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Craig Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravel Blog. He's been traveling and living around the world since 2002 and believes that life is all about accumulating memories and moments with his family, not just possessions.

He's a travel addict, sports fanatic, beach lover, and passionate craft beer drinker!

Questions & Comments

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  1. Sharee @ Inspire Family Travel

    What a brilliant guide with great advice & tips. I didn’t realise there were three parks at Universal Orlando. I’ll be saving this for future reference if visit these theme parks – thank you!

    • Craig

      Hey Sharee,

      Glad you found our tips for Universal Orlando useful. I know right, 3 parks of fun 🙂

  2. Coron Soleil by Vince

    You have packed all the needed information in this one blog! Thank you for this as it will make our exploration of the amazing world of Harry Potter a little bit easier, but with three parks? I wonder how much calories will I be burning, oh well that makes the butterbeer something to really look forward to! But what I really wanna do is purchase my very own wand at Olivanders!

  3. Katrin

    I visited Universal Hollywood last summer with my 15-year old daughter, and was as enchanted with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as you seem to have been 🙂 Apart from that we enjoyed the Studio Tour A LOT! It’s perfectly arranged and the 3D-experiences are awesome, so realistic. The sets of The Shark and Bates motel were great fun too, mostly perhaps for those above 40 😉 It was so hot the day we visited Universal, which made it a bit tiresome to walk around and stand in lines. We managed to get a skip-ahead ticket for the Jurassic Park-ride, which was great because we got all wet from the waterfall at the end of it, very refreshing! We never tried the butterbeer for some reason, kind of regret that now.

    Universal Florida seems to be quite a bit bigger, so if we visit Florida we’ll make sure to go there as well. Thanks for a fun post!

    • Caz

      We were only talking about the studio tour last night. I don’t think that one is at Universal Orlando.

      • Katrin

        Well then you have a good reason to visit Universal in Hollywood as well 🙂 Can very much recommend the Studio Tour! It’s fun for all ages they way they’ve arranged it, but perhaps a bit scary for very small children.

        • Craig

          Hey Katrin,
          We’ll be going to Universal Hollywood in September. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. jemidiochel @ Baguio City Guide

    Wow love the tips! I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Universal Studios since I was young.. Though not a huge fan of Harry Potter, I always find their locations very awesome and creative.. Will definitely put these things in my mind once I get this off my bucket list in the near future.. Thanks!!

  5. Emily Harper

    Hello Craig! This is such an awesome guide! It’s packed with so much information. I’m planning to visit Universal Orlando with my kids this summer vacation. I’m pretty sure they would enjoy it as they are big fans of Harry Potter. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Caz

      You’re so welcome Emily. We hope you have a wonderful time.