Central America

Looking for places to visit in Central America? We share our tips on best things to do in Australia including travel costs and itinerary ideas including Costa Rica and Guatemala.


volcano in costa rica

Pros & Cons Of Living As An Expat In Costa Rica

By Craig Makepeace | February 4, 2024

Costa Rica is a country where adventure and affordability collide, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a new chapter in their lives. With breathtaking natural scenery, stunning coastlines, and a culture that beckons […]

market in guatemala

The Pros And Cons Of Visiting Guatemala (Or Becoming An Expat)

By Craig Makepeace | February 4, 2024

Guatemala is known for many things; volcanoes, the ancient citadel of Tikal, a modestly warm climate and colonial architecture of Antigua. It also boasts a low cost of living, which attracts many expats to Guatemala […]

people in classroom learning spanish

How To Choose A Spanish School In Guatemala

By Craig Makepeace | February 2, 2024

For those who want to brush up on their Spanish skills, or even learn from scratch, the best and cheapest place to learn Spanish is Guatemala. Aside from hiking volcanoes and relaxing on the shores […]

volcano in costa rica

16 Exciting Things To Do In Costa Rica

By Craig Makepeace | January 20, 2024

Costa Rica is one of the most enchanting countries in the world. Famous for its active volcanoes, adventurous activities, unique wildlife and jaw dropping nature, you can be sure to find plenty of things to […]

View on Antigua and Volcano de Aguaby Cerro de la Cruz in Guatemala

14 Ideas For What to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

By Craig Makepeace | January 15, 2024

Antigua is one of the most captivating destinations in Guatemala. It has a unique blend of colonial charm and natural wonders, making it a dazzling sight to witness no matter when you visit. From walking […]

colonial buildings in antigua with volcano in background

10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Guatemala

By Sean Lau | July 16, 2022

When you think of the perfect vacation in Latin America, you might not think of Guatemala at first. This Central American country is often overshadowed by some of the other popular Latin American countries such […]

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