8 Luggage Accessories Saving My Family Travel Sanity

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If you’re an Australian around our age – we’re talking low forties here (low low forties) – you probably relate to what I’m about to describe.

It’s your first day of Kindergarten.

Your hair is in pigtails (or for boys, it’s just been cut and washed) your socks are pulled up high, you’re standing in front of the bush in your Mum’s garden while she takes your photo.

She’s grinning but you are more – kinda, maybe a little awkwardly – but inside your beaming, because you are holding the suitcase.

people smiling

The brown suitcase with patchwork corners your older siblings held before you.

The one suitcase you couldn’t wait to one day open the metal latch to peer inside to see your yellow raincoat, vegemite sandwich, and handwriting books.

It’s the place that holds your tools for learning and gaining wisdom. And years later, when it is replaced by a canvas bag, it’s the place where you hold your memories.

I know this suitcase still lives in what was my brother’s room and it’s filled with mementos of dreams of what we believed were once possible.

“Craig, do you remember these suitcases? Did you have one when you were little?”

He peered over my shoulder to look at the picture on the website.

“Yeah! That was my first school suitcase too. I’ve got a picture of me carrying it.”

Globite suitcases and travel accessories (450 x 600)

A simple suitcase tied to years of memories.

In case you didn’t know, these old suitcases are made by the Australian company Globite. They no longer make them (although I kinda wouldn’t mind seeing a revival) but they are making luggage accessories and packing organizers in a more modern form to suit the savvy traveler.

Their email jumped out at me with the mention of the suitcase.

I instantly felt a connection and knew it was someone I’d love to partner with to share how they have modernized and what they are doing now with packing organizers and luggage accessories.

Globite is an Australian company born in Surry Hills, which is another special connection for me as it’s where my Mum and Dad were born and raised!

Bad Packing Organisation = Stress

Globite luggage accessories and packing organisers (5)

I can’t even begin to tell you how terrible I am at packing organization.

We’ve been on the road now in the USA for two months and there are a few things that were driving me nuts about my suitcase.

Despite my packing cells, which have helped me be a better packer, my suitcase still felt chaotic and it was hard to find things.

It wasn’t just my suitcase, but our electronics, laundry, and other smaller issues.

I needed to find some good packing organizers and luggage accessories to solve my problem. Globite arrived at the right time!

I’m someone that needs tools to help me stay organized, preferably bright and happy tools. They help motivate me to continue to use them. Plastic bags don’t cut it for me.

As a result, I am sharing with you seven luggage accessories and travel packing organizers that I desperately wanted to help make my packing more bearable, manageable and less insane.

What I also love about Globite is their prices are very reasonable for the average traveler as well as being of excellent quality.

Keep reading to the bottom. We have organized a special discount code you can use with Globite!

8 Packing Organizers and Luggage Accessories I love!

Luggage accessories and packing organisers Globite

1. Multi-coloured Packing cells

We desperately needed new packing cells!

They are the best thing that happened to my suitcase organization but now we have four healthy packers we need more.

My problem was most of my cells were almost the same size and colour, which made it difficult to distinguish what was in each one. I recommend going for multi-coloured cells and different sizes like these

I recommend going for multi-coloured cells and different sizes like these bright multi-coloured packing cells from Globite.

Globite luggage accessories and packing cells (1)

Now I know that my tops are in the pink packing cell, my workout gear is in the green packing cell, and my shorts/skirts are in the blue packing cell!

2. Cable and charger bags

Globite luggage accessories and packing organisers charger bags

Who else has cables exploding out from every suitcase pocket?

We travel with so much technology that the charges are getting out of control. They’re hard to find and are easily misplaced. When I showed Craig the charger bag on

They’re hard to find and are easily misplaced. When I showed Craig the charger bag on Globite, he said, “Oh my God yes. I want that.”

The cable and charger bags have made more of a difference than I realized.

Now when it comes time to pack up, I just pop them all in the bag and can easily find what cable or charger I’m looking for by whipping out the right color and peering within the small bag.

Globite luggage accessories and packing organisers charger bags

I wouldn’t travel without these luggage accessories again.

3. Laundry bag

Globite luggage accessories and packing organisers laundry bag (1)

I prefer having a separate laundry bag rather than using plastic bags. The laundry ends up a gigantic mess otherwise and I often can’t distinguish what’s what. So now I have a

The laundry ends up a gigantic mess otherwise and I often can’t distinguish what’s what. So now I have a

So now I have a LARGE colourful laundry bag. There is something about having organizational bags like this that makes (laundry) packing so much better.

And now that we have our own car too as we road trip the USA, I can keep the laundry bag in the back of the car, rather than in my suitcase.

It’s large enough to carry most of our laundry. Although, I do want to get another one so I can separate whites and colors. Imagine that travel organization.

4. Shoe Bags

Globite luggage accessories shoe organisers

I realized a shoe bag would be a lifesaver when it came time to pack my joggers after a few mornings of trail runs.

Oh dear. Grass and sand everywhere!

Now I love these shoe luggage accessories not just because they save the dirt transporting through my clothes but it actually makes it easy to find the shoes I want.

Again, the bright colors help me with the packing organization.

I love how you can fit two pairs of shoes in one bag, or if you are using your joggers, then you can get one shoe in each compartment.

Check out the shoe bags here.

5. Jewelry Bag Organizer

Globite Luggage accessories and jewellery organiser

As a friend said to me when I shared this packing accessory and life game changer, “I can’t believe you’re only using one of these now. They are the best!”

And another friend, “You travel with too much jewelry!” And I never even wore most of them because I couldn’t find where they were in the suitcase, or they were a tangled up mess. I LOVE this jewellery organizer.

I have such colorful jewelry. I can hang it up in the wardrobe and now, thanks to the clear compartments, I can easily see what piece will match the outfit I’m wearing.

No rummaging around needed. The pieces that love to intertwine with others can now have their own personal compartment.Jewellery divorce is the best.

Jewelry divorce is the best.

This is an absolute must for women, especially if you like to travel with jewelry.

6. Wet and dry bag

Globite wet and dry bags luggage accessories and packing organisers

When you travel with kids, it’s quite common to be packing to leave your hotel room with wet clothes of some sort.

Enter wet bag! A godsend for making sure the rest of your clothes don’t get wet or stinky.

The wet bag has a special water resistant coating which will ensure that no moisture will seep through the bag and wet items in the rest of your luggage.

The dry bag is great for keeping your dry clothes organised and away from your wet clothes and work especially well if you are working out while you travel or are heading to the beach (or any swimming spot like a lake).

Check them out here.

7. Waterproof phone case

Globite luggage accessories waterproof mobile phone cover

A waterproof phone case has been on my hit list of things to get since I saw my friend Matt Karsten snapchatting while snorkelling.

How did you do that?

I was devastated that our waterproof phone case only arrived from Globite a week after we went snorkeling at Haunama Bay in Hawaii. We could have used it to capture some pretty fish!

And it also would have come in handy cycling around Cades Cove last week in the Smoky Mountains National Park. I could have had it around my neck which would have made it easier for me to lift it up and take one handed shots.

This waterproof phone cover has a triple seal which will stop water, sand, and dirt getting to your device.

The cover has a clear front so you can clearly see and use your phone, and the back has a clear area so you can still use your phone camera or flashlight.

The edges are filled with air which makes it float, so if you drop it into the water your device won’t sink to the bottom.

So cool!

8. Neck pillows

Travel pillow Globite luggage accessories

These luggage accessories were a treat for the girls, who kept begging me for neck pillows.

We haven’t had a chance to fly with them yet but they use them all the time in the car. They love them!

I’m happy Kalyra’s has an adult’s pillow as it is super comfy and soft. I will be stealing it for my flight to Orlando for the BlogHer conference in a couple of weeks.

The snap buttons are really handy for keeping the pillow in place and there’s a handy pocket to slip your headphones (or a few extra dollars).

Savannah’s cute monkey pillow suits her perfectly and is just as comfortable. It’s helped her snooze off plenty of times in the car.

Globite luggage accessories neck pillow for kids (800 x 600)

Thanks to these luggage organizers, my bag is super tidy and it’s easy to find things.

I actually enjoy packing now and looking in my suitcase. After having them now for a month, I can tell you my bag has stayed organized, clean and tidy.

It’s a miracle.

I now don’t have anything random floating around in my suitcase, all my accessories and clothes have a place. It makes a bigger difference than I ever realised and I wish that I knew that years ago.

I would have ditched the plastic bags and spent the money on these packing organizers and luggage accessories without a second thought.

Who’d have thought that brown suitcase that started me dreaming with the excitement of new horizons and adventures over 30 years ago would return to me with a new way to make those adventures more comfortable.

Are you looking for the best travel luggage?

Grab your discount code for Globite

Globite luggage accessories discount code

I really love the Globite products, which is why we are happy to share them with you.

They have tradition and story behind them that I personally connect to, and their products are quality, affordable, and definitely, make my travel life easier.

I have organized a discount code for you to grab your travel accessories and packing lifesavers.

Visit Globite.com.au and use the code YTRAVEL to receive 15% off your order!


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