14 Exciting Travel Gifts for Her (for glam and organization) 2020

Gift giving is meant to be a joyful event.

But sometimes trying to find the right present can be stressful, especially if the person you are buying for is a traveler and embraces a minimalist lifestyle.

There are only so many Lonely Planet guidebooks you can buy. As a frequent female traveler for 20 years, I know exactly what women want when it comes to travel gift ideas.

It’s about being organized, efficient, and feeling glamorous. So I’ve created a travel gifts for her guide for you!

All of the items in this travel gift list I personally use and love and won’t travel without.

Misery Ridge Trail, Smith Rock State Park

Travel gift ideas for her, are just for her

Not to be confused with him or the kids.

These gifts are for the woman you love, whether that is your wife, your mother, your girlfriend, your daughter or your best friend.

If she loves adventure, pretty things, being organized, and looking great on the runway then these travel gift ideas for her will make you the most popular person at gift giving time.

We’re heading into the silly Christmas season, but these are gifts that don’t lose their shine, or their trend, so you can bookmark this and buy that special gift for her at any time of the year.

I’m a woman and I travel All The Time.

These are the travel gear and products, I absolutely LOVE and would not travel without.

They have made my travel lifestyle easier, more efficient and definitely more glamorous. I’ve tried multiple travel products and gear over the years, these are a standout.

I’ve narrowed it down to the most essential travel items for her, so to not overwhelm you with too much choice.

You’ll notice that everything on my list is bright and colorful. It’s better for your chakras – the energy that helps you create what you want AND life just feels better when it’s bright and colorful.

I wanted a list that was more unique and interesting than your usual neck pillows, sleep mask, and noise cancellation headphones.

Some of these travel gift ideas have affiliate links via Amazon, but some don’t. I want to share with you what I think are outstanding products, regardless of whether I can earn a small commission if you do purchase products through my affiliate links.

So you know these are truly what I love and recommend.

So let’s get to it.

1. Just Croon Reusable makeup remover pads

I absolutely LOVE my Just Croon. It’s my favorite travel discover for 2019 and will definitely be the best Christmas gift for women!

It will save you money, hassle and help the environment.

I love how colorful these reusable makeup remover pads are – your chakras will LOVE you!!

Easy to use, soft on the skin and are machine washable. I also love that it includes gentle cleansing makeup remover pads and exfoliating makeup remover pads.

Such a clever item that can be used for travel as well as in your home.

The All-In Kit lasts up to 4 years and saves the planet from over 2,800 disposable wipes. 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging. For every essentials kit in waves color, Just Croons will donate 10% of the retail price to Clear Blue Sea to help them clean plastic from our oceans!

The All-In Kit contains 7 cleansing fibers and 2 Exfoliating microfibers, and washbag, which are designed to remove all traces of makeup and refresh skin with just water.

I sometimes use a little rosehip oil to get my thick waterproof mascara off. Works way better than single use makeup remover pads.

Get the best travel gift for her right here. 

2. Travel Experiences Gift Voucher


The woman in your life craves memorable experiences more than possessions. Give her the gift of a dream travel experience. She will remember this for the rest of her life – material things she can easily forget, use up and toss away.

You could go all out with an all expenses paid vacation – go you! Or, you can simply give her a travel experiences gift voucher for a tour or attraction of her choice.

We love Get Your Guide, a premier tour and attraction booking site. You can find hundreds of travel experiences for hundreds of destinations around the world.

It’s an easy, rewarding and joyful gift for her, and a great stocking stuffer !

Click here to grab your Gift Voucher from Get Your Guide. 

3. Travel Wallet

One of my favorite travel gifts for her products!

One thing I desire for my travel adventures is a travel wallet that holds my passport and other documents.

Something stylish, colorful and practical.

I hate having my documents scattered in different places. It makes travel so much easier and more enjoyable when you can easily access what you need in one place.

Check these affordable travel document wallets on Amazon

4. Underwear Organizer

Underwear Organizer - one of the best travel gifts for women!

I discovered the underwear organizer last year, and my packing sanity was saved.

I never imagined I would love it as much as I do.

It keeps my undies and my socks organized and so easy to find. I love how it rolls up and fits neatly into my suitcase and I can hang it in the wardrobe for easy access.

It’s also great to take into the hotel room bathroom (also particularly if you are camping or staying in shared accommodation). No underwear falling on skanky wet floors.

I also love the designs for the Origami Underwear – keeping up the fresh glam look. The underwear organizer is a unique travel gift for her.

5. Jewellery Organizer

Globite Luggage accessories and jewellery organiser

I may travel with too much jewellery but at least it’s organized and I can easily see what goes with my travel outfit for the day.

And I use this jewellery organizer even when I am not traveling.

I love how it rolls up really small and then I can easily hang it in the wardrobe when I check into my room or arrive home.

Before discovering this earlier this year, my jewellery was one hot mess in my suitcase getting lost and caught in everything. One of the great value travel gifts for her products!

Click here to grab yours from Amazon

6. Packing Organizers

Colorful Packing cubes - best travel gift for her

I love looking in my suitcase and seeing how organized everything is, AND colorful.

Packing organizers and packing cubes are the ultimate.

I never used to think they were necessary until I got them and realized how incredibly chaotic my packing used to be which caused me stress and chewed up time trying to find things.

These are the organizers I love:

For the Aussies, you might want to check out some of the packing organizers I love from local company Globite over here.

7. Pink Hardcover Suitcase

Delsey Suitcase travel gift for her

I recently purchased a pink Delsey 29 inch Expander Spinner trolley suitcase which I love.

I’ve always had soft cover black two wheeled suitcases that were pretty crappy. A good travel bag makes a huge difference.

Now I can pick out my suitcase on the carousel immediately (no luggage tag needed), and it rolls effortlessly. I love how I don’t have to angle it and drag it, I can just push it along on the four wheels.

I like how the when you open the suitcase it has two compartments, one on each side, and one has a zippered section so you can put the things you don’t want seen in there!

Read More:

8. Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag

vera bradley cosmetic bag travel gift for her

This cosmetic bag is large enough to fit in the basic makeup I need throughout the day to top up, and small enough to fit in my cross body bag.

I love the vibrant design, I have the red one and the girls have a purple paisley one. She has lots of different designs.

Check out this great gift her her here.

9. Cross Body Bag

I love traveling with a cross body bag.

I like to carry as little as possible and have my important things easily accessible. I don’t like to dig around in big bags that hang off my shoulder or in backpacks.

Cross body bags are safer too as it’s harder for someone to steal from you. Everything is in the front of you.

I like having a few zippered pockets as well so I can keep smaller items like my phone, headset and pens separate and easier to find.

My cross body bag fits in my new camera too which is so exciting, and my bottled water, which is more important than you think!

Check out this one on Amazon – I love the different colors

10. Merrell Hiking Shoes

Merrell hiking shoes for women

A great travel gift for women who love walking and hiking are Merrell Moab hiking shoes.

These are a new addition to my travel wardrobe – a birthday present from Craig and the girls.

I’ve been using my Keen sandals for the past four years, which I really love, BUT, the leaves are turning and we’re about to experience our first winter in about four years. The sandals just won’t cut it anymore.

I tested these hiking shoes out on our recent leaf peeping trip to New England. I LOVE them. Super comfy and lightweight – my essential for travel shoes.

No blisters necessary. I love the style and color and they keep my foot sturdy and protected and the grip is great.

They are also waterproof – essential for a pair of hiking shoes.

And they are stylish enough to wear with a pair of jeans as well – so they easily made my list of the best travel gifts for her!

Check these Merrell hiking shoes out on Amazon.

11. Prana Travel Clothes

woman posing in front of a mural

Prana are my favorite clothesline. Here’s a few things to know about my PrAna gear (which is at least half of my wardrobe)

  1. Every time I put a PrAna piece of clothing on, I feel giddy at how comfortable the item of clothing is. I don’t get how they do it, but there is something about the quality of their fabric that feels amazing.
  2. Out of all my clothes in my wardrobes, my PrAna outfits are commented on the most by people I meet in real life. It’s uncanny how many people say they love what I’m wearing. Even to stop and talk to me in the streets or while waiting in line for coffee.
  3. They are hugely practical and diverse for travel. I have a gorgeous black PrAna dress that I can wear to the theme park for the day and then change into a pair of black sandals and wear out to dinner.
Universal Studios Orlando
  1. They last a really long time, which is what the travel girl in your life really wants.
  2. They have clothes for comfortable travel, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, and even swimwear and denim. I love their yoga gear – even their mats are awesome.
  3. When you wear PrAna, you are helping the environment and communities. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and hemp, have minimal impact on the environment and are fair trade certified.
  4. They are also the perfect travel gift for the men in your life!

See the latest styles here.

Meads Quarry - Knoxville, Tennessee

The woman in your life will love it, trust me, especially if she’s super busy, which I’m guessing she is. They even have gift cards to make it easier!

12. Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic Lumix best travel gift for her (500 x 500)

It took me some time to research and decide on the best travel camera to suit my needs.

I wanted a camera I could use for vlogging and to take my own photos. It’s just a secondary camera so I wasn’t going to go big budget and fancy, but I wanted quality for a decent price.

My requirements were:

  • flip screen
  • mirrorless
  • lightweight and small
  • External mic capabilities
  • Excellent focusing – this was the most important thing for me.
  • 4K video a bonus

After reading a ton of reviews and getting lots of advice I decided the Panasonic Lumix G7 was the one that best fit what I wanted for the price.

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco
Fisherman’s Wharf

I am AMAZED at this camera.

I like it even better than I thought I would. It’s super easy to use, the design is brilliant, it takes amazing photos, the focusing is so good.

It’s better than our primary DSLR camera which we need to upgrade!

I love it.

If the woman you love wants a good mid-range camera that can fit in her cross body bag and is easy to use and captures amazing memories, this is the camera for you.

And I purchased this pack with a bunch of other accessories in it, which will probably come in handy. A great starter kit.

I also have reviews on the GoPro alternative action cameras: AKASO V50 Pro and AKASO Brave 6 Plus.

13. 2021 Planner

freedom mastery planner

When thinking about travel gifts for her, I couldn’t go past a good planner (journal).

But this travel gift is more suited to the business woman, one who carries her work wherever she travels.

A good organizer, or planner is key. I have a million ideas, tasks, and appointments running through my head on any given day. I need an organizer that helps me brain dump, jot down, strategize, plan, and schedule.

One that helps me reflect is also beneficial.

I’ve had this planner for two years and absolutely love it. It keeps me focused, organized and on track to forming helpful habits and nailing my goals.

Get yours here. It’s seriously one of my favorite things I own and it goes everywhere with me. The girl in your life will love you for giving her this over something like a boring travel pillow!

Travel planner for female business travelers

For anyone wanting to purchase the next gift for her, this planner would be the perfect accompaniment.

My mind is ticking now as to how I can create something that will go with my Money Mindfulness program.

14. Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack Review (1)

Digital nomads, frequent travelers and tech savvy business women will LOVE the Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack. 

I use it even for going to the local cafe to work or on road trips. It is my go-to travel item. You will definitely make the woman in your life happy with this travel gift.

You can slide it under the seat of most airplanes and carry all your electronics, chargers, a change of clothes, and your in-flight essentials.

It helps keep you organized and your tech gear protected and it’s big enough to include clothes if you just wanted to travel with carry on only for a short trip.

You can read my full review here.

Grab your backpack here. 

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