30 Best Travel Accessories for Kids: Gear to Keep Them Happy & Safe!

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So you’re ready to travel with kids and need to get them prepared for the trip. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As family travel experts who have been traveling with our kids since 2007, and over the years we’ve tried and tested many travel products – some great, some not so great – and now we will share with you only the best travel items for kids that we’ve loved.

We’ve experienced baby travel, toddler travel, pre-school travel, and now pre-teen travel. We know what gear will make your life easier, as well as make your kids happy on the road.

Go take a look!

family standing on beach watching sunrise
What is the best travel gear for kids?

Best Travel Gear for Kids

One of the biggest concerns for families is knowing what kids travel gear will keep your kids safe and happy on the road.

In this list, we have shared family travel products and travel accessories for kids, with the purpose of keeping them safe and entertained.

None of these items are for the parents, we have separate guides on travel gear for adults.

We have arranged this guide in age order, starting with baby items and moving on to older kids and tweens.

1. Portable Travel Crib

A baby lying in bed

When it comes to traveling with a baby, we don’t travel with a lot of stuff such as portable high chairs, eating utensils, or other kids travel accessories that are not essential because they only add weight.

Most restaurants and hotels will have high chairs, if not just sit them on your lap or in their pram. You may feel you can’t cope without a portable high chair. No problem. Do what’s best for you and your family.

But one item we wouldn’t have been without was a portable crib, which we took to New Zealand when Savannah was 8 weeks old. It was brilliant and it came on many road trips with us, or sleep overs at a friends house.

Check out this travel crib and portable baby playard which is small, compact and lightweight making it easy to carry.

They are super easy to put together and comfortable. The breathable mesh is good for the bubs and makes it easier for you to keep an eye on them.

We also didn’t bother with a baby monitor since we were always with our kids and it’s easy to keep an eye on them in a small hotel room, but you do what feels right for you.

2. Baby Wipes + Hand Sanitizer

I am not a germaphobic and I rarely get sick. I think our kids don’t eat enough dirt in modern day society and their bodies are not given enough chance to develop natural immunities and adapt.

I will not be running after before them every 10 yards disinfecting everything they come into contact with. I’ll take the precautions that I feel are necessary and not going to flip me out.

But that’s life at home, on the road, there are so many different diseases and illnesses that their bodies are not used to.

It’s always a good idea to keep them washing their hands and using antibacterial hand sanitizer whenever they eat or need to touch their face. It’s a small investment that makes them safe.

Most kids are not fond of stopping play time to rub their hands together, which is why baby wipes are the BOMB!! I don’t know how I ever survived without them. They’re good for everything, not just wiping kid’s hands and faces, but for cleaning muck off their bags. It’s one of the best travel accessories for kids.

3. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

woman with baby in front on baby bjorn carrier
8 Week old Savananh in New Zealand

When Kalyra was a baby, I had a Baby Sling. I loved the idea of it, but it was bulky and awkward and I constantly feared Kalyra would fall out or be smothered. Plus it hurt my back. Although they are a little better these days, like this one holds a more secure baby!

For Savannah, the Baby Bjorn Carrier was everything that sling was not – easy to wear and easy to put Savannah in, safely secured and designed to grow with Savannah allowing us to carry her in it until she is about 15 months old. It’s easily one. ofthe best baby carriers on the market.

Savannah loved the Baby Bjorn Carrier and would sleep in it all day nestled up to my chest. I loved it too!

It’s a must travel item for babies.

4. Portable UV Sterilizer, Cleaner and Sanitizer for Pacifiers

I hated our family vacation to Thailand when Savannah was 17 months old as we had to travel with her bottles, baby formula and bottle steriliser.

It was a gigantic pain in the butt and changed our decision from backpacking Southeast Asia to embarking on our epic road trip around Australia.

Breastfeeding makes traveling so much easier. If you can’t, or aren’t breastfeeding while traveling, there are a few essentials to travel with, for instance a portable UV Sterilizer for pacifiers.

5. Insulated Double Bottle Storage Bag

Keeping your kids hydrated is incredibly important when on the road, especially if you’re visiting hot countries.

Getting an insultated bag to carry their sippy cups and bottles is a must-have item in your travel kit.

I like how this Insulated baby bottle holder has attachable stroller straps.

6. Car Baby Bottle Warmer

I never traveled with one of these baby bottle warmers for the car. I’d just get my hands on a kettle and warm the bottle up in a cup of hot water, which was time consuming and, let’s be honest, not fun for me.

This looks much better and would be on my shopping list of best travel gear for kids.

7. Soft Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I always liked traveling these soft cotton muslin swaddles. They are great for covering when breastfeeding in public, for shading my girls form the sun, keeping away pesky bugs, or wrapping them up.

There are so many uses for a muslin as many mothers will tell you, so be sure to pack a couple for the road.

8. Baby Travel Diaper Bag

Again, I’m sure you have a diaper bag already, but if you don’t have one for traveling, get one that includes a baby change mat! It will definitely get used a lot!

9. Life Jacket

two girls on beach looking at shipwreck just offshore
Moreton Island

If you are visiting a place where you will be swimming a lot or going out on boats, it’s a good idea to carry a child’s life jacket for your younger children. We carried one on our road trip and we used it often. It’s one of the safest travel accessories for kids.

I really really wish we had one when we visited Thailand. Savannah was way too young and taking a boat trip with her and having no life jacket was stressful.

Check out this life jacket on Amazon as one of the best kids travel items because it’s quick drying.

10. Inflatable Booster Seat

man and two kids in bus
Challenging travel without a car seat in Thailand

Traveling with a child car seat depends on where we are traveling.

If we are visiting Asia, we don’t worry about taking a car or booster seat. Most of the time the vehicles there don’t even have seat belts!!!

It really did make traveling in Thailand difficult when Savannah was 17 months, she’s just wanted to roam around the car and was hard to keep her restrained.

The bubble gum booster seat comes recommended as the best baby seat for travel. I think we’ll travel with one of these from now on – easy to chuck in your bag! I wish I knew about them before writing this post. It’s a fantastic car travel accessories for kids.

11. Travel Stroller or Pram

baby in pram reading

We found it worthwhile traveling with a stroller – definitely one of best travel gear for toddlers. It’s so much easier, but it does depend on where you go and how you travel around.

A baby carrier may be adequate for you, although, be warned they can exhaust you!

Strollers are great for pushing kids around but also for giving them a place to sit and for feeding. You can also carry bags in them if your child is running around. Be careful of the weight if you add bags on to the handle when they are in them.

We don’t own a stroller any longer, but this infant 3Dlite convenience stroller is lightweight, sturdy, compact and comes with good reviews on Amazon as one of the best travel items for toddlers.

12. Kelty Hiking Carrier

man on trail looking at water wtih baby on back in Kelty Child Carrier

This Kelty Hiking Carrier was our absolute favourite family travel product when our girls were toddlers and easily makes our list of best travel gear for kids!

We explored a lot further with this carrier, with a lot less whining. Savannah loved watching the world from above our shoulders. There’s no better way to help your little-legged children connect to nature and yourselves.

We got a lot of hiking miles out of our Kelty carrier. It fit comfortably and felt like Savannah was always secure with a 5-point harness system and was easy to get her in and out of.

The Kelty Hiking Carrier comes with a nice amount of storage for packing wipes, diapers, and change of clothes. And it comes with a sun hood!

13. Micro Scooter

girl riding on a scooter

One of the best travel items we purchased for our kids on our road trip around Australia was one of these micro scooters.

Yes, they are a little expensive, but we never regretted our decision.

Savannah loves how it has three wheels and a flexible handle for manoeuvring.

Instead of demanding to be carried everywhere she happily rides her scooter. It’s brilliant for helping you see more without damaging your back!

14. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

chid on couch watching ipad with headphones on

Yep. Travel gadgets make our life easier. Here’s what we travel with.

Our kids love watching movies, listening to music or playing games on their devices so finding comfortable headphones has been a priority.

Previously Savannah would have to hold the ear plug style headphones in which was never practical, and often they like to watch together so I like how these headphones have a share port, no need for splitters!

15. Samsung Tablet

girl looking at tablet

Kalyra and Savannah both have a Samsung Tablet, which they love and have proven to be one of the best travel gadgets for kids.

They use these them to record their own photos and videos and for games and movies and research – either school based learning or fun.

I have no problem with the girls watching movies or playing games on the tablet, especially on long road trips or long flights. They have more than enough time pursuing other interests outside of the devices. We keep the balance in check.

16. Tablet Cover

Whatever you do, don’t forget the cover for your tablet! It’s worth the extra expense. They’re kids, they have butter fingers a lot!

They’re half the price on Amazon to what we paid for them!

17. Quik by GoPro app

We love the Quik by GoPro app for making super easy fun and entertaining videos. Great for the kids to use.

For older kids, you may also want to consider the AKASO action cameras as a much cheaper alternative to GoPro Hero (which are also great cameras).

Check out the review on AKASO V50 Pro and AKASO Brave 6 Plus.

18. Trunki Ride-On Suitcases

If I was to have my time again, I’d get a Trunki suitcase for the girls. They are quite the rage for young children to travel with and on through airports!!

They seem perfect for keeping them entertained, engaged in the travel experience and responsible for it! They consistently rank as a one of the top kid’s suitcase.

19. Travel Packing Cubes

We’ve never really known how to pack a suitcase efficiently. Throw everything in the bag, sit on it, and then zip it up.

It wasn’t too bad when we had backpacks because the different compartments helped us stay a little organized. But now that we have two kids we mostly travel with suitcases.

Travel packing cubes are a lifesaver and one of the best travel accessories.

In each packing cube we roll up each item and arrange clothes based on type and season.

It helps me find the clothes I need for the girls, as I separate dresses, undies, skirts, tops etc into different packing cells. Packing cells help the kids learn how to be organized and pack efficiently. You may also love this packing cube that doubles as a day pack!

20. Lightweight Backpack

We have a travel day pack each for the girls. They’re responsible for packing their entertainment, snacks, pens, crayons, and desired comforts for plane and road trips.

It comes in handy also for hiking and day explorations.

For traveling, we recommend using a hemp backpack because they are lightweight and dry quickly.

They are comfortable and strong and have lasted us a couple of years now.

22. Lily Bloom Crossbody Bag

Girl wearing Lily Bloom Crossbody Bag

My Aunty gave this crossbody bag to Kalyra for Christmas. It’s her favorite kids travel accessory at the moment.

She carries her tablet, sunnies, pencils, and purse in it. It’s made from recycled plastic and is very groovy!

23. Medical First Aid Kit

I can’t tell you the regret I’ve felt at times for traveling without a thermometer and kid’s Panadol and band aids. A good medical kit is essential, especially when traveling with kids. For peace of mind they are one of the best travel gear for kids items.

I like how compact this one is. It includes everything.

Click here for more tips on what to pack in your travel medical kit.

24. Kids Toiletry Bag

I recently purchased the girls a travel toiletry bag each. Best decision ever.

Now their stuff is not mixed in with mine and it’s teaching them about responsibility. They have an increased interest in flossing and brushing their hair.

Inside the toiletry bags, I have toothbrush and holder, floss, brush, hair bands, face wipes and lip gloss.

Now, my girls are a little older, they love this toiletary bag (I have one too and it’s awesome!)

25. Lunchbox

If you are road tripping, a lunch box with compartments is brilliant. It saves on plastic and wrapping and helps your children take responsibility for their own food.

I pack their lunch boxes on our road trip and let them know if they choose to eat it all in the first five minutes they’ll have nothing left. They got really good at spacing out the food and they loved opening it to see what surprises lay in there.

I think a stainless steel bento style lunch box is best.

26. Ziploc Bags

Ziplocs are a lifesaver for food, lotions, potions, pencils, toy bits etc. They really can make the family travel life easier.

I recommend saving money and putting less strain on the environment by purchasing reusable ziploc bags. These are what we permanently use now and they’re great. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher though – even though some recommend it – they can melt.

27. Water Purifier Bottle

Traveling somewhere you know the water isn’t safe to drink? Then this can be one of the best travel gear for kids items.

This Camelbak Purifier Bottle has a purification system built right into the water bottle. We used a similar bottle for our 5 month trip in Africa, and your health is not something you want anyone to compromise.

They’re good to travel with no matter where you are going!

28. Wovii Towels

A little girl lying on a bed

We’re long term users and fans of Wovii towels. They’re awesome for travel – bright and colourful, good for bath and beach, and so soft.

You can even use them as blankets if need be.

I love the extra large for myself and the smaller size for the girls. Go bright with your kids travel accessories!

29. Alie Jane Designer Travel Products

colorful travel accessories

We were introduced to Alie Jane, a local designer from Newcastle, by my sister. She gave us several Christmas presents made by Alie Jane after discovering her store in Newcastle. She is also on Etsy.

Bored with dull beige and black designs, she was inspired to create bright, fun and colorful travel accessories. All designs are made from both new and vintage fabrics sourced locally and from trips overseas.

Here’s what we have:

They are so gorgeous travel accessories for kids (and you)!

30. Portable Soft Silicone Travel Bottle Set

These portable silicone travel bottles are also great for carrying any baby lotions, shampoo, creams, or important liquids you may need when traveling on the plane.

Final Thoughts on The Best Travel Accessories For Kids

Hiking down the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park
Savannah and Kalyra enjoying the Bright Angel Trail

While these travel items will undoubtedly keep you and your child sane and happy, remember that you don’t need to take too much with you. You know it’s too hard to manage all that stuff.

Your kids will be fine. Give them an opportunity to adapt to life outside of the secure home and in a new environment and help them learn how to be resourceful.

Before loading up your cart with items, ask yourself:

  • What travel items are essential?
  • What can I not travel without because it will make things unsafe for my kids?
  • Will there be items available for them at the destination?

Basically, kids need very little for entertainment, very little clothes, very little travel gear.

It does depend on the age of your child. You will need more travel items for babies, because you may be considering feeding, sleeping, and keeping them safe and secure.

Consider your travel style when it comes to babies. Road trips and resort stays work best.

Less movement from A to B = less hassle for carrying baby gear and luggage. Except if you have a car then it’s so much easier.

This list of the best travel gear for kids is what we think are the most essential travel products to help you have an enjoyable, safe and comfortable trip. We hope you found something on this list that will be helpful and useful to you on your travels!

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Do you have any recommendations for the best travel gear for kids? Let us know in the comments.

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