YTP 01: Our Travel Story (Solo Travel & Working Holidays)

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Show Notes

In this episode we share our travel story from before we met and how we made travel a priority living our individual lives. We look at solo travel to Europe and Africa and the working holiday experience in London and Dublin.

We discuss the following:

  • Craig’s career as a professional rugby league player
  • How Craig’s football helped him travel to different countries
  • What inspired Caz to travel overseas full time (forever)
  • An unorthodox way Caz got the money to travel overseas AND why she knew it was safe
  • How Caz got her first job in London
  • An insight into Caz’s lifestyle in London (living with up to 25 people) and traveling Europe in campervan (Eurovan)
  • Why Caz decided to go to Dublin and how it inspired future travels
  • Caz’s favorite job in Temple Bar area of Dublin and the BEST TIP ever received.
  • Caz’s dip into Southeast Asia travels – Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

A Few Old Travel Photos

Our travel story in Podcast

  1. Episode 1: Solo Travel and Working Abroad before we met
  2. Episode 2: Our 5 year honeymoon living and traveling the world
  3. Episode 3: The Dark times and Birth of the girls and travel blog
  4. Episode 4: Embracing Family Travel and our 18 month Australian road trip
  5. Episode 5: Getting a green card and traveling the US (our dream realized)

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