EP 22: Homeschooling Roadschooling Tips from an Experienced Expert (that’s me!)

If there is one thing 2020 has shown you is the possibility of an alternative lifestyle.

You mean I can work from wherever I am AND my kids can approach learning in the same way?

Yes. In this podcast episode we share our ultimate tips for making this work. 

Listen to the Podcast:

Why am I qualified to give you this advice?

  • 15 years teaching in 5 different countries
  • 22 years of global travel (Travel has been my greatest tool for growth and empowerment i.e. the goals of education)
  • 7 years of homeschooling my own children (now 13 and 8)
  • Balancing roadschooling with a full time travel lifestyle and online business. We know how to balance and make it work among the chaos.

Be sure to grab my free life learning for kids ebook below!

girls in beach towels
The colors of Broome + the mudwalk

I WISH someone with this much experience helped guide me through the roadschooling experience with all these tips before I started!

Even though I am a qualified teacher with oodles of rich experiences, teaching your own children is very different – enjoyable in parts, but not as easy and ideal as you think.

Our tips will help you do it better and keep your sanity!

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Show Notes

We discuss:

  • The differences between roadschooling, homeschooling, unschooling and schooling from home.
  • How you can decide which one is best for you
  • The essentials to consider when homeschooling your child
  • The Myths of homeschooling/ roadschooling
  • Tips for making it work while traveling
  • How to school your kids from home while you work
  • Tips for managing schedules, behaviours and routines
  • The most ESSENTIAL thing to do to make your life EASIER and your children more independent
  • Checking off the legal boxes and regulations

Useful Homeschooling resources

Free ebook: Life Learning for kids

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I have a new free ebook, you can access, called Life Learning for Kids – 31 ways to empower your kids to grow, learn and prosper – in school and out.

I am super passionate about empowering children to become the best version of themselves. I don’t think schools have the capacity to do the best job of this, so this ebook was written with the intention to help parents fill in the gaps, as well as help you get the best out of the school experience you can.

It’s a collection of articles I wrote for an online parenting website on how Learning Matters. In it, you’ll find 31 strategies to help your children become those thriving beings.

There are two sections in the ebook, Your Child and Life and Your Child and School.

These are based on what I have learned through my experiences as a mother, former teacher, global traveler, entrepreneur, and homeschooler. It will help any parent, traveling or not!

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