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If you think y Travel Blog is successful purely because of the Makepeace Family, you’d be gravely mistaken. There is no way we could do all we do, without standing on the shoulders of giants!

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our growing team of experts. Some we’ve worked with for years on our travel blog channels and have become like family. Most work with us now on our This is Raleigh site.

All are exceptional at what they do and are in alignment with our values and missions based around kindness, service, community, a giant LOVE for travel, and belief that it helps create a more tolerant and joyful life experience.

Of course, our team also includes founders, Caroline Makepeace and Craig Makepeace. But you can easily learn about us all over this site, and also on our About Us page.

Let’s focus instead on the wonder of our team!

konstantin nehel

Konstantin Nehel / Mantis Studio

Video Editor | Founder Mantis Studio

What a find Konstantin was 8 years ago! Yes, we’ve been working with him for this long as our video and podcast editor. He’s talented, creative, efficient, and has many tips and insights to share with us. There is no way we could create videos on any channels without him. He’s also loyal and a person of great character, who we appreciate and love as part of our family!

Originally from the Ukraine, but now based in Portugal, Konstantin Nehel is the founder of Mantis Studio. With over 8 years of industry experience, he’s honed his craft and transformed over 2500 videos and 150 podcasts into engaging visual masterpieces. His expertise extends across various sectors, including YouTube bloggers, Instagram influencers, media websites, big businesses, consulting companies, and more.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, Mantis Studios embraces constant improvement and push the boundaries of creativity.

Michael Tieso

Chris Richardson

Website Manager/ Founder Try Assistant

Chris is a fellow Aussie and Old Goat travel blogger and has kept our site running optimally for about a decade! He has supported our site in various roles such as website design and coding, and website management. It’s thanks to Chris that you can interact with our site online and rarely find any technical issues. If there are any, he fixes them very quickly. Before working with Chris we had too many disasters with bad hosting and constant crashes (a few serious hacks and crashes Chris stepped into fix for us) Since he’s taken full time control of our site, we’ve rarely had an issue.

He’s a true expert on Site speed, SEO, optimal site navigation and plugins to use! Chris is an incredibly reliable, loyal, skillful, and efficient team member. He understands our travel blogging business and knows how to support it, especially as we grow.

With a long history in the tech support world and blogging, Chris and the Assistant Team can help you with general WordPress support, development, hosting, migration, security/hack removal and speed optimization.

Louisa Smith

Louisa Smith

SEO Editor | Writer

I can’t even begin to tell you the relief I feel in having an SEO expert and qualified writer on our team like Louisa. SEO steals the joy from my writing, so I love passing it to Louisa to edit for the SERPS and to update all our old content. She’s highly reliable, efficient, responsible, and independent.

Louisa Smith is a globetrotting travel blogger and content writer with a passion for storytelling and uncovering off the beaten path destinations. Originally from the UK, Louisa was born with an everlasting case of the travel bug, having been raised by two Travel Agent parents who introduced her to a life of travel from a young age.

Louisa had already visited 30 countries by the time she left high school, so it was no surprise when in 2018 she left the rolling hills of England with the idea of traveling the world for good. Since then, she’s visited over 60 countries and 6 continents, worked as an English Teacher in Hong Kong, as well as a travel writer for some of the largest travel sites.

Today, Louisa can still be found working remotely on the road. She is often found up a mountain somewhere or lying on a beach on a tropical island. Her favorite countries are Thailand, Brazil, Japan, and The Philippines…so far.

bobby bodner

Bobby Bodner / Breadify

Accountant | Founder Breadify

Every time I get off the phone with Bobby, I say “Why couldn’t we have found him years ago!” Bobby is savvy with his knowledge about tax strategies to save money using the best structures and investment portals. He has saved us thousands and relieves the burden of having to figure this out ourselves. We have a great plan in place for securing our future, we never would have done without his insights. Bobby and the Breadify team also specialize in working with content creators, a unique and quite new business form that tax people don’t often understand. Bobby will make sure they do!

Bobby Bodner’s extensive education includes graduating with a Master of Science in Accounting Taxation from Purdue University Global. Paired with his experience as an active Enrolled Agent with unlimited practicing rights before the Internal Revenue Service, Bobby helps entrepreneurs save thousands of dollars annually on taxes by applying vastly underutilized but completely legal loopholes within the Internal Revenue Code.

allison lancaster

Allison Lancaster

Pinterest and Web Stories Manager

There are some aspects of our business, I want to be completely hands off in! That’s where Allison steps in. She helps manage our Pinterest account, Google Web Stories, and promoting our content on Facebook and X. Not worrying about this helps me feel better, but also allows me to be more productive doing the things I love – content creation – and to be more effective with my monetization strategies – the most important part of business. We’ve worked with Allison now for several years and love how independent and efficient she is as well as knowledgeable on current best practices. We also love that Allison is an NC local!

Allison Lancaster provides streamlined digital marketing solutions for bloggers & small business owners. She has been in business for over 8 years, helped hundreds of clients and have a stellar reputation in the industry. Her mission is to help you find the freedom you deserve and stop working on things you don’t need to or don’t have the time for! You can expect one simple thing from Allison’s team: streamlined excellence.

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