Welcome to Kuri Bay Paspaley Pearl Farm

Every afternoon, after a long hot day on the boats chipping barnacle encrusted shells, I would walk past the sign welcoming me to Kuri Bay Pearl Farm, the home of Paspaley Pearls.

Kuri Bay Pearl Farm
Kuri Bay Pearl Farm

As I would read the sign, the aches in my shoulders, the stinging slashes on my body from the fireweed, and the arthritic pain from my crippled fingers would melt away.

How lucky I was to be living in such a remote and beautiful area of the world?

An area that many tourists would cruise on by in their $1,000 a night fishing vessels to see this hidden gem of the Kimberly region.

You can listen to our podcast episode on life at Kuri Bay, including why Broome and The Kimberly Region is our favorite in Australia.

Kuri Bay & Prince Regent National Park

But, after the hard day’s work was done it was time to explore.

Hikes up above into the bush to explore the Aboriginal cave drawings, taking the boats out to fish the abundant sea life of the nearby bays and coves, exploring the gravestones of nearby islands and peninsulas, swims in the natural springs and visits to nearby waterfalls, jogs along the red dusty earth, holes-in-ones on the makeshift driving range or indoor cricket, followed by a smorgasbord dinner and a few quiet and cheap beers around the bar.

Pas Paley Pearl Farm Kuri Bay Broome Western Australia
Bushwalks to views of the camp
Kuri Bay Pearl Farm
We survived the cyclone party

Sometimes that might extend into more of a party around a fire, or on someone’s veranda.

Snakes often slithered across our path or verandah, green tree frogs lived in our toilets, dingos ran and howled about the camp, sharks would visit our boat during the day for scraps, and crocs always lay in waiting for the monthly mud walk to our boats.

The nearest road was around 180km away so we would have to catch a sea plane to work from the nearest town of Broome. How cool is that?

Sea plane kuri bay
Our communte
Horizontal Falls, Western Australia
Flying over the Buccaneer Archipelgo
Horizontal Falls Tour, Western Australia
Views on the way to work

The flight would pass over the Buccaneer Archipelago, again a place that people would pay hundreds, if not thousands to see.

It was just part of our regular commute. Our weeks off in Broome meant we could explore more of that fascinating outback coastal town and the surrounding Kimberley.

Paspaley are the biggest supplier of Pearls in the world and Kuri Bay is one of their biggest and most well-known pearl farms.

So if you have a pearl around your neck or are thinking of buying one, know that perhaps Craig and I had a hand in producing its splendour.

One of our workers was responsible for a farm at Kuri Bay that produced a perfect 20 million dollar pearl. Paspaley weren’t that forthcoming in giving him a percentage of that profit though.

There wouldn’t be many travellers or people in this world who have heard about Kuri Bay. You can’t discover it unless you are a Pearler or cruising around on expensive yachts.

You can no longer work at Kuri Bay Pearl Farm. It closed down during the GFC. For a time you could stay there as a tourist for a luxury retreat. It’s not currently open, but check back. Here are some other tours you can do to explore other pearl farms, including the nearby Horizontal Falls. Not to be missed. full review post below.

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