10 Easy style & Packing Tips for your travels

No, I’m not writing this post. I’m definitely not the person who can teach you about style, nor about packing. I’m a last minute throw-in-the-bag kinda girl!

I’ve asked my stylist and friend Kirsty Ashe to share her tips for you. Yes, that’s right – a stylist.

Kirsty Ashe stylist

I was fed up with the angst I feel over shopping, choosing the wrong clothes and consequently feeling like a dag whenever I walked outside into the world.

I’m on camera a lot and speak at conferences and I hated feeling so insecure.

My friend Sonia Styling recommended Kirsty to me as a local girl who knew her stuff, so I reached out for help.

We spent a morning shopping together. She helped me choose clothes and gave me lots of tips on what suited me and what to look for when buying clothes. It was the best money I’ve ever spent and I’ve even started to like shopping a little better as I can choose clothes more confidently.

And get this universal connection. Kirsty sat in my Problogger talk last year and whispered to the friend sitting beside her how much she’d love to style me. Don’t you just love how the Universe lines up your wishes for you!

So no more from me here’s Kirsty to help you look good on your travels and pack efficiently. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and her blog.

10 Style and packing tips for your holiday travels

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Over packing is something I’ve always been exceptionally good at.

The thought of heading to my destination without the outfit that will take to an impromptu spectacular dinner or last minute drinks at sunset is a reality that I was unprepared to face!

Over the last few years, it is with great pride that I can reveal that I have travelled on week long holidays with only carry on!! I may have given myself a cheeky high five when I accomplished this on my last trip to Melbourne, on the plane sitting next to my husband who was not impressed.

To help you realise your full packing potential, I’ve put together 10 tips that will have you packing like a minimalist ninja in no time! (click to tweet)

1.Know the weather forecast for your destination

Check the extended weather forecast and do a bit of research on weather patterns for your travel destination. 

You need to pack for the climate you are heading to, if they’re in the middle of winter leave the summer dresses and shorts behind and instead take a beautifully versatile coat that can be worn day and night.

Knowing the weather and packing accordingly is by far the most important factor to consider when packing for your vacation.

2. Make a travel packing list and plan your daily outfits

There is no point jamming a whole bunch of clothes into a suitcase that doesn’t make any sense together. Make a travel packing list and get organized, start packing a few days before you leave, look at your itinerary and work out what outfits you will need each day.

Unless you are heading somewhere super hot most of your items can be worn twice (obviously except undergarments), this saves packing space too!

Planning your outfits also takes the stress and guessing out of getting ready each day and instead might allow you an extra 15 minutes sleep in the morning.

3. Stick to a colour palette

Planning your outfits becomes a whole lot easier when you are sticking to a colour palette with colours that work together.

I like to keep it neutral and when travelling opt for monochrome, denim, grey and sometimes a little khaki thrown in the mix. This way I know every piece in my case works with a least three other items and multiple outfits can be created.

4. Pack fresh underwear

I will always pack my best underwear that works with the outfits chosen (make sure you check if you need a strapless bra at any point). On long flights, I will go and purchase new underwear just for the holiday.

Why you ask?

I have been scared from a trip to India that saw my bag be flung open on New Year’s eve in the middle of a 5-star hotel lobby with my contents flung everywhere in the desperate search of cash to pay the waiting taxi driver.

Underwear was handed back to me by some of the lovely hotel guests! Now you can see why I will ALWAYS have fresh new underwear on holidays as you never know who is going to be seeing it and it also makes you feel a little special too.

5. Keep shoes to a minimum

Shoes can take up a lot of weight and packing space. Try to work with the following suggestions to free up space for holiday purchases instead.

  • One walking everyday shoe – this might be a pair of white converse, boots if it’s a colder climate, or leather sandals if it’s a tropical getaway.
  • One going out shoe – this could include a dressier boot or jewelled flats depending on the location.
  • One basic dressy heel that will take you to an unexpected night out- stick with black or a neutral colour that will work with the multiple items you have packed.

6. Use accessories to update your look

Don’t forget to pack a couple of scarves that can be used in multiple ways. Winter, to keep warm. Summer, poolside cover up head scarf. These can instantly change the look of your basic capsule pieces and take up minimal room in your luggage.

I always pack a pair of statement earrings and a necklace. These two items get a call up when I’m heading out to dinner and need to take one of my day looks to night.

Don’t forget to pack your hanging jewellery organizer.

7. Roll vs Fold

This one I am leaving with you as it is definitely an individual’s choice as to which one you prefer. To save on space make sure you stuff all your shoes with socks and underwear and layer your accessories between each layer of clothing.

Read More – How to pack a suitcase efficiently with packing cells

8. Keep mini toiletries in a well zipped waterproof bag

Who hasn’t experienced shampoo leaking through a suitcase? I keep my shampoo bottles in separate zip lock bags and then include in the main toiletries bag to save on leakage disasters. These  silicone travel bottles are also a great idea to put your shampoo and conditioner in.

9. Makeup basics only

Keep your make up to the bare necessities that can give you both a day look and a night look.

You might need to find a cheap small palette that will work for you whilst  away but taking your whole makeup collection is simply a waste of space. Better yet, you could go sans makeup for the trip and give the skin a holiday too!

10. Don’t forget your cross body bag

A well-chosen cross body bag that can fit your daily essentials and then have the strap removed and turn into a night clutch is a must. Again choose a neutral colour, black or tan and make sure it is sturdy and secure.

A cross body bag is perfect as it will force you to pack lightly for your daily adventures and also frees up your hands to take the zillion selfies and holiday snaps!

Planning on taking a cruise? Here’s s a cruise packing checklist to help

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