50 Amazing Things to Do in Western Australia

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Western Australia is home to some of the best landscapes, beaches, food, and wine experiences Australia has to offer – not to mention sunsets that will blow your mind!

From unique rock formations to wildlife encounters, to swimming holes and four-wheel drive adventures, there’s something for every type of traveller on the West Coast of Aus.

people swimming in pool of water at Dales Gorge, Karijini National Park

In fact, there are so many incredible things to do in Western Australia that it can be overwhelming when deciding what to add to your Aussie itinerary

We spent 6 months traveling around Western Australia and have a pretty good idea of the best attractions in WA. So in this guide, we reveal our favourite Western Australia activities and a few hidden gems.

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  1. Things to do in Western Australia
  2. Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Western Australia

Things to do in Western Australia

We loved so many places in Western Australia and I hope this guide exposes how diverse Australia really is, and inspires you to explore more of the West coast of Aus.

In no particular order, here we go.

1. Take in a Sunset at Cable Beach

orange, pink sky Sunset at Cable Beach

If you have never witnessed a sunset over the ocean before, Western Australia can help you with that. And one of the best places is at famous Cable Beach.

Enjoy a cold drink at the Sunset Bar, Zanders, or our favourite spot on a Friday and Sunday night is in front of the old Broome Surf Club!

2. Marvel at the Horizontal Falls

aerial view of water rushing throjugh The Horizontal Falls

It all starts with a scenic flight over the coastline from Broome to Talbot Bay. From the moment you take off over Cable beach and then fly over the Buccaneer Archipelago you know this is going to be special.

The Horizontal Falls are a natural phenomenon, created by two narrow openings between two escarpments.

The tides in this region are some of the biggest in the world, reaching up to 12 metres. Taking on the falls in a jet boat is a thrill I won’t soon forget!

3. Go Swimming at Elephant Rocks

rocks in the water shaped like Elephants

15 kilometres from the town of Denmark in southwest WA brings you to one of our favourite swimming locations in Australia.

Named Elephant Rocks because it looks like a herd of elephants paddling in the shallow waters.

Swimming at Elephant Rocks is one of the best things to do in Western Australia on a hot summer day when you need to cool off.

Head to Elephant Cove, a magic family beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

4. Sunset Cruise on Lake Argyle

peopel swimming with floaties in Lake Argyle

Who knew Lake Argyle is the largest artificial lake in Australia – the size of 11 Sydney Harbours!

Our sunset cruise is a priceless memory from our time in The Kimberley region.

As the sun was going down behind the red sandstone escarpment we were swimming in a lake (cold beer in hand) that is home to over 25,000 freshwater crocodiles. Not a typo!

P.S. NEVER swim with SALTWATER Crocs!! The Freshies are ok. 

5. Fly Over the Bungle Bungles

aerial view of the Bungle Bungles,

The road out to the Bungle Bungles is infamous for being one of the roughest in the country, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Since we didn’t have a 4WD it wasn’t an option, but we were still able to experience the magic of this unique landscape!

Luckily for me, our visit coincided with my birthday, and flying over these majestic “bee hive” sandstone domes with Kingfisher Tours that rise 300 meters above Purnululu National Park was the perfect gift!

6. Cycle Around Rottnest Island

woman and child on bikes on path next to ocean

Rottnest Island is incredible, and one of our top 3 favourite islands in Australia.

Located 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth, this relaxing island is just a short ferry ride from Fermantle that takes about 30 minutes.

Once you’re there, you can easily explore the island by bicycle – there are no cars on the island making it safe and relaxing.

Take your snorkeling gear and hit up Little Salmon Bay, Parakeet Bay, and The Basin.

If you have more time, you can also explore Fremantle which has some fun and interesting attractions. Check out Fremantle Markets or take a tour of Fremantle Prison.

Looking for ways to explore Rottnest Island? Check out this whale watching tour!

7. Take the Knox Gorge Walk, Karijini NP

woman on narrow rock ledge clinging to gorge wall

Knox Gorge is one of the hidden gems of Karijini National Park.

Many visitors to Australia say Karijini was their favorite national park in Australia, and we loved this hike down into the gorge and clambering around the deep red and purple rock walls.

At its end, Knox Gorge narrows into a spectacular ravine with views to Junction Pool below.

8. Enjoy Breakfast at Town Beach Cafe

people sitting at tables enjoying view at Town Beach

Have you ever seen a more divine breakfast view than this?

Broome is one of our favourite places in Western Australia, and you’ll understand why after visiting – the colours of the water and red earth are incredible.

Come to Town Beach Cafe for brekky at high tide and you’ll get the picture, the full turquoise picture. And the Eggs Florentine were superb!

9. Take a Self-Guided Hike to Emma’s Gorge

woman and girls walking into swimming hole at Emmas Gorge

We only had access to the northern section of the famous Gibb River Road in Kimberley due to our vehicle not being a 4WD.

One highlight was swimming at Emma’s Gorge, a large cool waterhole graced by a 65 metre high droplet waterfall.

It is a little rocky walking into the gorge but if we can manage it with a three and seven-year-old, you can too!

10. Drive Out to Cape Leveque

car on red sandy road

On the very tip of the Dampier Peninsula, 200 kilometres north of Broome is Cape Leveque.

Yes, it can be a sandy rough drive, but we did it in our Ford Territory AWD.

You will forget all about the terrain the moment you arrive – stunning beaches, red cliffs, and magic sunsets. This is what gives Western Australia its reputation as the home to some of the most stunning nature spots.

le you’re in the area, don’t miss visiting the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm to learn about Western Australia’s pearl farming history and culture.

Does a trip to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm sound exciting? Book a behind-the-scenes tour here!

11. Fall in Love with Coral Bay

sweeping white sand and torquoise water of Coral Bay

I’m happy to say Coral Bay lived up to its reputation as one of Western Australia’s favourite family holiday spots, with Bill’s Bay, the main beach, being a highlight.

A huge, sweeping bay protected by the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park making it a snorkeling and swimming paradise.

There are many things to do in Coral Bay, such as go coral viewing and snorkelling, or take an eco-tour to see turtles.

12. Do a Cellar Door Hop in Margaret River

woman wine tasting with sommelier Margaret River

Margaret River is one of the best wine regions in Australia, and with over 100 cellar doors you’re spoilt for choice.

Our favourite wineries included Cape Mentelle (Caz enjoyed being served by our French friend Nicolas), Happs, Cape Leeuwin, and Settlers Ridge.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Western Australia, you can’t go wrong with a bit of wine tasting at the wineries followed by a picnic in a vineyard at sunset.

Check out this Premium Full-Day Wine Tour in Margaret River!

13. Snorkel “The Drift” at Turquoise Bay

woman with snorkels on, posing with peace signs to the camera while sitting in water.

Turquoise Bay is one of the main reasons to visit Exmouth on the Coral Coast, and it’s easy to see why!

From the bay, you’re swimming within metres of the famous Ningaloo Reef and the popular drift snorkel is one of the coolest snorkeling experiences you can have.

Swim out a few metres and let the powerful current carry you a few hundred metres down the beach.

Exit and repeat.

14. Enjoy Solitude at Waterfall Beach

woman standin gon rock with hands in the air on Waterfall Beach, Albany

Keep walking over the headland from Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve near the town of Albany and you’ll come to beautiful Waterfall Beach.

It’s totally worth the short drive from Albany, and the short climb. Secluded and private. We had this beach all to ourselves!

15. Walk Along Yardie Creek Gorge

aerial view ofYardie Creek Gorge,

At the end of the sealed road in Cape Range National Park you get to Yardie Creek where you can explore the gorge on foot or on a Yardie Creek boat tour.

We did the 1-hour return walk along the cliffs and the views were spectacular. The only downer was the pesky flies. Besides dealing with flies, it can get very HOT here in summer so walk early in the morning!

16. Witness the Staircase to the Moon

"Staircase to the Moon" over the water

If you are in Broome for the Staircase to the Moon, come down to Town Beach to watch this phenomenon as the moon rises above the mud flats at low tide shining its light upon it so it looks like stairs leading up to the moon.

Also seen from the Mangrove Hotel.

17. Go Quad Biking at Coral Bay

people quad biking on coastal track at Coral Bay

I took Kalyra on her first quad biking adventure with Quadtrek and it was the best quad biking track I’ve ridden yet.

Incredible coastal scenery, we rode up and down big sand dunes, spotted turtles off “Turtle Cliffs” and even went snorkeling at Five Fingers Reef.

Kalyra couldn’t stop talking about how much fun this was!

18. Swim in Hamersley Gorge, Karijini

small waterfall falling into pool of water Hamersley Gorge

Stand in wonder in front of the famous natural waterfall and pool at Hamersley Gorge in Karijini National Park. Pack your swimming gear, a towel, and dive right in.

No more words needed!

19. Sunset Camel Ride Along Cable Beach

people riding camels at sunset on cable beach

There are many vantage points to take in the sunsets at Cable Beach and one of the most unique ways is on board a trusty camel with Broome Camel Safaris.

What a relaxing 45 minutes. Our kids, and us big kids, thoroughly enjoyed this. Not to mention the bonus free cocktail at Zanders afterward – all part of the deal.

Want a unique way to experience the sunset at Cable Beach? How about a camel ride?

20. Sip on a Ginger Beer at Matso’s

mango cider on table

I’m not a fan of Australian domestic beer, we always seek out craft breweries on our travels, and Matso’s Brewery is a Broome treasure.

Their ginger beer competes with the Pearlers Pale Ale as my favourites. They even have chili and mango beer.

And this cider impressed me too (and I don’t drink cider).

21. Drive the Charles Knife Canyon

car towing caravan on red road at Charles Knife Canyon

Charles Knife Canyon is like a mini-version of the Grand Canyon, and is right near the coast.

An unsealed road follows the ridges of Cape Range National Park just outside the town of Exmouth and takes you high up into the sky providing breathtaking views down into the multi-coloured gorges and all the way to the coast.

This is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in Western Australia, so be sure to add it to your things to do in WA list.

22. Stand Among the Valley of the Giants

woman and girls standing inside tree Valley of the Giants

400 kilometres from Perth near the town of Walpole in Southwest WA, is the Valley of the Giants.

You can stand under the large red tingle trees that are famous for their gigantic size. After that, you can do the Tree Top Walk and explore the canopy of the magnificent tingle forest.

This park has some of the largest and oldest trees in the country.

23. Relax at Zebedee Springs, El Questro

woman and girls sitting in the water at Zebedee Springs, El Questro

We barely scratched the surface of The Kimberley region, only spending two nights at El Questro Wilderness Park, but it was one of the highlights of our visit to Western Australia.

If you make it to El Questro, we highly recommend an hour or two immersing yourself in the Zebedee hot thermal springs.

24. Take the Spider Walk at Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

peopel spider crawling down narrow path

One of our favourite adventure walks in all of Western Australia was the Spiderman walk at Hancock Gorge in Karijini National Park (minus the superhero costume).

We even took the kids on this walk, no problems!

There are several walks and swimming holes in the national park so it’s not all about clambering over rocks and through gorges, though this is definitely the highlight.

25. Look Through Nature’s Window in Kalbarri

natural window in the rock face

One of the top things to do in Kalbarri is to visit the Kalbarri National Park and see the iconic rock formation, Nature’s Window.

We visited this park at the wrong time of day and had to deal with the heat, and the flies and the middle of the day is never the best time for photography.

I’ve seen some incredible photos of Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park at sunrise! Get up early folks!

26. Meet Prince Leonard at Hutt River Province

people standing in front of a building

Ever heard of Hutt River Principality? Me neither until we met with Prince Leonard and his Royal Family.

Long story short, Prince Leonard completely screwed over the government and created his own country.

When the government tried to take some of his farmland off him, he found loopholes in the law and discovered that back in the day, Western Australia had not been formed properly as part of Australia. Therefore, his land was not actually Australian land but part of Britain.

The sharpest, and most intelligent 82 year old I’ve ever met. He cracked us up!

He pays no Australian taxes and does not have to follow Australian law. As you leave his country visit his Post Office and get your passport stamped. And of course, they have their own currency.

What a classic!!

27. Drive on Lucky Bay at Esperance

man driving car on beach at Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia

Cape Le Grand National Park is home to Lucky Bay, a 45 minute’s drive from the town of Esperance

You’ve probably seen photos of kangaroos hopping about, that’s Lucky Bay. After 18 months around Oz we were kinda kangaroo-ed out and blase about beaches.

And whilst I wouldn’t hurry back to Esperance, this beach is open to four-wheel driving and the sand is that compact you could drive almost any car on the beach, even our AWD which was cool.

28. Find Paradise at Sandy Bay

man sitting in crystal clear water at Sandy Bay

If Turquoise Bay isn’t reason enough to put Exmouth on your list, Sandy Bay should do it.

This beach easily made our list of the best beaches in Australia. Endless white sand, crystal clear water, dark blue skies, and the shallow waters of Sandy Bay made it an excellent beach for our kids.

Apparently, it’s a popular place for kite surfers when the wind is right.

29. Have Lunch at the Mangrove Hotel

view of red dirt, green marshes, torquoise water and blue sky at broome

Speaking of views in Broome. Take a look at the turquoise water, red earth, and green mangrove views from the beer garden at the Mangrove Hotel.

Listen to live music, indulge in cocktails, have a cold beer, and sample Kimberley’s best produce.

Must try: the venison chorizo pizza, slow-cooked with cherry tomato and goat’s cheese. OMG!!

30. Swim With Wild Stingrays at Hamelin Bay

stingray on bottom of ocean

Possibly the most picturesque beach in the Margaret River region with fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and natural dunes.

But that’s not all, Hamelin Bay is the best place we’ve seen wild stingrays in Australia. They come right into shore and swim around your feet. Amazeballs!

31. Stand on Shell Beach

girl standing on Shell Beach

Not a beach to swim at or lay around on, but Shell Beach is interesting in that the actual beach has been created by millions of tiny shells.

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Western Australia, then it’s worth a look.

If you are doing the World Heritage Drive in the Shark Bay region, then this won’t be a far detour.

32. Discover Pemberton by 4WD

woman and child standing on sand dunes

From the Karri Forest, to the sand dunes, to the Great Southern Ocean, there are plenty of things to do in Pemberton.

One of the best attractions in the area is to take a 4WD beach and forest eco-adventure tour. We did this with Pemberton Discovery Tours and it was one of our favourite day tours in WA.

Who knew this region had the largest inland dune system in the southern hemisphere?! Graeme and Toni, the owners are super friendly and informative.

Fancy a 4WD drive adventure in Pemberton? Book your tour here.

 33. Venture into Francois Peron National Park

car driving down red dirt track in Francois Peron National Park

If you own a 4WD you can have an adventure along a scenic coastline with dramatic red cliffs and white sandy beaches and it’s possible to see dugongs, manta rays, turtles, and sharks swimming in the water.

We got as far in as the Homestead with our AWD.

Francois Peron lies within the Shark Bay World Heritage area.

34. Walk the 1.8 kilometre Busselton Jetty

woman and child walking down Busselton Jetty

One of the top things to do in Busselton is to visit the iconic jetty.

You can catch the famous “Jetty Train” out to the end, but after driving 50,000 kilometres around Australia we needed all the exercise we could get.

And the views over Geographe Bay are stunning.

The heritage-listed Busselton Jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Fancy a swim? Pack your swimming gear and jump off into the ocean! Just be careful of the tides.

Want to do something unique while you’re in Busselton? How about taking a whale watching trip!

35. Watch the Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach

Perth’s sunsets are legendary and Cottesloe Beach, a beach-side suburb about a 15-minute drive from the Perth CBD is one of the best places to watch the sun go down over the Indian Ocean.

Grab some takeaway fish and chips or bring a picnic and sit under the shady Norfolk Pines.

36. Refresh Yourself at Dales Gorge

people swimming in pool at Dales Gorge,

At Dales Gorge you can experience three highlights of Karijini National Park.

Enjoy a refreshing swim at Fortescue Falls, take in one of the prettiest settings in WA at Fern Pool, or take a dip at Circular Pool (pictured above).

37. See the Perth Skyline from Kings Park

perth skyline framed by palm trees at Kings Park

Kings Park overlooks the Swan River and offers sweeping views of the city, and is an unmissable place to visit in Perth if you’re visiting the city.

This park is the largest inner city park in the southern hemisphere, larger even than New York’s Central Park.

Walk amongst the treetops on the elevated bridge, the pathways, take the kids to the playgrounds, and the botanical gardens, and picnic amongst the gum trees.

You can even find unique places to stay nearby that take advantage of the panoramic views.

Visiting Perth and need more ideas on things to do? Check out this Perth Segway Tour of Kings Park

38. Grab a Coffee (or Cold Bevvy) on the Cappuccino Strip

Fremantle sign on brick building

I’m still trying to figure out if the historic seaside port of Fremantle is a suburb of Perth or its own city? Help me out!

The Cappuccino Strip is the centre of Freo’s entertainment precinct with cafes, restaurants, and bars shoulder to shoulder. Or hit up trendy Wray Ave.

P.S. I loved the HUGE pumpkin scones at the Fremantle Bakehouse.

39. Be Wowed by the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Pink Lake

Yes, it really is PINK.

If you’re driving the Coral Coast stop in at Port Gregory for a look at Pink Lake. Its pink hue is created by bacteria (Dunaliella salina), which become trapped in the salt granules.

This is one of the most unique places in Western Australia and is only one of ten pink lakes in the whole of Aus.

The lake is best viewed at sundown.

Want to enjoy the Pink Lake in a unique way? Take a flight over Pink Lake for extra wow!

40. Walk Amongst The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles rising up from the floor  Nambung National Park

Take a scenic drive or walk (what I did) amongst the limestone formations of The Pinnacles in the pinnacles desert in Nambung National Park. Nambung is in the Wheatbelt region, 162 km northwest of Perth.

The Pinnacles are a unique rock formation that dates back over 25,000-30,000 years. They were formed after the sea receded, leaving sea shells on the shore.

Over time, the strong coastal winds removed the sand and left these unique rocky pillars exposed.

Some of The Pinnacles stand as high as 3.5 meters!

41. Hit the Beaches in Margaret River

peopel on beach at Hamelin Bay

When most people think of Margaret River their first thought is probably wine.

But I can confidently say after road-tripping around Australia, this stretch of coastline has some of the most stunning beaches in the country.

If you are looking for some relaxing things to do in Western Australia, basking on the Margaret River beaches is one of our all time favourites.

42. Enjoy a Pint at Little Creatures

outside of Little Creatures brewery

The Little Creatures Pale Ale is up there with my fave beers in Australia, and their brewery in Freo is a top spot on the water to grab a pint and a pizza.

There’s a big sandpit for the kids outside or duck upstairs to Creature’s Next Door above Freo’s fishing boat harbour for a quieter drink.

43. Check Out The Basin

people on the beach at the basin

No, you are not on the Great Barrier Reef or somewhere exotic in Asia.

If you don’t cycle around Rottnest Island and only have time for a handfull of Rotto’s 60 beaches and bays, put The Basin at the top of your list! And Pinky beach next door.

Look at that water!

And be sure to look out for the island’s resident animals, the quokka.

44. Walk to Green Pools, Denmark

aerial view of Green Pools

A few hundred metres walk around the headland from Elephant Rocks is Greens Pool, another picturesque swimming area definitely worth a visit when in Denmark.

Not quite as pretty as Elephant Rocks, but still a lovely sheltered area to swim, snorkel and relax.

45. Drive the Boranup Forest

car driving through Boranup Forest,

The Margaret River Region is not all wine tasting, beer drinking, gourmet lunches, and lazing on beaches you know!

Take a scenic drive through the Boranup Karri Forest and feel dwarfed by the massive karri trees that can reach 60 metres or more in height.

46. See Wild Dolphins in Bunbury

dolphin looking at camera

Get up close with wild dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, just a 170 kilometre drive south of Perth.

You don’t have to go all the up way to Monkey Mia (I wouldn’t hurry back there).

The discovery centre has an interaction zone and you can even choose to have a swim encounter in their natural environment.

47. Experience Gnomesville

hundreds of gnomes in the forest

What an interesting and different destination this is.

Whilst in Bunbury head out to Gnomesville, the magical home to over 3,000 Gnomes scattered in the bushland who have migrated here from all over Australia and around the world.

Located by the roundabout at the junction of Wellington Mill and Ferguson Roads, Wellington Mill.

48. See a Summer Concert at Leeuwin Estate

bernard fanning playing guitar on stage

I’ve always been a big Powderfinger fan, one of Australia’s best rock bands out of Brissy.

They’ve broken up now so seeing former lead singer Bernard Fanning perform solo at Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River was a bucket list moment.

And what a great setting it was to have a picnic and sample a few wines to boot.

49. Freak Yourself Out Climbing the Gloucester Tree

girl climbing stairs on Gloucester Tree,

Not my idea of fun, I’m so scared of heights!

But if you’re braver than me you can climb 61 metres to the top of the Gloucester Tree and apparently see one of the most spectacular views of the Karri forest.

I’ll take your word for it, reo-bars jabbed into the trunk, no thanks!

50. Enjoy Sunset from Gantheaume Point

Sunset from Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia

At the southern end of Cable Beach in Broome is Gantheaume Point, a red rock cliff face overlooking a white sandy beach.

Especially spectacular at sunset, but any time of day is worth the short drive on the unsealed road. Or an early morning walk along Cable Beach is nice too!

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Western Australia

There you have it, those are some of the best attractions in Western Australia. I guess you get the hint we absolutely loved Broome, Karijini, and the Margaret River Region.

Whichever region you choose to explore, you’ll find there are plenty of activities for any type of traveler – whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a beach lover, a nature lover, or a city dweller; Western Australia will keep you busy.

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What have we missed? There is much more to see and do in WA and we welcome your suggestions in the comment section down below!

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  1. Great list and beautiful photos; it makes me proud to call WA home. We’ve done a large majority of your list, and still feel there is a LOT more to see in WA, let alone the rest of Australia.

    Just to stir the pot a bit; east or west? What do you guys prefer?

    1. We’ve still got a lot to see in WA ourselves, even after a 6 month visit. Ok, I’m gonna say West Coast has better beaches overall, for the quantity of stunning beaches that have less development and people. And leave it at that 🙂

  2. Cable beach and Pink Beach would be my top priority! I think watching the magical sunsets, strolling and simply savoring the beauty of these beaches would be more than I can ask for. But, even the valley of giants seems interesting! Too many places!

  3. Your fabulous photos make me want to head north from the south west (where we live) for sure. So much to see still up in the north west region. Thanks for some great recommendations all over the state, now we just need to take off too! Come back soon and see some more, won’t you!

  4. I’ve been debating for a while, eastern or western Australia, but it seems like we have a winner 🙂 Thanks for sharing these top spots guys! What can I expect in terms of weather mid to late March?

    1. In mid to late March, it will still be hot down Perth way as well. The hot weather of Summer can last well into late April some years and in March, we are still usually having day time temperatures of anywhere up to 35 to 38 degrees [sometimes hotter]. Some years, March is actually out hottest month, despite it technically being the first official month of Autumn! Despite the potential hot weather, there are plenty of beaches to cool off at!

      If you head further south of Perth into the South West, it will be cooler than Perth.

  5. Well, at first I wanted to write here that Elephant rocks would be my favorite, but then I found Emmas gorge… And more I scrolled down, the more difficult it was to choose the favorite destination. There is probably no chance to choose the favorite one, you simply have to travel through all of them 🙂 Lucky you!

  6. Nice Posts, Many travellers can exploring with best travels blogs commented to us. So this is starts in our journey to all around the beautiful places in Australia. That’s a beautiful trip to enjoying best time to visit in Sydney. It is heading the Red Centre for Western Australia and Uluru sightseeing for full beautiful experience in the Tourists

  7. Lived in WA all my life (now Defence and our lifestyle allows us to live in different places but WA is the best!) been to 90% of these places and first visited Cape Leveque in 1995!!! Did you get to Steep Point?? (Though Cape Peron is one of my ‘more accessible’ favs too!
    Awesome write-up….proud to be a West Australian!

  8. Hi! We spent six months house sitting in WA. We were pretty remotely located with a pup and an orchard. But, we managed to hit a number of these spots near Albany and spent a few days in Freo.
    We love Greens Pool, Avenue of the Giants and we also hiked a bit of the Bibulmum Trail (spelling?). Did you do the TreeTop Walk? Taste olives near there? Go to the Aquarium at Hilarys?
    Hed a great time watching sunset at Cottesloe beach. Had a beer or two and great appetizers looking out over the ocean at Little Creatures.
    Thanks for the memories.
    See our Oz posts at http://www.joyfuljourneying.com

    1. Hi Laurie,

      That’s great you got to spend 6 months in WA, and house sitting too which is hard to come by. Yes we did the Tree Tops Walk, but not the olives or aquarium.

  9. Fabulous photos, very pleased to say we have been to most but cannot wait to get back, WA is such an amazing place! Great blog. May I ask what camera you use?
    Happy travels.

  10. Great article guys, very informative. There’s so much to love about WA. I’ve managed to do quite a few things on your list, but there’s still so much more I’m itching to see! Heading northwest to the Coral Coast in 2 weeks, which I’m really excited about. Any suggestions? I have a particular fondness for Margaret River and the southwest. I loved taking the scenic drive along Caves Road and venturing into Boranup Forest amongst those magnificent Karri trees. I also got to explore a little bit of Yallingup, including Canal Rocks and Sugarloaf Rock. If I could add anything to your list I would include the Perth Hills, New Norcia, the thrombolites at Lake Clifton, crabbing in Mandurah, Freo Markets, taking in the nighttime views of Perth from King’s Park, Serpentine Falls, Tulip Festival at Araluen Botanic Park (August/Sept) and exploring the Swan River via kayak/paddle board/catamaran. Oh, and WA sunsets and beaches are the best in the world. Thanks again for the great list.

  11. We love this post and your blog! We call Australia home for almost seven years, but have not seen anything in WA. We will explore the south west corner next year if everything goes to plan. We cannot wait to cross The Nullarbor to see it all ourselves.

  12. Diolita gonzales

    Hi Im very fascinated with all the adventures that you and your family have accomplished I am thinking of doing this sometime real soon. I’m just wondering ho many weeks did it takes for all of the above to visit? By car if you can please get back to me as soon as you can would be much appreciated.? I’m in mackay at this moment. Many thanks

    1. Hi Diolita,

      We pent 6 months driving around WA to see all these places. Of course you can do WA in a much shorter time period, for example we spent 5 weeks just in Broome alone, relaxing a lot of the time. And we spent a month in the Margaret River Region. But WA is a BIG state so don’t think you can do all this in 2 weeks 🙂

  13. It’s nice to see so many positives written about WA! It sometimes feels like we get shortchanged when it comes to travellers because a lot do tend to focus just on the East Coast.

    Re Fremantle, it most definitely is it’s own City. You will find that a lot of people actually prefer Freo over Perth itself 😉

  14. You have brought back so many amazing memories! We were lucky enough to experience the majority of your list last year while travelling with our two young boys. Western Australia absolutely blew me away, what an amazing country we live in and WA would have to my favourite state. Maybe it will be home when we are old and grey.

  15. Hi, Craig. I’m an ex-pat from Chicago area, having lived in Perth, Western Australia for just over 11 years now and officially call Australia my “new home”, with no intentions of leaving. Have visited many places on your list with family and friends, but still have much more to explore. I personally believe more attention should be given to the Perth area itself as it’s the cleanest, prettiest and most vibrant city I’ve ever seen anywhere. So much to do and see in the city itself, as well as the coastline and the gorgeous Perth Hills.

  16. It is true that a lot of tourists focus their energy on seeing the East coast of Australia when travelling there.. sure this is perhaps the most convenient coastal stretch, but I prefer the roads less travelled ☺ The western coast is mesmerising array of landscapes with red desert one day and pristine waters the next. I thoroughly enjoy the roadtrip my husband and I took, in our crappy Ford Falcon, a few years back ☺ your list is great and I’m proud to say that I have experienced the majority on it. Next time we’ll get a proper 4×4 and add a few more! The west coast is for sure not to be missed! Gorgeous photos!! I did however miss Simmo”s icecream in Margaret River on your list.. ☺

  17. Great job! Where are you guys from? We live in Margaret River and LOVE it. Big tip if anyone is heading down this way, pop in to the visitors centre at the northern end of town and grab one of their big maps. They show all the wineries and tourist spots, and those guys are awesome.

    The outdoor cinema is great in summer at Cape Mentelle, as is Canal Rocks. I work at the Vet on Station Rd and am always happy for tourists to drop by so that I can point them towards great little boutique wineries. The best time to visit the southwest is definitely October – April.

    1. Hey Wayne,

      Originally from the Central Coast of NSW but currently based on the Gold Coast. Good tip about the tourist info centre in Margs!

  18. this made my day! I am in love with wa and have done just about everything on your list. I grew up in the perth hills and have family all through the southwest. My grandmother lives down in Denmark so I was there every Christmas, my school holidays were spent out in Kalgoorlie entertaining ourself in the bush. After I finished high school, I moved to Broome! I came up here after falling in love with the place on a couple of family holidays around the state in our caravan. I’ve been here for 2 and a half years now, and am in love with the land, the culture, the people and the history. I’m working out at the willie creek pearl farm (great ‘office’ by the way), and am so delighted that someone else has seen all that wa has to offer. If you are ever back up this way you MUST do the willie creek pearl farm tour on a high tide and do the helicopter flight over. Sending love all the way from b town.

    1. Fantastic Megan. Thanks for sharing your passion for WA. Will be sure to do the Willie Creek pearl farm tour next time. I guarantee you we’ll be back to Broome time and time again! And hopefull explore more of your incredible state!

  19. Great list! I’d like to add Skydive at Jurien Bay! Let gravity do its thing as you free-fall over the stunning blue-green waters and winding coastline of the Turquoise Coast. It’s extreme fun in the sun.

  20. Hi,
    Awesome summary of Western Australia coast line and place to visit;) Geraldton in the midwest offer the best Watersports conditions overall: kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, fishing… The list is long! Worldwide famous for its wind condition Geraldton attract people from all around the world

  21. Hi,
    Awesome summary of Western Australia coast line and place to visit;) Geraldton in the midwest offer the best Watersports conditions overall: kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, fishing… The list is long! Worldwide famous for its wind condition Geraldton attract people from all around the world as this is call the “wind Mecca”
    Would be such a shame to drive pass Gero without visting Point moore or enjoying an over night at Coronation Beach;)

  22. Torndirup National Park near Albany, massive coastal scenery including Natural Bridge, the Gap, Salmon Holes and a hike along Flinders Peninsula.

  23. Beautiful pictures. Yes we love our state and you have covered all the fantastic spots. At 70 we have seen them all but keep going back. Your pics are some of the best we have seen

  24. Bring enclosed footwear and a sense of adventure! Helmets, torches and friendly information supplied at both sites. Calgardup boardwalks easy and suitable for all ages. Giants down to the deepest cave for the more adventurous with ladder climbs and rock scrambles. Not suitable for children under 6 years.

  25. Those pictures are amazing! I hadn’t seen such spectacular beaches in a while. I’ll arrive in Perth on a working holiday visum in October so I hope I can take in some of these sights despite not being able to drive!

  26. My kids just loved the ‘drift’. Two large underwater ‘reef dining tables’ that they floated over to see Nemo and Dory at home. We then saw 4 white tip reef sharks on the sea bed just two metres below us and dived down to meet the green turtles munching on their dinner. Amazing. In my opinion the beach at Turquoise Bay rates as one of the best in the world. Quiet, crystal clear waters, pure white sands. Absolute bliss. I left part of my soul at Ningaloo Reef and I will meet it again.

  27. Unique and georgious places, great photos and well written. You must have a great taste and artistic skills. Love it. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing them.

  28. Hi, I seem to be getting this post and about 5-6 more at least twice every week for the last few weeks. They’re all old posts but they keep popping up. Do you know why? Just tonight in the last hour I got 10 posts from you. Just a bit weird and not sure if it’s happening from your side or mine? cheers

        1. Yeah that is really weird. I’ve just checked the feed through one of my accounts and it all appears fine on my end. I have no idea what is happening. I hope cyber space can sor t it out!

  29. My husband and I visited our daughter who was working in Perth for 2 years. We were there for 17 days and took 2 long , great road trips, one to Kalgoorlie, then South to Esperance, the second trip up to Monkey Mia and then back down to Perth. Our trip was incredible, saw so many beautiful places, I have said many times in the past several years , that if I ever got to go to Perth again, I would go to all the same places, because it was so beautiful, what an adventure and a beautiful country, Even tho I had many favorite places, the very best for me was The Pinnacles, wish I could go again. I was also very impressed that the country of WA was so clean – no trash anywhere. Beautiful , Beautiful, country. I would go back in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity again ☺☺☺

    1. Hi Doreene, happy to hear you have already experienced a lot of things to do in Western Australia. It is a great state, hopefully you and I get to return soon!

  30. Rebecca Cummings

    This is exactly what I needed, all the books I read are just to general – we are coming to Oz may 2017 for a wedding in Exmouth and have limited time travelling back to Perth with our young kids. So now I can plan a lot better making most of time. Thanks

  31. We have been fortunate enough to do and see nearly all of the 50 things you have mentioned! 4 other spots which have really resonated with us are Mowanjum Gallery, just out of Derby, on the sealed section of the Gibb. The artwork was featured in the opening ceremony of the Sydney games and is truly breathtaking. Visiting Mt Augustus – biggest rock (bigger than Uluru) and the oldest part of the planet (coming from Meekatharra you drive past Jack Hills). On the Great Central Road, we loved visiting the Giles Weather Station – who knew that the first thing we would see there was the giant stiletto from “Pricilla”?! The whole road is a great drive, and a much loved ‘short cut’. Lastly, it has to be said, but the wildflowers are just plain gorgeous, and are everywhere from inner city to bush to deserts.

  32. Sandra Anthony Bill Anthony

    We’ve been to a few of these in April 2016.margaret river.freemantle.Rottnest island for a weekend these was all treats from visiting my son Michael Anthony and Natnapa Thanangkorn. We travelled from England East Yorkshire to perth for 3weeks stay with my son and Natnapa. The best holiday ever. Goin again March 2017.

  33. Great post. I really liked the photos that show just how majestic and unimaginably beautiful much of WA is! We spent 6 months on the southern coast (Albany area) and loved so much of what we saw. We did get to experience many of the spots on your list, but there is also so much we missed. Guess we’ll have to go back. One area we did find awesome are the Porongurups. You didn’t mention the dizzying array of wildflowers in WA. They are everywhere and so unique! We spent hours just hiking around enjoying the variety.

  34. The only thing I have not done on this list is go to the Leeuwin concert. WA is such an incredible state with so much to explore.

  35. Hi,

    Your trip to WA looked amazing. We won’t be in WA for 6 months, we are only in for 13 days after travelling to Indonesia.
    Fairly sure we won’t be able to make it up to Broome or down to Albany. Can you please advise which month you were in WA? We will be visiting Mid to end July.
    We are from Toronto, Canada so Aussie winters don’t scare us, but alot of sites and comments say that it will be wet and cold.

  36. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an incredible list, this has made planning my WA road trip much easier 🙂

  37. Have just returned from a short visit to WA and managed to see a few things on this list. Can’t wait to go back and see more. Margaret River, Esperance & the Pinnacles were some of my favourites, but was disappointed that the Pink Lake is no longer Pink 🙁 Thanks for the list of ideas for my next trip.

  38. Hello, I am hoping to do the east coast for 2/3 months and hoping to visit most of these places! How much would you recommend budget wise? we will be driving in a camper van.


    Jasna Hanger

  39. I was born and bred in Perth.No Fremantle is not a city or town on it its own.It is a suburb in Perth.Glad you like WA.Tourists only ever flock to Victoria, Queensland or New South Whales .A lot of people don’t realise how nice our beaches are, t.They def showcase natural landscape in Australia! Glad you had a great time????Lucky Bay, Broome and Coral Bay/Esperance are certainly where you find some of the best beaches in WA, way nicer than Perth’s.it’s not to I went to beaches in Victoria and Sydney city that I began to realise how nice Western Australia’s coast line actually is.You don’t notice when yoy grow up with it until you travel.

  40. Spectacular post! Thank you so much, I am currently planning a short trip around WA, and although I was overwhelmed by all the things you’ve listed here (makes me think rather than two weeks I need 6 months!) its great to have this list with info to make an educated choice! Thanks!!! Been following you for a while and love you guys!

  41. Cool article but Exmouth certainly deserves more love here 🙂 Surely the whale sharks, microlight flights, Navy Pier (known as one of the best dive sites in the world), its status as a World Heritage Area, and its unique history are deserving of being on a Top 50 list. Also, Shark Bay is another World Heritage site, with wildlife ranging from hare wallabies to dolphins, to bilbies and more. And you can swim with sea lions in Jurien Bay.

  42. Hah, awesome we were catching the sunset at Prevelly beach. 🙂 Would definitely add Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse near Augusta as one of the must-see places on the south of Western Australia.

  43. Mitchell falls in the Kimberley is my favourite WA destination – however this list is very well put together. WA is so diverse, has just about everything Australia has to offer.

  44. Thanks for compiling the list of 50 amazing things to do in western Australia. The list is well curated and I would love to Go quad.

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