Stop the car – We’ve been invited to the WHITE HOUSE!

I remember the moment well. I was lying on the couch in our apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina with a blanket over me.

The sofa was a $50 job from the Salvation Army, so tattered and worn that we had a cheap cover from Walmart thrown over the top. The cover didn’t fit it properly so would scrunch up and roll off and I was forever standing up to straighten it.

Anything to cover up just how much we were struggling.

The lights were dim, the shadows casting a long veil of sorrow and desperation. I think perhaps it was only a few days earlier that I opened up the kitchen cupboard and a hoard of baby cockroaches no bigger than my baby toe nail scrambled.

I cried aching tears. It was the sign of how bad we’d let things get. I had no strength or faith left to fix it so resigned myself to evenings scrunched on the couch with episodes of Criminal Minds to numb the pain.

But, this was different.

Criminal Minds could not be found on any channel as something far more important had taken over. I eagerly awaited the results all evening, and now as it neared midnight it was announced, Obama was elected President.

For the first time in a couple of years I felt a slight breeze of victory and my tears flowed to the end of his acceptance speech.

My release ran far deeper than a political party victory, which I’m really not that into or know much about.

It was about change. It was about passionately believing in something. It was about breaking the odds to achieve your dreams.

I’m not sure that I was consciously aware of the spark that was lit that night, I remember the details leading up to. I remember the tears. I remember how I felt. I remember the opening of the door to hope and perhaps a return to joy.

That was in 2008 and the change for me didn’t come for many years later, but it’s possibly where I took the first step.

Obama helped me to believe in personal power again.

That’s partly why, when we received the invitation last week, I spent days walking around in quiet reflection and disbelief trying to process it.

How could I go from that desperate state six years ago, to now receiving an invitation to attend an important travel summit at The White House?

The White HOUSE? The WHITE house? The WHITE HOUSE?

It didn’t matter how many times I said it with various inflections, it just didn’t seem this could really happen to me.

How does that happen?

It makes me cry.

Should I ever have the honour of meeting Obama, I might just possibly cry in front of him. Not screaming, groupie One Direction fan cries, but a few rolling tear slips.

Even though it’s a huge interruption to our current Australian road trip. Even though it means we have to leave the girls for two weeks. Even though it’s a massive expense for us to fly over to the States – I know we can’t say no.

YIPPEE...we're going to the White House

I can’t say no to the Universe opening a door to support my dream and a chance to celebrate the triumph of my own spirit. It’s the Universe giving me the nudge to say,

Girl, can you please start breathing now? You’ve come out of the darkness, there is no more having to think that it’s going to be blown away by your breath. This is no longer an illusion. This is truth.”

The Invitation

The invitation came at a time when I was doubting everything I was doing and resenting the travel blog.

It became too hard and too serious and I was losing control.

We were in Karijini National Park, away from the computer and the internet, and I decided I was going to quit. I was going to contact Rupert Murdoch and see if he wanted to buy our travel blog for zillion’s of dollars and then I’d just hike through beautiful gorges for the rest of my life instead.

As soon as we arrived back in internet land, the email notifications started pinging faster than a winning Las Vegas slot machine.

When someone you’ve never heard from before asks you to fill in your social security numbers (yes we do have those) and other personal details in a blank spreadsheet and send it back you say “yeah sure, here ya go.”


So we thought the email was a scam, and Craig decided to respond in a cheeky manner.

(Oops, great start, calling out the White House to be scam artists, although we didn’t say those words exactly)

Two days later we’d heard from someone else and dug a little deeper and figured out it was for REAL. I felt a surging within me.

Excitement, awe, humility, opportunity, blue horizons, grace and gratitude.

I read the email as to the purpose of the White House trip:

On December 9th, 2014, the White House will host the 100 most influential travel bloggers and digital media outlets to discuss the Administration’s focus on the benefits of cross-cultural educational and cultural exchange and boosting international student mobility. Consistently at the forefront of trends in the industry, travel bloggers and digital media outlets continue to develop innovative ways to communicate experiences with millennials and young leaders. By familiarizing a group of peer influencers with programs and initiatives designed to increase student mobility internationally, our goal is to increase awareness among young people and encourage their participation in educational, cultural and professional exchanges.

I felt such euphoric release.

I’m so glad the US Administration is having this discussion as it’s what I’ve been preaching for so long: get people to travel more and change the world.

And embracing travel as an experience through professional and cultural exchange is what we did for over ten years. Promoting the working holiday experience is our absolute passion.

OMG and we’re influential enough in this space to be invited to the White House to talk with leaders about this? Whoa. Earth moving moment.

It hit me.

The reason I started this travel blog in the first place, it was never about me. It was about helping others to travel because I believe in the power of travel to positively transform lives.

I know it can break down barriers, remove fear and hatred, and empower people to live their joy. Travel blogging seemed like a more powerful and easier thing to do then march down streets holding peace signs and shouting profanities.

Change from within.

The place where all change starts.

Perhaps with this email the Universe was trying to give me a message:

Don’t quit. You’re doing this because you have the position and the opportunity to help people change their lives. I want you to do this. Use this gift of service.

I was invited to the White House because what I do has an invaluable purpose. I can’t quit on it, I just need to take a new direction. I realised this was a first step. I’m not sure where to exactly, but I know there’s power behind it.

I cancelled the appointment with Murdoch. And the doors that had been closed to my ability to write and create came bursting opened.

I remembered why I’m doing this. I remembered how far I’ve come. I remembered I promised that I’d use the pain of my past for good. I promised I would no longer make it all about me. I promised I’d do what I could to help others feeling the same despair to know all is not helpless and that you can change your life from cockroach infested crap to visits to the White House.

I think it might be some time before I don’t feel a surreal thrill every time I say, “We’ve been invited to the White House.”

I texted my Mum. “Oh My” She wrote back. When I spoke to her later she said her and Dad thought we were talking about some white house in Perth and just being silly to trick them. “Oh wow.” Mum and Dad still don’t get what we do on this travel blog, but I think they’re starting to understand it’s something of purpose.

And then I told her what really kept me awake all night, “Mum, I don’t know what to wear!”

What does someone wear to a meeting at the White House. I’m not sure, but I’m being called to wear red.

We don’t own anything nice. We’ve been living out of the same clothes traveling around Oz for a year. And wearing flippers and snorkel masks for the past week. And we haven’t had hair cuts in months.

We’re going from the beaches of a Perth summer to the freezing cold of Washington DC. Is it snowing there now?

From Perth to Washington DC


We need styling. We need makeovers. I’m not sure if Perth can help us out with some White House worth clothes, but let us know if you’ve got any Perth shopping tips!

Our Itinerary

In the first week of December, Craig and I will fly to Washington D.C. It looks like we’ll go Perth –> Sydney –> Dallas –> DC

We’ll drop off the girls in Sydney with our parents on the way.

It’s not just us, there will be 100 other travel influencers present – several of whom are our online friends we can meet for the first time. And to be honest, I really don’t think it’s going to be such a huge deal, but it’s something I’m called to do. I don’t ignore my callings.

I have no idea if Obama will be there, but I just hope I get the opportunity to say thank you.

We’re thinking of ducking over to NYC for a few days, because how can you not?

We’ll also be dropping into Raleigh for a few days – our old home and the place our heart still pines for (just not the cockroaches!).

For all our American friends, no matter your political affiliation, we know what an honour it is to be invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Politics and political leaders don’t hold the same reverence in Australia. We promise you, we feel the same honour and will arrive with the same respect and awe that you would.

We thank you for always embracing us into your home.

Follow Up:

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88 thoughts on “Stop the car – We’ve been invited to the WHITE HOUSE!”

  1. What a literal OMG moment. Is it too corny if I say I’m really proud of what you guys have built – it has been so great to watch you over the years and look at what you’ve accomplished with hard work!! 🙂

  2. GUYS! This is INSANE! So proud of you both. And when you get that calling, you can’t ignore. You have to follow it.

    So glad you are. x

  3. Amazing! And I love it because DC is my home and Perth is my second home! So for advice and general info: it is not snowing 😛 but will probably be around 5-10 degrees Celsius. If you have time, check out the Georgetown waterfront and Adams Morgan is my favorite area to walk around and get delicious low key eats! Some favorites are Amsterdam falafel and Taylor gourmet. Also there are great coffee shops and used bookstores. The metro also makes it super easy to get around. Also, a lot of the museums are FREE. the national portrait gallery is a favorite of mine.
    As for Perth, hit Hay st and Murray street downtown for department stores and other shops. Finding winter stuff may be hard though!

    What an amazing opportunity- have loved following you and am thrilled to see such a wonderful opportunity and experience headed your way! xx

  4. WOO HOO! Well done Caz and Craig. Enjoy your American sojourn – you’re right Caz that you have a calling to help people transform themselves through travel, both seeing (and changing) the world and looking inside and changing themselves. You deserve it.

  5. “OMG” doesn’t even begin to describe. This is astronomical!!! I literally got chills reading this post. I am so proud of you guys and all that you’ve accomplished, and proud of my country for recognizing the power of cross-cultural education. Love love love.

  6. Are We There Yet? (@fealyfamily)

    Wahoooo! Good on you guys! Represent for Oz!! What a fantastic opportunity – enjoy the rush – you’ve earnt it!!!

  7. Paige Conner Totaro

    This is beautiful. I am so happy for you, and so happy this has lit a spark in you, because I would miss your posts if you gave this up! Hope to meet you when you come to DC. I wasn’t invited to the White House, but I’m helping to put together a Travel Massive event the night before. Happy travels!

  8. Whoa! Best, craziest sounding detour ever! Ha!
    So in awe of your acheivements, guys, so amazing. You’ve battled through, built this thing…and now the White House wants to chat with you! Congrats!

    And NYC – you can’t not!
    NYC – you can’t not! Love it!

  9. Oh my gosh… One can only dream of receiving an invitatation such as that!!!
    Do you need someone to carry your bags? Lol..
    All the best!

  10. Congratulations! This is indeed a big honor.

    You will be in our back yard for this trip. Let us know how we can help you!

    Congratulations again!

  11. well done guys! Totally awesome. You guys ROCK,
    Enjoy, relax and enjoy. Just as much as we, your loyal fans enjoy reading your blog as you travel along – thanks

  12. Oh, My. Gawwwwwwd!!!!!! Congradulations!!!! That is absolutely the best thing I’ve read all day. All week possibly. The opportunity will be well worth the expense. Safe travels and good luck!!

    506 Miles: from Detroit to Nashville

  13. Woo hoo! What an amazing experience this is going to be for you! So pleased you are living your dream and now have the opportunity to show the ‘big guns’ how it can change the world. Enjoy, well deserved!

  14. WOW! Congratulations to you both.
    & what a great moment to the tourism industry as a whole.

    p.s. I had a scare moment when I read you wanted to quit! no way – what can we do to keep you inspired? however I’m guessing your US trip will help out for awhile though 😉

  15. Oksana | Drink Tea and Travel

    Wow! Congratulations guys! What an amazing accomplishment! Enjoy the trip.
    PS. I’m a corporate rat by day, so I would suggest going with a conservative dress ( a la Michelle Obama) and medium height heels. If you don’t want to worry about your hair, throw it up into a tight bun for a clean professional look.
    All the best!

  16. I’m so excited for you! This is a great opportunity for you and am so proud of the way you’ve helped to change how the world sees travel. You guys rock! Red is a good choice for you Caz. NYC? I hope we can get a chance to meet! No pressure though, I know how busy you both are. So happy to hear this news, well-deserved, indeed!

    1. We will certainly be meeting up when we come over Brenda. Although we were chatting tonight and might skip NYC after all. I’ll let you know either way.

  17. Christie @ The Butterfly Editions

    Wow, what an incredible honour! An achievement like this truly solidifies all the hard work you have done over the last few years to get to this point. You have so much to be proud of, well done! 🙂

  18. Wow! So exciting! Congratulations on your accomplishments and enjoy your time back in the states. Keep us posted in your whereabouts also. 🙂

  19. Wow, just wow! That is awesome indeed.
    I think I read that Nomadic matt got an invitation as well and now you guys.
    Have fun in Merica!

  20. Christina @ Mr and Mrs Romance

    OMG this is so awesome! When you said you might be in the US I had no idea it could be this good! So proud of you and thrilled you are making the trip xxx

  21. Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

    Congratulations! What a remarkable invitation. Enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to reading about the experience.

  22. So happy for you. If you have any time in Dallas I would love to pick you up at th AP and show you around Bid D. I have enjoyed your site since befor my slo RTW last fall. Congratulations

  23. OMG. Wow. Congratulations to you! What a honour and opportunity. We are very exited and wish you an amazing trip. Looking forward to read more about your trip to the White House.

  24. wow what a curve ball to your lifestyle! Super exciting! Was just telling my husband about your blog & ‘adventurous’ way of living and we were wondering how you can do this without having work/income? In South Africa one would never do this – give up work & travel especially with kids, but maybe we need to! Keep traveling I love ‘watching’ your journey.

    1. Yep. It’s not easy. We work as we travel which makes it possible, otherwise there’s no way we could do it either, especially not in Australia.

  25. You are true inspirations! Thank you for being examples that hard work and passion trumps all! Yay!! Congrats from Cali!

  26. Amazing guys! So so happy for you. It is such a cool honour!
    I am in toronto and DC weather is similar. ..tomorrow the snow starts. will be freezing!!!
    have an amazing time! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  27. This is so beautiful, congratulations! The timing seems unbelievable, I hope it lifted your spirits on the blog (um… I’m fairly certain it did). I’ve been following yall from my first trip abroad and you’ve helped inspire me to start my craziest journey yet: 5 months alone in Europe, working in hostels and couch surfing (possibly even having my own blog!), just the start to what I hope will be a lifetime of pursuing this insatiable wanderlust. I’m not sure where I’d be without you, so I’m extremely happy that the White House could validate just how influential you are! I hope you have an incredible visit, I am terribly jealous of you 🙂
    Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to meet you at one of these events for influential travelers in a few years…

    1. Such a cool comment. Thank you! IT makes me so excited to hear that we have helped you so much to travel more. Serious goosebumps and tears. I so hope we can meet at one of those events. Keep travelling Bethany xx

  28. I’d say wear whatever you would normally ware. Come as a traveller not a prom queen 🙂 Just my opinion anyway. Anyway i hope you’re gonna have a great time and i can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  29. Helena @

    That is amazing! Congratulations! I’m sure you will have the best trip and I’m sure it’ll be worth interrupting your roadtrip in Australia! Congratulations agaian!

  30. Oh my. As someone about to embark on a new travel blog for some of the very same reasons as you, this is such inspiring news to hear! I’m so excited for you after all your work congratulations! Go Aussie go!

  31. Carolyn - Holidays to Europe

    Congrats on receiving such an honour. What a thrill to receive an invitation to the White House and so well-deserved for all the inspiration you both provide to others. Enjoy!

  32. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

    Holy crap!!! That is AMAZING news!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You are definitely the right people for the job. 🙂

  33. Sarah @ A Week at the Beach

    I’ve loved hearing from travel bloggers all over the world about this exciting event at the White House! Thrilled to hear you guys will be there, can’t wait to follow along!

  34. So happy for you to be recognized and acknowledged for the great job you do. Now, just pray to the good Karma gods that you don’t freeze your Australian buns. Actually, Washington isn’t all that bad usually. We just started getting snow here in Cleveland today, but Washington’s worst weather isn’t until January and February. Have a great trip!

    1. I think I will die Doug!! I’ve just popped on my UGG boots this morning and it’s nowhere near as cold as what it will be in D.C. Although I will be kind of delighted if it snows. At least I know I’m only there for a couple of weeks and can return to the heat

  35. Nikki @ Styling You

    This is just so amazing Caz and Craig – I too would have deleted the email thinking it was a scam!! Caz … email me I’m might be able to help you with the what to wear dilemma x

  36. Hi Caz! Invited by the White House! What an honor and you definitely deserve it! With your travel blog you insprire people to enjoy their life and to not worry too much about career and a luxury lifetsyle. Don’t even think about giving up all this!! I’m happy that they chosed you to be part of this project! I wish you both a fantastic time and interesting conversations. Safe travels!

  37. Congratulations guys, that’s an amazing accomplishment! 🙂
    I understand wanting to quit though. I don’t have a travel blog, nor have kids, its just my fiance and I. But sometimes travelling long term is HARD. I have so many friends back home who think I’ve been on a permanent holiday for the last 4 years. Yea…because I spend everyday on the beach and every night in restaurants…Ummmm NO.
    The accommodation/camping/parking fiascos, dealing with finances on the road, losing things, driving lost! Trying to find things in a hurry or late at night in a new town and just plain getting on each other’s nerves sometimes! It can all seem like such hard work.
    And we don’t even have kids or a travel blog, you guys must be awesomely efficient and talented!
    Brilliant news you’re not landing on quitting just yet. This White House thing us definitely a “sign” not to quit, right now.
    We’re coming to the end of our time in NZ soon and are leaving via a two week stay in my 2nd home of Perth and 10 days in Thailand. Maybe we’ll bump into you in Perth

    1. Travelling is so not as easy as it looks. It can be very challenging and exhausting – especially with the kids! We’ll be planning a meet up in Perth- hopefully you can come!

  38. Wow wow congratulations!!!! I found you for the first time just now via Nikki PH of Styling You blog.

    I love what you’ve written above. There is a great deal of service ethic in most bloggers, because otherwise why would you try and get a message out you don’t get paid for. So glad to hear that you started this way and that you’ve been recognised in such high places (you cannot get higher!)
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. I’m sorry I wasn’t aware. It’s also great to hear you say that your parents still don’t get what the blogging is about (especially at your advanced level) it’s amazing that our parents just don’t quite understand. Please let us your readers (old and very new) what it was like. All the best and congratulations!

    1. So happy you found us Kylie! We love Nikki! We’re very excited to be sharing the journey with you all. I just hope we can take photos in the White House

  39. Truly deserve to be there guys..Someone as passionate as you, talented reaching far and wide. Your blog is so inspirational. Dont stress re what to wear. Your from Australia. We are very casual here remember. Just be yourself thats enough. Anyone who looks good wearing a snorkel wouldnt have a worry in the world…Enjoy the together time. I left my children to travel when they were the same age as yours and they dont even remember now..

    1. I think the girls are excited to get a break from us!! They’l be spoilt rotten for two weeks by their extended families! I reckon I might just turn up with my snorkel on! That would be very funny xx

  40. DC is going to be very cold this year. We had a flurry, just last week. Bring your winter coat, layers and gloves…

    The White House will be nice, possibly even decorated for Christmas. You really can’t do DC without visiting the White House, monuments, museums, a romantic guided tour on one of the boats (maybe the Dandy, they have a website.)??? DC looks very different from the water. If you catch a day to evening boat ride, then you can see the best of the bridges and the night views from the water. There are dinner cruises, etc. It gets dark here about 6p. DC was build with the notion that people would arrive here from the sea vs. standard travel now, via air or road. Almost all the bridges are unique. Buildings like Union Station and National Treasury are structures to see. Also see the reflecting pool on the National Mall, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, get tour of White House (by appt. only), Washington Monenment and Treasury. China Town is near the Verizon Center, it looks neat. Tai food is not everywhere in DC. You many need China town for good Tai. Verizon Center features professional sports like hockey and basketball, it pales in comparision to the Sidney Opera House. Sometimes musical preformances and Disney On Ice, etc are held at the Verizon Center. They have a website. The spy museum (not free) is near the Verizon Center. I heard it was very intresting.

    It’s not impossible to spend over a month in the DC metro area, especially with kids.
    DC zoo is free, but spring and fall are the best times to go. Cherry Blossom Festival and parade is pretty and romantic in spring. 4th of July is awesome and crazy at the same time in DC. Fireworks over the National Harbor, but I would suggest you book a hotel in DC for that holiday, because it takes hours to get out of the city after the fireworks.

    Traffic in DC is very bad, especially Monday-Friday. Driving is hard in the actual city- one way streets & congestion. It’s not as hard as New York, though. I guess anywhere wrong turns can put you on the wrong side of town. Subway is pretty good for around town, maps on subway are clear, but you may not be able to hear the speaker on your train. I suggest you carefully watch the signs at each stop. Plenty of places to eat, fast food to fine dining. Our fast food favorite right now is Chipotle. Our fine dining favorite is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Our everyday not fast food favorite is Texas Roadhouse.

    Georgetown is a good area. If you have seen horror films, Georgetown has a set of famous stairs. Multiple clubs for night life in Georgetown and Adam’s Morgan. Stay vigilant everywhere you go, no matter what time of day or night, travel at least in a pair. DC is a very big city.

    You will be very close to Northern Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), West Virginia (WVA), Penns.(PA), Delaware (DE), all within 1-3 hour drive (no traffic, depending on what you are looking to do). Renting a car should be easy, I think. We were able to rent a car in Sydney, easy. Check with your car insurance, before you go. MD, VA, WV have historical plantantions and a lot of american Civil War history. There are also some wineries in VA and MD, not sure of the schedules for these.

    In the summer, 3 hour drive (no traffic) can put you on an MD or DE beach, both the Atlantic Ocean. MD has the Chesapeake Bay, great for crabbing. Both have boardwalks (closed in winter), funnel cakes, snow cones, Thrashers Fries, crab cakes and rides for kids all wonderful in the summer, June/July/Aug. It’s not quite Queensland, but still nice. Oh, we have crab chips too…

    In Dec., MD often will have areas that have Christmas light shows, not sure about VA. These light shows sometimes allow you to drive your car through them and look at the lights. Sometimes they even have music with them. Sandy Point, MD, Ocean City, MD, Adventure Park in Frederick MD, and I think Seneca Creek State Park in Germantown, MD has one with lights(not sure about music). There is usually a fee for them.

    In the spring thru fall, Annapolis, MD has a waterfront with an historic flair. It’s a sailboat capital. Army vs. Navy games are played there. Walking around there is nice. Great fudge factory. Alexandria, VA also has a waterfront. Cirque Du Soleil do preformances there. If you have never seen a Cirque show, I strongly suggest you go there one night. They are on line. It’s a really nice date night. Dinner on Alexandria waterfront followed by Cirque preformance. It comes close to an Opera House event.

    Front Royal, VA in the fall (Oct.) has beautiful leaves (can be very romantic) and they are known for their apples and apple products, apple cider, apple donuts and sparkling Apple cider. Skyline Drive is one of Front Royal’s national treasures, beautiful natural county views. I would avoid the mountain in the winter. Civil war events happen Harpers Ferry, WVA, Front Royal, VA, and Frederick, MD, not in the winter though.

    Baltimore, MD has a waterfront, museums, zoo, aquarium, (great for kids), science center, casino and Hipprodrome theater. Baltimore also huge city, vigliance is needed there too. I envision Baltimore water as being what Sydney Harbor’s water looked like before the major clean up. Sydney’s water was sparking when we were there in 2005. I wish Baltimore and DC would fix their water up like Sydney did.

    1-2 hour drive, PA, has Amish county, baked goods, unique furniture and candies. Homemade everything. Leaves and mountains there too. In Dec., ski resorts have skiing and tubing ready to go. That would be alot of fun. Honeymoon destinations are popular in PA.

    I have lived almost my whole life in MD/DC/VA, I miss the fast pace and convenience when I travel abroad. I have been blessed to have many friends in other countries. My husband and I loved Sydney. We were there for the new year, right by the harbor bridge. I did the bridge walk about 7 months pregnant. He swam with the sharks. We felt it was a cross between Miami and California. We went to see the blow hole and spend days on the beach. I would go back in a second. We went in Dec/Jan 2005. I hope you like DC and come back another time with your kids.

    I will tell you so you are prepared; fries are a side option for casual dining, but in formal dining you typically don’t get fries. Baked potatos are popular with butter & sour cream, salads, or other vegs. Chips are crispy and the come in a bag from the grocery store or vending machine. You can have as much ketchup as you want and no one is going to charge you extra. Soda portions are huge. Most of the time you can get as many drink refills as you want for free when dinning in. Most places allow for call ahead seating and/or reservations. Stores and resturants are open everyday and often after dinner time. McDonalds are often open 24/7. Dunkin Donuts, I have heard has good coffee. I have never been to the white house for dinner, but I have heard the carbs there are amazing!!!

  41. You, my dear, are such an inspiration you deserve this reward. We all get a little cynical at times & forget to value our own self worth. I’m super glad the universe gave you a good swift kick up the bum in such a surprisingly wonderful manner. We’re just starting out on our global travel journey & need you! I do love your absolutely girlie moment though of wardrobe panic! I’ve got a mate in Darwin who can sort you out. She has a shop called Love Thy Label & hires out gorgeous designer pieces worthy of such a grand occasion plus she will post Australia wide. Her name is Lee so just give her a buzz & you’ll be all good 🙂
    Love & kisses to you on an incredible achievement from us, The Bohemian Nomads xxx

  42. Marilyn Holland Bergeron

    Caz …always fun and interesting …your blog is helpful and you tell it the way it is..thanks a bunch.
    Enjoy your trips to DC and NYC
    Following you for a long time with great pleasure
    Thank You

  43. It is very cold in DC – today it will be 35 degrees F. Another comment pointed out the many things to do in DC and quite a lot are free. You will find plenty to do and see. There is a great coffee shop within a block of the White House – if you need to kill some time waiting to go in – Swings is on G St between 17th & 18th. Best cappuccino in town.

    I work a block from the White House and virtually everyone going in is dressed in business attire. The only exception would be those attending either the Halloween party or Easter Egg Roll.

    Congratulations and enjoy!

  44. Hi guys, just read this piece (usually read more but my emails are trying to drown me lately lol); this is just amazing and so deserving. Good on you. Very inspiring – you are helping us too so thank you for persevering x

  45. Hi Craig and Caz
    I just came across your blog from Nikki from Styling You and I have spent the last day just reading through so many posts until (very naughtily) the wee hours of today : ) I love what you guys stand for and do and inspires me to think more and more that anything is possible, that dreams and passion are meant to be explored. So thank you.
    And Caz – I’m based in Perth WA and my dream and passion is designing and I would love to help you with the ‘what am I going to wear?’ question. I’ve sent you guys an email too but wanted to pop in here too to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading just in one day….now I know what I am going to do too on weekends to get inspired, motivated and to just do it! 🙂

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