Looking for places to visit in Africa? We share our tips on countries in Africa including travel costs, itinerary ideas, road trips and more.

Africa Highlights and General Tips

caz pointing to sign warning of crocodiles

Safety In Africa: Tips For Staying Safe

By Caroline Makepeace | January 31, 2024

For many, just the thought of travelling to Africa is enough to send them scurrying under their bed with fear. We’ve all heard the horror stories about crime and diseases, so most people’s concerns about […]

Moremi Game Reserve hippo

Things To Know Before Going On A Safari In Africa: 13 Top Tips

By Caroline Makepeace | January 30, 2024

Embarking on a safari in Africa is high on many people’s travel bucket list. Ever since we’re children, we are exposed to stories and cartoons of wild animals roaming freely through the plains of Africa, […]

Gorilla in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest uganda

20 Awe-Inspiring Things to Do in East & Southern Africa

By Caroline Makepeace | January 24, 2024

It feels like only yesterday that Craig and I set off on the backpacking adventure of a lifetime traveling across East and Southern Africa. We spent five months independently traveling from Uganda to South Africa, […]

elephant in front view windshield of car

Getting Around East And South Africa: Transportation Options

By Caroline Makepeace | November 27, 2023

Africa is a wild and diverse continent that promises nothing short of adventure. It’s the second largest continent, made up of 54 countries, and presents travelers with a host of wonderful experiences, as well as […]

pick up travel in Africa

Africa Trip Cost: How Much Should You Budget?

By Caroline Makepeace | November 12, 2023

Africa is a continent that’s famous for its wildlife and safari experiences, remote villages, tribes and miles and miles of untamed, unspoiled natural beauty. Those who travel to Africa will leave in a sense of […]

A lion standing in the grass

The 8 Best African Game Reserves & Safari Parks To Visit In Africa

By Caroline Makepeace | October 27, 2023

Ahh Africa, there’s no place on earth like it. It’s a continent famous for its vast, unspoiled landscapes, where scotching deserts, barren plains, and untamed grasslands collide and where animals roam freely. If you’re an […]

woman walking on a beach

Why This Couple is Traveling Africa, and You Should Too!

By Natasha Alden | November 25, 2016

Want to overland the African continent in your own vehicle as a couple? Check out why you should!

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