A captivating night at the Harry Potter Symphony in Nashville

On Sunday, my family and I went somewhere I have been eager to go to for a while now – The Harry Potter Symphony with the Nashville Symphony at Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville.

The Harry Potter Pre-Show Experience

Firstly, the grand appearance of the Schermerhorn Symphony building, in my perspective, was amazing. Some people may think differently. When I walked into the building, I felt like I was in Gringotts, the Wizarding Bank in the Harry Potter series.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville
© Clewisleake | Dreamstime.com – Schermerhorn Symphony Center Nashville Photo

We arrived ninety minutes before the show so we could look around the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. That would probably be the best thing to do if you went because there is quite a lot to do. 

Visitors to the Harry Potter Symphony were invited to dress up in their favorite costumes from the book and movie series. I liked looking at all of the costumes, especially all the Gryffindors! Although, sadly, Slytherin beat us in the cheering competition. If only I had my wand, I’d have made them disappear.

There was a little area where you could have your photo taken using Harry Potter props.  Savannah and I held wands and spell words, Dad wore Harry’s glasses, and Mum wore the sorting hat.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Symphony Nashville (4)

One thing I was excited about was trying Butter Beer!

Even though it looks like beer, it is non- alcoholic. Mum joked she was going to send a picture of me drinking it to Nanny to freak her out!!

I bet you’re wondering about the taste. I’m tempted to leave that one to you to find out, but I can’t leave you hanging, It tastes like butterscotch sugary goodness.

If you were thinking about buying some Harry Potter merch, you could do just that at the front door.

Savannah and I were lucky enough to get some black T- shirts with the Hogwarts crest on it. I was unimpressed (like Hermione when a test is canceled) to see Slytherin on the shirt.

The Harry Potter Symphony Show

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Symphony Nashville (3)

As soon as you walk through the doors of the symphony hall, there is a huge stage with seats above, below and wrapped around the stage. I would say we had pretty good seats.

Right before the show started, we saw a quick video on the big screen above the stage. Even though the show is based on Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, the video shows how they made the movie Sorcerer’s Stone.

Then with a flick of the conductor’s wand, the show began.

We got a bit of a shock because we had no idea they would show the movie. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend something like this for little kids. Especially around Savannah’s age, she spent the last part of the movie with her head buried in Mum’s lap squealing, “Is it over yet?” every five minutes.

The Music

Harry Potter Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville.

The Nashville Symphony played the soundtrack to the movie the whole way through it. We weren’t expecting that at all. It was amazing.

The music helped tell the story as the movie went on. In the scary parts or chasing scenes, the music helped bring out the tension. I never would have noticed that from watching movies on TV before. Having the orchestra there made it come alive.

At times I thought the music has actually coming from the movie and not the Orchestra!

There were all sorts of instruments like violins, cellos, fiddles and stringed instruments. I loved the violin the most since I used to play it in school.

My Thoughts on the Symphony experience

The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Symphony Show was brilliant. The Nashville Symphony Orchestra was so talented and in time with the movie. Dressing up, taking photos and trying butterbeer added to the fun of the experience. 

I would definitely recommend this. But it was in Nashville, which can be far away from some people. And unfortunately, the show was only on for three nights.

This was my treat, so I enjoyed so much!

P.S. Mum wanted me to tell you that this was a fantastic homeschooling experience and it has saved her from having to teach me music. She can’t sing by the way! If you want to know more about how she homeschools me (eye roll) you can see this homeschooling on the road guide .

Do you like Harry Potter? And would you go to something like this if you had the opportunity?

(Editors note:  The Schermerhorn Symphony Center has a fantastic music program. It offers a different musical story in Nashville. John Williams is playing there in September. In case you don’t know, he writes the scores for many famous movies, Harry Potter included! My Dad would love to go to that one. He’s always liked his musical scores.)

Want more Harry Potter experiences?

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