A Multi-Tasking Daypack You Didn’t Realize You NEEDED (It’s a packing cell)

Feels kinda weird that I’m writing a luggage review post on a packing cube.

I mean, how much can you say about a packing cube?

A lot if it’s the Standard Luggage Backpacking Cube. This won’t be a super long post as there is not much else to say except that it’s awesome, my new favorite travel packing gear, and enough of an exciting recommendation for you to warrant its own short post.

What is the Backpack Packing Cube

Standard’s Backpack Packing Cube will save you space and weight when you’re traveling (especially flying). It’s a very clever in that it serves two important purposes.

It works as a traditional packing cube for your luggage.

Then reverse it, pull out the shoulder straps, and it becomes an 8L travel daypack. What an amazing and functional idea for saving your space and travel efficiency!

This was the perfect amount of space for me to carry my essentials when I travel: a water bottle (I could squeeze in two), my wallet, a journal, snacks and a camera. I was shocked by how much I could fit in.

The backpack cube even has an internal pocket designed to hold a notepad or book, or an iPad (& most 10” tablets). 

I usually have an issue of having a daypack that’s too big and heavy, or one that’s too small to carry most of the things I need, including my very important water bottle.

Stumps Pass Beach State Park
Stumps Pass Beach State Park hike

I used this everywhere on our recent South Florida road trip, Georgia State Parks road trip, and our ski trip to Idaho. So two very different experience with different needs that included activities from hiking to city exploring.

The only problem for the ski trip is that it’s not waterproof so not good for laying on the snow while you’re having your ski lesson!

Its super light and comfortable with a sturdy design that’s easy to clean. And it’s stylish design will look good with any outfit! #priorities

I now use this daypack cube even when I’m not traveling. It’s perfect when I’m hiking, bike riding or just exploring my local area and don’t need to carry a lot.

I love how light it is!

Other things to love:

Amicalola Falls State Park
Hiking to Amicalola Falls, Georgia
  • Small bottom outside pocket, which you can use to stuff the daypack into and make it even more compact. This base pocket gives the bag more structure when using it as a daypack.
  • Convenient hanging loop, which I used a lot to hang on the back of restroom doors!
  • Comfortable straps for your daily explorations
  • It pairs perfectly with our Standard Luggage Carry On Backpack. Read review here.

About Standard Luggage

Standard luggage is a company born from a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2015. Founder (and adventurer) Ryan Chong realized the need for better luggage after dealing with many luggage frustrations such as discomfort, high fees, and overload.
Standard Luggage’s mission is to help people travel comfortably and efficiently and save money without having to check a bag.

  • Standard Luggage Co. is pleased to offer Free World-Wide Shipping on most items within our online store.
  • Customers outside of USA & CANADA Some conditions apply. Learn more?

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