18 Stunning Things to do in Kalbarri, Western Australia

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Kalbarri, WA is a small coastal town just north of Perth and is a popular stop over point for those on their way up to Coral Bay and Exmouth to visit the amazing Ningaloo Reef.

But we urge you not to make Kalbarri just a stop over for one night, there are so many things to do in Kalbarri that you could easily spend a few days here and not get bored.

red rocky landscape of Kalbarri National Park - Western Australia

This area on the Coral Coast is spectacular. It’s also offers a quiet, restful vacation and something so quirky with the Hutt River Principality.

From hiking to sunbathing on the beach, to sipping delicious coffee in quaint coffee shops or taking in the quirkiness of the town – to help adequately prepare you for your trip to Kalbarri National Park, here are all the best attractions in Kalbarri to visit.

Where is Kalbarri National Park?

Kalbarri National Park - Western Australia

Before we get into the top things to do in Kalbarri, let’s dive into where you’ll find Kalbarri National Park.

It’s known to be one of the most spectacular national parks in Western Australia, AND just as good as our favorite, Karijini.

Its located 570.9 km north of Perth (6 hours drive) by driving via State Route 60 and National Route 1.

From Coral Bay, it’s a 6 hour 45 minute drive South (672.8 km) along National Route 1.

The park is located on the lower reaches of the Murchison River Gorge.

For 400 million years the flow of the Murchison River has carved gorgeous deep red and white striped gorges that stretch 80km towards the Indian Ocean.

These inner gorges are yours to explore.

Best Things to Do in Kalbarri on your Trip

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a history buff, make sure you tick these attractions of your Kalbarri to do list!

1. Visit Inner Gorge Kalbarri National Park, WA (Nature’s Window)

Nature's Window in Kalbarri National Park, with viewsd of the river through it
Nature’s Window

It was a constant harassing of HUNDREDS of flies covering my legs, climbing up my nose, crawling behind my sunglasses around my eyes and trying to get into my mouth.

I don’t even think a cork hat would have been any good at shooing them away.

The intensity of the heat hit as soon as we started walking as well.

It wasn’t that hot in Kalbarri town, so we kind of dismissed the lady in the Kalbarri visitor centre who warned us about the heat in the national park. Plus, we’d just come from Karijini, which was killer heat.

We drove to a few other lookout points that were close to the car park. We kept the kids in the car and tag teamed, each running the short 400m track to the lookout to beat the flies. A quick look at the view and a sprint back to the car.

Until the last one. It was Nature’s Window, the most famous and photographed spot in Kalbarri National Park.

a window made naturally from rock
Nature’s Window

It was a paved path so we popped the girls on their scooters and sent them on the way.

Nature’s Window is one of Western Australia’s most iconic natural attractions. You can walk here from The Loop car park (500m) or you can take in the surrounding beauty on the 8km Loop hiking trail.

This unique rock formation has been naturally formed in a window shape overlooking the valley of the national park. It’s one of the most popular formations in the park to visit, so I recommend you get there early.

Now that the kids are older, and can hike 15 miles no problem, we would love to return and do this hike WITH fly nets! OR in the cooler winter months.

2. Check Out Z Bend River Trail

hikers on the Z Bend River Trail surrounded by red jagged rock
Z Bend River Trail | Credit: Tourism WA

The Z Bend River Trail is a 2.6km return hike that descends steeply down into the gorge. Be prepared for a few ladder climbs. This sounds similar to a walk we did in the Natural Bridges National Monument which our kids loved!

It’s on our list of things to do in Kalbarri WA for when we return.

3. Head to Ross Graham Lookout and Hawk’s Head

Lady relaxing and enjoying the view in the Kalbarri National Park
Credit: Australia’s Coral Coast

The Ross Graham Lookout and Hawk’s Head are where you’ll find views over the gorges. You can walk from the car park down to the river’s edge for a swim and a cool down.

Late July is when you’ll see spectacular wildflowers in bloom.

4. Walk the Kalbarri Skywalk

Aerial view of Skywalk
Credit: Tourism WA

In 2020, the Kalbarri Skywalk opened and has quickly become one of the top things to do in Kalbarri National Park. Two cantilevered viewing platforms hang in mid-air 100 metres above the gorge giving you a thrilling floating experience above the gorge.

Inspired by the region’s Aboriginal heritage and beauty, several local indigenous artists have created interpretive artwork as an important part of the Skywalk experience.

Top Tip:

The temperatures in Kalbarri National Park are no joke. It’s best not to do any strenuous hiking during the summer months when temperatures in the gorge can soar to 50 degrees Celsius.

We visited in late Oct and it was already stinking hot! The best time to visit is during the winter months (June to August).

We highly recommend you take fly nets into Kalbarri National Park and pack plenty of water. We discovered a few months later when we experienced even worse flies at Uluru that they make all the difference.

5. Hike Along the Kalbarri National Park Coastal Cliffs

Bigurda Boarkdwall along the coastline
Bigurda Boardwalk connects Island Rock and Natural Bridges

I love national parks that have diversity. Kalbarri National Park offers the inner gorges but also a coastal section.

It wasn’t as hot being on the coast and having that cool breeze meant the flies weren’t as bad. They were still gross, but the wind kept them away.

The coastline was stunning.

Kalbarri’s Coastal Cliffs extend 13km South into the boundaries of the national park. Here, you’ll find sheer coastall cliffs 100 metres above the roaring ocean waves.

Keep a lookout for migrating humpback whales between the months of June and November.

We experienced most of the 8km coastal walk in sections, driving from point to point and then walking to the various lookout points along the way.

6. Check Out Natural Bridge and Island Rock, Kalbarri

rugged cliffs of Island Rock, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia
Island Rock, Kalbarri National Park, WA

Island Rock broke off from the shoreline some time ago and now is its only lone sea stack. Many say it reminds them of the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.

Natural Bridge on the cliffs of Kalbarri National Park
Natural Bridge, Kalbarri NP Coastal Sites
rock cliffs in the ocean
Island Rock, Kalbarri

Natural Bridge offers stunning views and is a good place to spot whales, dolphins and other marine life. The 1.2km return Bigurda Bordwalk connects Natural Bridge and Island Rock.

7. Visit Eagle Gorge Lookout

red coastline of Eagle Gorge Lookout, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia
Eagle Gorge Lookout, Kalbarri

Eagle Gorge lookout is another place for views and can be accessed by the Bigurda Trail. It’s a great place to see some of the wedge-tailed eagles that next in the gorge.

There is a steep rocky path down to a secluded beach.

Pot Alley also has a short track down to a beach and views of the expansive rugged gorges.

8. Walk the Mushroom Rock Nature Trail

This 3.3km loop trail takes you back 400 million years to Gondwanaland through coastal health, rocky outcrops with ocean views and past strange rock formations.

It connects Rainbow Valley and Mushroom Rock and apart from the gorgeous scenery you may see kangaroos bouncing around.

Red Bluff Beach is popular for swimming and fishing and spectacular sunsets. Another hiking track you may want to take is from Pederick Lookout to Red Bluff Beach.

stairs made of rock

9. Visit Principality of Hutt River and Hang Out With The Royals

We broke up our Kalbarri visiting Hutt River Principality.

Hutt River was one of my favorite things to do in Kalbarri and had me fist pumping Prince Leonard.

Kalrya kept asking me why I was giggling as we walked into Hutt River Post Office and through the “town”

I found it very difficult to explain to her that Prince Leonard completely screwed over the government and created his own country.

Now isn’t this an interesting thing to know about Australia – that no one is telling us!

A sign on the side of the street saying hutt river province

He and the residents of Hutt River (i.e. his family members) all have, and travel on, Hutt River passports. His son greeted us when we arrived and said,

“The Prince will be with you shortly, he is just having his lunch.”

I fought back the giggles and went to read the plaques behind the statue of the Prince when you first arrive to see what this was all about.

stone sculpture of Prince Leonard Hutt River Prince

Prince Leonard is an intelligent man and when the government tried to take some of his wheat farming land off him, he found some loopholes in the law and discovered that Western Australia had not been formed properly as part of Australia.

Therefore, his land was not actually Australian land but part of Britain. It’s still a little confusing for me, but he managed to stake the land as his own country – Hutt River Principality.

He became a pain in the government’s ass and they tried all they could to shut him down, but he was victorious. So he pays no Australian taxes and does not have to follow Australian law. It is hilarious. I never even knew this place existed.

Prince Leonard is also very witty and belies his age of 82. He showed us around his trophy room sharing all the memorabilia he has collected from Heads of State and Royalty from around the world.

It was fascinating talking to him and hearing his story and one-line jokes.

Makepeace family posing with prince leonard standing in front of a store
Meeting Prince Leonard

As you leave you can visit the Post Office to get your passport stamp. Of course, they have their own currency.

Currency of Hutt River Province, Western Australia

Hilarious. Wish we could all screw the government like that and not pay any taxes!! They take so much from us Down Under. Prince Leonard is my hero.

savannah standing in front of a building
A house on a dirt road
A close up of a sign hutt river province

10. Wander Around Kalbarri Town

Kalbarri town is definitely worth a visit. The town itself is quiet, but beautiful.

It sits on the edge of the snaking Murchison River being a backdrop through to the mountains behind.

It’s the first part of green you see after coming out of the top end, so your eyes will feast in the prettiness.

11. Visit Gorges Cafe

food Gorges Cafe, Kalbarri, Western Australia

We did it slowly and broke it up with a lunch stop in Gorges Cafe, which had the best coffee we’d had since Broome. It’s the best cafe in Kalbarri hands down!

You don’t get good coffee in Karijini, so a trip to Gorges was well worth it. It helped us make the day more relaxing.

12. Go Abseiling with Kalbarri Abseil

If you’re looking for more adventurous things to do in Kalbarri, then consider abseiling!

Kalbarri Abseil are an abseil company who have been running abseiling trips in Kalbarri and cater to beginner to intermediate abseilers.

The abseiling takes place in the Z Bend Gorge in Kalbarri National Park, where you will begin by hiking to the site and then receive training and instructions from the knowledgeable guides.

The walls range from 4 meters to 35 meters, so if you’re new to the sport don’t worry as you can practice on the lower walls first.

13. Go Surfing at Jakes Point

waves Jacques Point Kalbarri, Western Australia
Jacques Point (Jakes Point), Kalbarri

If you’re a surfer, you’ll love Jake’s Point (Jacques Point), a famous surf break.

The beach has been recognised as a National Surfing Reserve and is where some of the best surfers tackle the waves.

It’s not a beach for beginners though, as waves can range from two feet above.

Even if you don’t surf, it’s a great place to watch the pros at work from the sand dunes.

Another great beach to visit is Chinaman’s Beach, the sunsets are magical.

red sunset at Chinaman's Beach Kalbarri, Western Australia
Chinaman’s Beach Sunset, Kalbarri

14. Feed the Pelicans

One of the best free things to do in Kalbarri is to take part in the pelican feeding at the Kalbarri Foreshore (opposite Murchison Caravan Park) every morning from 8.45am.

It’s free to do but they do ask for a gold coin donation to help cover the cost of the fish.

You can learn about the pelicans from knowledgable and passionate volunteers.

15. Take a Sunset Cruise

dolphins in the ocean
Credit: Tourism Australia

For a different perspective of the Kalbarri Coast, consider taking a sunset tour.

The cruise leaves from the Kalbarri Marine Facility and takes you along the bay to look up at the Kalbarri National Park Coastal Cliffs, Red Bluff, the Mushroom Rock Walk Trail, Pot Alley Beach, Jakes Point and Eagle Gorge.

You may even spot a bottlenose dolphin or two swimming along beside you.

Bring your camera, as the views from the boat are unbelievable, especially at sunset.

16. Take a Quad-Biking Tour

peopel riding Quad Bike riding on Wagoe Beach, near Kalbarri
Credit: Tourism WA

Another great thing to do in Kalbarri for adventure lovers is to take a Quad Bike Safari through the national park and along Wagoe Beach.

The quad biking tours allow you to see the scenery up close without the need for hiking, drive off-road and explore the Australian bush.

17. Visit the Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon)

The pink lake . View from the drone

Although you can’t swim in the lake, it’s a natural wonder to behold. Located near to Port Gregory (about 30 minutes from Kalbarri) this natural wonder is a vast scene of pink sea, which is caused by a natural algae that changes the pigment to a red color, making the lake a pinkish purple color.

The shade of the lake differs depending on the time of year you visit it, and during the summer the lake can pretty much dry up and look more like a salt flat, so it’s best to manage your expectations before visiting.

The best chance to see the the pink hues is in the winter in early morning when the water is at its fullest and the sunlight is soft.

18. Snorkel in the Blue Holes

Just a short distance from the town of Kalbarri are a series of rock pools, known locally as blue holes.

These blue holes are perfect spots for snorkelling as they provide a home for coral to thrive, which attracts hundreds of tiny fish and marine life.

I recommend you visit in the morning as the swells can be choppy from midday.

Map of Things to Do in Kalbarri

Kalbarri is about 6 hours north of Perth by driving. To help you navigate your way around these attractions in Kalbarri, here is a map of each spot so you can map out your itinerary.

Click here for car rental prices and availability of you need it.

Where to stay in Kalbarri, WA

If you’re not sure where to stay in Kalbarri, here are some recommendations for Kalbarri accommodation options…

Kalbarri Edge Resort

a solar-heated pool and barbecue facilities set in tropical gardens, Kalbarri Edge Resort is just 5 minutes’ walk from the Murchison River. Previous guests love it for its awesome pool facilities, large suites and location.

Kalbarri Palm Resort

Kalbarri Palm Resort features 2 pools, a hot tub and a tennis court all set on extensive gardens and located at the point where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean. 10 minutes walk to the beach and rooms have kitchenettes. Previous guests loved the friendly staff, spacious suites and location. Good value for money.

Riverview Holiday Apartments (Formerly Kalbarri Beach Resort)

Offering self-contained apartments with a kitchen, a balcony Kalbarri Beach Resort is just 650 feet from the Murchison River. It has an outdoor pool area and 3 hot tubs. Previous guests love the clean, modern rooms, swimming pools and location.

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Kalbarri

There are so many amazing things to do in Kalbarri, WA. It’s worth a stop on your Coral Coast adventures or your WA road trip.

Admittedly, when we visited at a time when I was tired and jaded. We’d not long explored the magnificent Karijini National Park and it’s hard to experience wows that can compare to such pristine beauty.

There was the problem of tired and wingey children, really hot weather, crazy wind, and insane flies.

I had no coping mechanisms left.

After 12 years experience of traveling with kids, I can tell you the thing that will cause the biggest meltdowns is heat. We have a post with tips on traveling in the heat with kids to help you.

Hopefully when you visit, you don’t feel the same level of stress that I did. Be sure to visit the Pinnacles before your visit, and make sure to head up to Coral Bay and Exmouth too.

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