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Questions & Comments

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  1. olive jason

    one of the bucket list i have ..thank you for these tips and nice photos ..nic efamily..
    keep sharing more. Thankyou

  2. Vulcu Radu

    I’m going to Japan next month and this is one of the places i will visit, thanks for the tips

  3. Marta

    Hi, my friends and I are going to the Wizarding World and we would like to know if we can enter the park with food from outside since the food in the park is quite expensive. Thank you ????

  4. Dessa

    Hi! We are planning to visit Japan on December. Did you visit Japan on December also? Thank you for the tips!

  5. Wartinah Manisan

    Hi there. You have such lovely photos and great information on your site. May I know if the rides in the Foridden Journey and Flight of Hypogriff are alright for a 7 year old? Thank you..

    • Caz

      Fight of the Hippogriff is for sure. The Forbidden Journey will depend on height and whether your child would like a ride like that. My seven year old didn’t go on it.