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It’s no secret we love living in other countries. It’s been our entire adult life (that’s over 24 years now) starting with a working holiday experience teaching in London.

I was hooked and new there was no other life for me. Since then, I met Craig who joined my thirst for living as a foreigner, and then years later, we did it with our daughters.

That’s 5 countries all together. We love it so much, found a miracle way to get a green card and we are now permanent alien residents of the USA.

Grand Palace Bangkok
Visiting the Grand Palace Bangkok

That’s why I was so excited this past month to discover Global Work & Travel, a cultural exchange company helping people to work and travel the world the easy way.

I can’t explain the feeling I got looking at it: hopeful anticipation, extreme excitement, nervous butterflies, the knowledge that great times were ahead in an unknown world.

Only those who have planned an international work abroad experience would know this feeling. There are no words to describe it and it came instantly rushing back just looking at the website.

I want to do it again and I want to shout at you to JUST DO IT!

The Easy Way to Travel (especially with little savings)

teaching in thailand
Dinner and conversation with our Thai friends in Bangkok

So many people think their dreams of travel can’t happen because they don’t have the money. It may be true, but you do have SKILLS and you do have OPPORTUNITIES.

You can use them as leverage to make your dreams of teaching in Thailand, living in London, volunteering in Africa, fruit picking in Australia, or learning Spanish in Valencia happen!

Yes! earn local currency in exchange for your skills and then travel while there. Even though you are working – something you’d be doing anyway- it’s a travel experience as you are in a foreign land and still experiencing it. (I think in a better way)

I wish I had Global Work & Travel as a resource when I was in my twenties eagerly searching for the next country to work in.

I had to rely on my own research and planning skills – finding the opportunities, organizing the visas, sometimes arriving in a country with no money or jobs and just door knocking until I found something.

While they make GREAT stories, and I loved how those “backs against the wall” experiences shaped my character, nothing beats having your work abroad experience organized before arrival and having someone else help plan the trip for you.

That’s what makes Global Work & Travel stand out.

Excited now and just want to jump in. Don’t rush over without first knowing this exclusive offer we have for you:

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Just for our readers: $100 off your trip (whatever your currency) You must use the code: YTRAVEL when booking the trip. That discount works in addition to any other special discounts or specials running.

What is Global Work & Travel?

Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia
Life in Australia

 Global Work & Travel is the youth travel platform that connects travelers with opportunities to work & fund their travels abroad through cultural exchange experiences like working holiday, volunteering, au pair, study abroad, teaching and internships.

They work with companies in the host countries who have job vacancies. They will then put you forward for an interview that matches the skills required.  

Since 2008, they have helped over 61,000 travelers turn their travel dreams into reality. They have a team of over 100 across 3 global offices and offer over 60 world-leading & culturally educating travel experiences to 30+ countries. This travel and work abroad program is considered one of the highest rated travel companies and the best in this work abroad area.

What types of Work Abroad programs do they have?

I love the wide range of work abroad programs the company can help you with. It makes it accessible to most travel seekers. While these work abroad programs mostly cater to the age range of 18-35, but there are some, like the teach abroad and volunteering, that caters to older ages.

You are never too old or young to live, work and travel abroad.

Here are some of the most popular programs:

Working Holiday

Best Dublin Pubs and Bars
At the Brazen Head Pub in Dublin, 2003

Working holiday is a cultural exchange concept, which gives you permission to work abroad for a certain amount of time on a government-issued working holiday visa. You will earn a local income and can explore the country (or continent) for longer periods of time.

It’s the ultimate for traveling (without needing huge savings), living like a local, and immersing yourself in a different culture where you can learn a new language, discover unique traditions, make new friends, as well as create new memories. All of this while earning a local income to fund your experience abroad.

Working Holiday is what we did in London, Bangkok, Dublin and the USA. Being part of the Commonwealth made it easier for us to get working holiday opportunities, but there are plenty more out there if you are not part of the Commonwealth. Americans can get working holiday opportunities now in Australia -and vice versa

Au Pair

work and travel
Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay, NSW

An ‘Au Pair” is someone who provides live-in care to the children of their host family in another country. On this work abroad program, you’ll receive a weekly stipend, room in the host family home, and regular meals in exchange for minding the children and possibly some light house keeping tasks.

This is a great opportunity to live like a local, learn a new language, become part of traditions unknown to you, make new friends, and possibly go on vacations with the host family.


woman with young kids smiling
Caz in Yangshou, China

The volunteer programs are for those travelers who like to give back and make a difference contributing to projects and causes while experiencing other cultures.

It’s generally an all-inclusive voluntourism experiences with the opportunity to take part in local activities, excursions, and day trips ion your time off.


Teaching in Thailand
My Thai students

Teaching English overseas is a unique and fun way to travel the world, connect more deeply to a local community, and discover new cultures and traditions (and earn local currency at the same time!)

I loved my teaching abroad experiences – including teaching English as a second language, and traditional classroom teaching (I have a degree for that!)

Global Work & Travel’s teach trips give you the chance to take part in a 3–4-week class-based, internationally accredited course (TEFL or TESOL).

You’ll learn how to teach English to foreign students and will be provided accommodation, transfers and cultural activities and excursions throughout the course. You’ll receive an internationally recognized accreditation, giving you the freedom to teach and travel all over the world as well as the optional opportunity to land a local teaching placement through their in-country partner.

Teaching English is what I did in Bangkok. Using my teaching degree, I also taught in London. Dublin and the USA. I got my TEFL in Dublin, which allowed me to teach English as a foreign language in the summer months to international students. So many opportunities open up for you around the world when you have your TEFL.


work and travel abroad

This is a program for current university students to get real-world, hands-on experience while exploring other cultures.

What a way to broaden your global perspective, improve your skills and work experience, and get a head start in your career and competitive advantage over others. Your CV will look great, and you can enjoy traveling in your time off!

How Global Work & Travel helps?

woman swimming in water
Caz in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Global Work & Travel takes out the hard work for you. You just decide where, why, and when. Once you join the program, they assist you in the following ways:

  • Work abroad experiences: Help you connect to relevant partners and work abroad experiences for interviews and opportunities. Global Work & Travel put you forward for interviews, they don’t make the hiring decision.
  • Pre-departure assistance Your trip coordinator will guide you through what you need to know before you go
  • Visa assistance: Guide you through the visa application and process to ensure you its done correctly.
  • Ongoing support: Living in another country can be confusing and chaotic. Global Work & Travel is there to help you with advice and regular check-ins. There are often meetups with other Global Work & Travel participants. (invaluable)
  • 24-hour emergency support: Never feel alone or unsafe
  • Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when things don’t go according to plan. You can change your travel dates, choose a different trip of ours, or gift your deposit to a friend.
  • Payment plans: You can pay off your trip in instalments. This is amazing and removes a financial barrier to so many people!!
  • Approved Global Partners All 1200+ partners of Global Work & Travel are thoroughly screened and meet their strict & high standards. You can feel safe and confident that your experiences abroad will be with professional partners ready to help you have that life changing experience.
  • Flight Booking Assistance They are a full-service travel agency with access to airfares through hundreds of airline carriers to destinations all over the globe.
  • Adventure Tours: Don’t forget to explore! GWT partners with some of the world’s top adventure tour companies.
  • Lifetime discounts: Exclusive lifetime access to discounts on all future travel with the company.

Another important reason to love Global Work & Travel

elephants in africa
Addo National Park – South Africa

This reason makes my heart so happy and one reason I am so happy to stand behind and beside this company. We must support and work with companies that care about sustainable & ethical travel.

It’s a privilege to be able to travel and we need to use that leave a deep footprint of positive impact.

Global Work & Travel only partners with organizations that align with their strong wildlife, environmental and humanitarian values.

They refuse to affiliate with zoos or any organizations that exploit, mistreat, neglect or profit off animals, both wild and domestic.

In 2019, they founded the Global Animal Welfare Fund to act as our charitable vehicle to financially assist animal rescue organizations around the world.

How to get started

  1. Decide what kind of trip you want to do and where.
  2. Invest in the program
  3. Connect with your Trip Coordinator who will help you plan and prepare
  4. Get your visas
  5. Connect with your Travel Concierge, if you need help with booking travel arrangements.
  6. Depart with the security of knowing your arriving in a foreign country with a financial plan and support network in place!
  7. Have the best time ever!

Couldn’t I just do it all myself?

minaret vista mammoth

You could for sure. I have. But it can be an intense process full of uncertainty and huge potential for things to go wrong.

  • How can you find a job yourself without knowing the market or having any contacts?
  • Do you even know where you can work and what kind of jobs?
  • How can you distinguish between the legit companies and those that aren’t?
  • How can you ensure your qualified for a job?
  • Can you even organize an interview for it?
  • What about the steps to get a visa?
  • Do you have a support network?
  • Are you willing to show up in a country without a lot of money and door knock to find a job? I know I’ve done it, but it’s risky. I don’t want you door knocking trying to sell pizza discount cards and walking away with $30 after three weeks of trying.

The time it takes to find a job and work through the process on your own is a LOT. Do the math on your hourly rate and you’ll soon see how expensive that is! When you don’t have the connections or expertise you lose time and money and possibly what could have been the dream if you let someone else help.

My Final Thoughts

omsted point yosemite globus tour
Loving the life travel has given me. It all started with work abroad

One thing I have learned as I have gotten older (And owning my own business) is to preserve and protect my time and to outsource those tasks I am not skilled enough to do on my own. You’ll get what you want/need faster, and have more space and time in your life for effortless experiences and joy.

I would 100% pay for this kind of service to remove so much of this uncertainty and hassle and potential for things to go wrong.

The return on investment for a work abroad experience is infinite as you have this life changing experience of working abroad which will forever change the trajectory of your life.

Since 1997, my life has been dedicated to it. And it’s only expanded with opportunities because of the skills I learned, the experiences I had overseas, and the people I met.

Its given me this incredible life that has led to me now having my own travel business for the past 12 years that fully supports our family and travels.

That is something worth investing it.  

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Just for our readers: $100 off your trip (whatever your currency) You must use the code: YTRAVEL when booking the trip. That discount works in addition to any other special discounts or specials running.

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