Therapeutic Indulgence in Rotorua

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Who doesn’t love a hot tub?

As soon as I placed screaming Savannah into the warmth of the thermal pool she quietened and floated in happy contentment.

I realized that enveloping our body in the warmth of a hot spring takes us back to the days where we once floated in the embryonic cocoon, a place of warmth and comfort.

That’s why when most people step in and first feel the heat, they let out a deep sigh of recognition and peace here at last.

“How good is this?” I squealed to Kalyra as we rolled from our tummies to our backs admiring the views out across the steaming Lake Rotorua.

How good is this?

It was only after five minutes that I found myself truly unwinding. I realized I had been tense, waiting for the water to run cold as it does so soon after stepping into a warm bath.

Oh wow! The lights went on, this bath is never going to run cold.

I can sit in here as long as I want. The water running from the surrounding volcanoes was going to take care of that.


Where is the chardy?

I let go and peace washed over me as did a overwhelming feeling of tiredness. As if the spring was sapping out of me all that energy that constantly fuels me, allowing my body the space it needs to rejuvenate.

ahhh the serenity

A Haven of Healing

That’s what the world class Polynesian Spa in Rotorua is known for and I felt it healing me.

We started in the Lakeside Spa after a heavy day exploring the city.

Kalyra couldn’t wait to go for a swim in the pool. She bounded around with that ceaseless energy, while I just wanted to lean over the rock ledge of the pool and look through the reeds and natural Kiwi flora at the serenity of the steam swirling over the lake in the distance.

“We really needed all day here Craig.”

I was dreaming of the massages and spa therapies just waiting for me in the rooms inside and of course sun-downers while we eased away our stresses in the warmth of the deluxe thermal baths.

Daddy and his girls

But time and Kalyra had other plans…

she loves a slide

She wanted to hit the slide in the family spa area. There were two mineral pools overlooking the toddler pool so we could relax while Kalyra slipped and slid the afternoon away.

The Polynesian Spa, voted as a world top 10 spa, also has adult only areas with seven hot mineral spring pools overlooking the lake.

They sounded divine and the priest spa pools with radium hot spring water renowned for its therapeutic properties has my name written all over it next time we visit.

Love sparing with my girls

“In Rotorua all you can do here is eat, sleep, and spa,” our waiter told us later that evening.

Sounds like the most perfect place to spend a week’s vacation, or more.

The lakeside spa

Rotorua and Polynesian Spas, I will be back to take you up on that indulgent retreat.

Polynesian Spa – The Facts

Where:  Lakeside, Hinemoa Street Rotorua
When:  8am-11pm daily
Cost:  Starting from $14 – $43 each spa has a different price

Does this sound like the kind of therapeutic haven you need?

Our visit to the Polynesian Spa was part of our hosted stay by Tourism New Zealand

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