If you’re looking for an alternative to a hotel room or cabin within walking distance to world famous Cable Beach, consider our villa.

Plan Your Trip to Broome

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Best selling tours and activities in Broome

Broome and the Kimberley podcast

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Can you picture yourself getting to know Cable Beach?

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