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Proving travel does not have to stop after kids!

Caroline & Craig Makepeace, life-long travelers.

We did not ditch the cubicle to travel the world - we never sat in it in the first place.

Travel was, is, and always will be what we create our life around.

We're here to show you how travel can EVOLVE with you, and prove it's possible even with kids.

We've lived in 5 countries, traveled through over 50 countries, and have done it NO MATTER what our life circumstances (that's over 23 years of experiences).

Recent epic adventures include a 12 month USA road trip in an RV, and an 18-month road trip around Australia.

Our home base is now Raleigh, North Carolina. We've traded the full-time travel for shorter trips through the USA, Europe and further afield.

Allow us to be your travel guides.

Makepeace family ytravel blog

"Your blog has inspired me to stop waiting around for "the perfect opportunity" or "the perfect time" to do things and just go ahead and make it happen." - Cynthia

"Thank you so much for your words of encouragement about traveling.  You are truly amazing, and I cannot believe you both follow your dreams to the extent of packing up and leaving to the next destination your hearts are taking you to.  As I read each one of your stories, I place myself inside them and imagine how in touch with nature I would be if I did the same as you both." - Jenn

"Your words help me continue to live the adventurous lifestyle we live, especially when everyone tells us to stop. We have found ourselves here in Switzerland for a brief stay in the Alps and are off to Chamonix France today. I love your emails and wanted you to know what a wonderful impact your have made on my life." -  Meggan

"I want to say thank you for all you do. Because of your post on where to see Kangaroos in Australia, my family and I ended up at Pretty Beach on our way up to Sydney. It has been one of our most memorable stops yet!! We are on an around the world trip for the year and here in Australia your blog has me saying Lonely Planet who? It's not a lonely planet, it's a friendly planet with yTravel Blog at hand. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

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Here is where you'll find some of our best travel tips for traveling with kids, saving money for travel, planning your trip, and unbelievable destinations.

How to plan a road trip with kids

How to Plan a Road Trip with Kids (and keep your sanity)

We are big fans of taking road trips, they are our favorite way to travel, especially when traveling with kids and grandparents around the USA. We […]

We have been traveling consistently over the past 20 years, visiting over 50 countries and lived in 5. Here are our best travel tips from traveling around the world.

Our 20 Best Travel Tips After 20 Years of Traveling

Over the past 20 years, Caz and I have been fortunate to have visited over 50 countries and lived in 5, and today we’d like to […]

We loved our 7 day trip to San Francisco

15 Tips for Planning a Trip To Anywhere (step-by-step guide)

My niece is planning a trip to New York City. It will be her first USA trip so I told her I would write this step-by-step […]

42 best travel hacks for saving money

What’s your sacrifice? That’s what I ask many people who want to know how I’ve managed to live a life of travel for 20 years. […]

Delsey suitcase review.

11 of the Best Suitcases for Travel (plus how to choose a suitcase size)

Looking for the best suitcases for travel? And how to choose the best travel suitcase size for you? We are here to help! In case […]

How to teach English overseas (From a teacher who’s done it)

A great way to travel the world and fund your travels is to teach English overseas. If you want to spend a long time in […]


Just why do we love to travel so much? It's an experience that goes beyond checking things off a list and counting countries.

It's about a deeper connection to ourselves, to others, and to Mother Earth.

When we step outside the boundaries of our comforts we get to know who we truly are and expand our possibilities.

10 Principles to Create Awesome Travel Experiences (Every Time!)

I sat down to write a travel manifesto and struggled. Not struggled for something to say, but struggled with too many things to say. Sometimes […]

yellowstone national park road trip 2021

You’ve Got Time + The End of a 22 Year Nomadic Lifestyle

Our 1 year USA road trip is over and we’re back in Raleigh! There are a number of reasons why we suddenly turned left towards […]

Monument Valley, Utah

8 benefits of travel to a happy, fulfulled life

Travel is not easy. With all the dreaming, planning, saving, and then taking the giant leap towards something that is out of your comfort zone […]

Feel Austria. Those gorgeous mountain views

10 ways travel helps you to uncover who you truly are

Ever thought of traveling to find yourself? I prefer to say travel helps you to uncover who you truly are. Here are 10 ways it opens up that self-discovery

Hill Inlet - Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

4 Ways Family Travel Benefits Kids

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Kalyra, I felt as if those around me were celebrating something other than the life growing inside […]

Boynton Canyon Sedona best place to visit in Arizona

55 Lessons Learned from a Life of Travel

Travel, is it just about checking places off your list and taking your I was here photo, or is it about something more? For me, […]


One of the hardest questions anyone asks us (And they ask a lot) is What is your favorite country or destination?

We love so many places for so many different reasons. It's impossible to choose. Here are a few of our favorite regions. 

Check out this article if you are having trouble choosing a destination.  

London Highlights and Favorites from a 2 years working holiday

I love London. We have visited London many times on our travels. I, Caroline, lived there for two and a half years from 1997-99 on […]

Local Tips on Things to Do in Dublin, Ireland

Craig and I lived in Dublin for a year in 2003. I was recently exchanging emails with a friend sharing my tips of things to […]

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

17 Cool Places to Visit in the US for 2021 (and beyond)

Choosing cool places to visit in USA is not an easy task. With a country that has 50 states, over 400 national parks, vibrant cities, […]

Trekking in Sapa - Best things to do in Vietnam

25 Don’t-Miss Things to do in Vietnam (North and South)

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in Southeast Asia. Check out this list of unmissable things to do in Vietnam in the north and south

Machu Picchu, Perú - One of the best places to visit in South America

20 of the Best Places to Visit in South America

South America, that vast territory of huge peaks, impenetrable jungles and old civilizations, is the perfect destination for any adventure traveler. The Latin-flavored continent has […]

Top 20 Places in Australia for your bucket list

Top 20 Places in Australia For Your Bucket List

After recently finishing an 18-month road trip around Australia I’m often asked what are the top places in Australia to visit? And what experiences should […]


We recorded a series of podcasts, to share how we've made travel work no matter our lifestyle. 

From solo travel before we met, to couples travel and a 5 year honeymoon, a period of darkness where EVERYTHING went wrong, to family travel and successful travel blogging. 

A lifetime commitment to travel involves many sacrifices (all of them worth it!) Here is an insight into our life, the challenges we've overcome, and how we are qualified to be your expert travel guides!

10 Years of Travel Blogging: The Highs and Lows (+ lessons learned)

When we first started travel blogging 10 years ago, we had no idea what we were doing, nor where it could go. We just saw […]

Boylan Bridge Raleigh this is raleigh y travel blog

How (Extraordinary) Travel Blogging Got Us A Green Card in the USA

How travel blogging gave us a US Green Card. It’s incredible to think that our travel blog passion gave us the ultime dream. The right to live in the US permanently.

I want to know your Secret

“What is your secret? How do you get to do all these amazing things?” I was asked this question recently when I announced on our […]


BRRR! Don't fear, there is plenty of fun this time of year. 

Bell Rock Path - one of the best things to do in Sedona with kids

4 Week Road trip in Desert Southwest USA (Itinerary Guide)

In the desert Southwest region of the USA, you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of colors and unique rock formations across endless horizons and desert landscapes. Be […]

Myrtle Beach vacation tips

3 Day Myrtle Beach Vacation (Itinerary + Guide)

It’s been a rough year and you probably need a getaway? A time to disconnect from the constant Zoom lessons and meetings, the redecorating of […]

14 Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas with Kids (adult’s enjoy these too)

Should you visit Las Vegas with kids? We say why not, and down below we share all the fun things to do in Las Vegas […]

10 Fun Things To Do in Colorado (outdoors in summer and winter)

The Centennial State is one of the best year-round travel and outdoor leisure destinations in the USA. No matter when you visit, there will always […]

Death Valley National Park California

9 Incredible Things to Do in Death Valley National Park (for first time visitors)

We didn’t know there was so many incredible things to do in Death Valley National Park until after our two day visit. Now we know […]

The Grand Canyon in winter

7 Helpful Tips for Visiting The Grand Canyon in Winter

Visiting the Grand Canyon in winter is not something many people would consider. But as we discovered on our RV road trip across the USA, […]

Alaska best winter vacation for families

10 Exciting Family Winter Vacations in the USA

Looking for some winter destination ideas? Check out these exciting winter vacations for families in the USA


Travel has been the focus of our life since 1997 - intentionally.

We don't plan on stopping that. We now have a base in Raleigh, NC - after being granted a Green Card for our extraordinary ability in the art of travel blogging.

We will continue to explore more of the US but also intend on traveling further abroad - Europe, South East Asia and Central and South America.

We can't wait to share more of our favorites as we experience them.

Be sure to join our free VIP email community and get lots of freebies plus insider tips.

And connect with us on social for live updates!

4 Powerful Ways to Travel More & Create Better Memories

Want to know how we've made a lifetime of travel for 23 years?

This is what gives us incredible memories to share around the campfire. Join our community for insider tips and updates!

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