Best Family Travel Tips

Family travel tips and resources. Get inspired to travel with kids.

Welcome to our family travel tips page! If you are looking for advice and resources on how to travel with kids, this page is for you!

Take it from us, travel does not have to stop once you have kids, and taking time out to travel as a family is the greatest gift you can give each other.

We’ve been traveling with our kids for 12 years now and are here to help you plan your next family vacation. We were traveling for 10 years before we had kids. I couldn’t believe it when everyone tried to tell me our travels were over the minute I fell pregnant with Kalyra.

“We’ll show you!” was our attitude. Why couldn’t we embrace travel together as a family?

It became our priority from the get go! Our girls have lived in two countries, traveled to close to 10 countries, and traveled Australia and the US in-depth.

We homeschool AND run our profession and full time travel blog together. It’s given us a rich and fulfilling life where we prioritize moments and memories together over possessions.

We live our life according to our values: freedom, adventure, growth, joy, connection and contribution. That brings us happiness and fulfillment no matter where our suitcases may be.

Scroll down for our best family travel tips broken into categories. Then read all our family travel articles here.

Flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles

Travel with Kids

Tips on travel with kids for specifics like getting around and general sanity maintenance

Watch our video – Top 5 tips for road tripping with kids

Family Travel Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Age Specific Travel Tips

From baby to teen, we have content to help you enjoy the travel experience no matter the life stage.

Kelty Baby Carrier - one of the best travel gifts for kids!

Family Travel Gear & Resources

Gear to help kids your kids safe, happy and comfortable, and for you to keep your sanity.

Bangkok Floating Markets

Overcoming Family Travel Challenges

There is so much potential for meltdowns and challenges when you travel with kids. We’ve got you covered.

Homeschool Resources

Whether you’re homeschooling, roadschooling or balancing school with travel, we can help. (We’ve done them all)

4 Powerful Ways to Travel More & Create Better Memories

Want to know how we've made a lifetime of travel for 22 years?

This is what gives us incredible memories to share around the campfire. Join our community for insider tips and updates!

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