Don’t Miss the Magnificent Sunsets at Gantheaume Point, Broome, WA

So you might already know that I’m a fan of earthing.

That is walking around in bare feet on the grass or dirt, preferably wet. My kids are frequently told to kick their shoes off and connect to the healthy energy of Mother Earth.

My Mum freaks out they’ll get a cold if I let them do it during the middle of winter. That’s an old wives tale.

In case you didn’t know, earthing is my secret jet lag cure and I’ll be doing it once we arrive back in Perth on Thursday after our monster 30 hour trip back from the States after our White House visit in Washington DC.

Earthing is also the world’s best and cheapest (as in free) anti-inflammatory (which is why the cold thing is a myth).

You can read more about the powerful benefits of earthing here so we don’t get distracted from the true purpose of this post – to share with you the stunning red earth of Gantheaume Point, in Broome, Western Australia.

Gantheaume Point, Broome

At the southern end of famous Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point, a red rock cliff face overlooking a white sandy beach.

Especially spectacular at sunset, but any time of day is worth the short drive on the unsealed road.

Gantheaume Point sunset - Broome, Western Australia
Gantheaume Point sunset

The pindan (red-soil country of the south-western Kimberley region of Western Australia) is something you’ll see a lot of in Broome, actually the whole Kimberley region.

But, when you’re in Broome the most striking place to see it is at Gantheaume Point.

If you’re game for a long walk on Cable Beach, we recommend setting out early in the morning to walk from Broome and return. It’s only 5km each way so very doable.

Cable Beach, Broome - Western Australia
walking along Cable Beach

Craig and I did it when we lived in Broome ten years ago, but were not up to doing it with the kids this time around. Make sure you leave early or the heat could be a problem fro you.

Alternatively, you can catch the morning bus out to Gantheaume and walk back.

Otherwise, we recommend packing a picnic and a bottle of wine and sneaking down there for sunset without your shoes.

There won’t be nearly as many people as there are watching this magnificent act of nature at Cable Beach. You’ll be able to find a rock ledge far from anyone else and sit and admire it.

While Craig was practicing the skills he learned on is Red Dirt Photography tour, the girls and I were scrambling over the rocks, barefoot and pretending we were dinosaurs.

And if you can time your visit on a really low tide, you will be able to see dinosaur footprints deeply etched into the rock – evidence on who could not resist this divine view millions of years ago too.

people standing on a rock
girls sitting on a rock
rocks next to the ocean
girl sitting on a rock
A sunset over a body of water

In places the rock becomes soft, powdery sand, lovely to smush between your toes – ancient, healing energy.

It’s such a pretty place to come.

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