Travel Underwear Organizer: How to pack underwear for a trip

I’ve always had a problem when it comes to packing underwear – I can’t get it to resemble anything other than a pile of mess.

I didn’t realise I had a problem with packing underwear, I just thought that was the way it went because they’re smaller items and harder to keep organised and in its place.

I use packing cells for luggage organization. They saved me from packing hell some time ago.

I use them to organize my clothes and to pack my suitcase neatly. But, they still did not help me with packing underwear. I’d put them in the smallest packing cell I had, but still, it would be a jumbled up mess. Plastic bags would result in the same headache.

So, I’d switch to packing my underwear, my bras, my socks and my jewelry in the top meshed zipped part of my suitcase. The bra straps would get caught on the mesh and I’d have to spend time unhooking them. The socks and undies would get swallowed up and it would drive me nuts.

But, still, I thought that was just the way it was because underwear is small.

And then into my life entered

A life-saving Travel Underwear Organizer

travel underwear organizer Origami Unicorn

I originally wrote this post reviewing the Underwear Organizer by Origami Unicorn shown in the photo above. They have since ceased making them, which is a shame as I loved it.

I have not personally found a replacement undergarment organizer myself, but I found this one on Amazon for you! It comes with great reviews and features.

As underwear organizers are a useful packing accessory, I don’t want to just delete this post and not share something that can save your packing sanity.

An underwear organizer can be used for any style of travel, whether it be a getaway, a week or two, or nomadic travel.

It’s a great packing solution for packing bras, underwear and small things neatly in a suitcase. It’s the kind of thing you don’t realize you need until you actually use it. Then the lights go on “Wow. I did have a problem with packing my bras and undies. This us a lifesaver!”

I love it. My travel underwear organizer has become my favorite packing essential. I still use packing cells, but I think this takes underwear packing to a more efficient and enjoyable level.

Let me show you how it works.

The Travel Underwear Organizer Bag

a blue travel packing bag for underwear

I feel like this Underwear Organizer may be a little more compact than my original Origami Unicorn one, which did get quite bulky if you had a lot of bras, socks and underwear to pack. At times it was so bulky it wasn’t worth packing it.

With this one, it will take up the same amount of space each time.

This bag can also be used in your daily life – you can take it to the gym. With its multiple compartments, you can even use it as a cosmetic bag.

travel packing cell used as two purposes cosmetic bag or underwear organizer

This bag has multiple compartments and pockets including:

  • One zipper closed pocket for wet towels
  • Four small pockets with elastic band for cosmetic bottles or socks
  • one small pocket for underwear belts
  • One shallow and one deep main compartment for underwear.

I love how it has a wet / dry design. The zipper-closed pocket comes with waterproof cloth, which lets your wet belongs find its proper place. 

a travel underwear organizer with two compartments and a zippered section

The underwear organizer comes in multiple colors (although I love the baby blue) The practical designs is so discreet no one would know your undies are in them.

No more undies lying on the airport conveyor belt when your bag bursts open. And no more red faces when the customs officer wants to search the inside of your bag.

The underwear organizer can also easily fit into your day bag or if you want to pack just a few small items as a carry-on or when you’re out exploring.

This travel organizer is ideal for the ladies, which are travel a lot. Your underwear will be always stored in the clean and secured place. No need to unpack your delicate underwear on to dusty hotel drawers! 

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The ultimate travel underwear organizer helping you learn how to pack underwear for any trip. It's a life saver and travel packing essential!
The ultimate travel underwear organizer helping you learn how to pack underwear for any trip. It's a life saver and travel packing essential!

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