Two essential products when travelling with a baby

Traveling with a baby is not exactly easy, but definitely doable. There is nothing that makes me happier than to create meaningful memories traveling with my family.

When our daughter was eight weeks old we travelled with her to New Zealand. The only difference between travelling with our baby and staying at home with them was we were out exploring and having an amazing time.

Babies are one of the easiest ages to travel, especially if you are breastfeeding. (you can read more pros and cons of travelling with a baby here)

There is extra luggage and sleep times to juggle. But, babies don’t do much else and they will love the time they get snuggled up to your chest as you carry them around.

To make it easier on yourself, you definitely need to have some quality essential products that help to reduce the load.

Since the birth of Savannah, we have been trying some Baby Bjorn products and the only word I can use to describe them is..


yes with a capital L.

They make travelling with a baby SO MUCH EASIER.

Essential Products for travelling with a baby

Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier

Baby bjorn miracle carrier
A miracle saver in airports where strollers are not allowed

When Kalyra was a baby I had a Baby Sling. I loved the idea of it, but it was bulky and awkward and I constantly feared that she would fall out or be smothered. Plus it hurt my back.

The Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier is everything that sling was not.

  • It is easy to wear and easy to put Savannah in.
  • It is safely secured.
  • Savannah is close to us at all times.
  • It is designed to grow with Savannah, allowing us to carry her in it until she is about 15 months old.
  • She can face towards or away from us.
  • My hands are completely free and it is easy to do other activities with her in it.
  • It is great for Craig to wear as well – and he loves the daddy bonding time carrying Savannah whilst doing any chores!
a man washing his hands
Great for Craig when doing the dishes
  • It is recommended by pediatricians and has an adjustable design, padded waist belt, comfortable back support and wide shoulder straps.
  • If the airlines weren’t so ridiculous, it is the perfect airplane seat belt (they make you take the bubs out and put their flimsy belt around them that they can slingshot out of easy enough)

Most of all Savannah LOVES it – like really loves her Baby Bjorn. Like loves it so much that as we were touring around Rotorua for the day she slept the entire time, only popping out for a feed.

The other guests on the tour could not believe how well she slept in it. In fact, later that night she protested all night that she now had to sleep in her cot.

That had us worried that maybe the Baby Bjorn had ruined her sleeping for good. Thankfully, she sorted it all out by the next evening and was happily back in her cot.

I just wish they made Adult Bjorns so Craig could carry me around all day and I can sleep.

The Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light

When we traveled with Kalyra we used to lug around a heavy and bulky port-a-cot; a cheap and very ugly one from Target.

The first time we opened it up to use it, it took Craig and I almost half an hour to put together, it was that tricky. Even more so when it came time to fold it back up.

I hated carrying it around with us and sometimes it just worked out better to throw Kalyra in the bed with us.

In a word – the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot is…


seriously, with capitals.

baby bjorn travel cot
Love the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot

I opened the small square bag, that was as light as a feather, at only 5 kg. It’s size and shape meant I was not going to swipe out the person beside me as I walked or worse tangle it up in my own legs and send myself sprawling over the tarmac.

No, it almost felt like I was carrying a laptop bag.

And then when I opened the cot to put it together, it sprang out from my hands, popping itself out into a port-a-cot. Just like that. I did not have to do a thing. Literally just sprang out.

All I had to do was open out the thick, soft mattress and place it inside. The hardest part was then making the bed – too much effort!

baby bjorn travel cot
So happy and content

The portable cot is small and compact, which Savannah loves. She likes to feel like she is being embraced. She does not like a lot of empty space around her. It is the perfect size to fit in the smallest of rooms.

baby bjorn travel cot
Breathable mesh, cozy comfort

I love the breathable mesh around the outside, which also makes it easier to keep an eye on her when she is sleeping. The fabric is guaranteed harmless to infants and I love the soft grey colors.

I would never use anything but a Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier and travel cot, ever again. And even though these products were complimentary, in exchange for our review, I guarantee you that I stand behind these products as being the BOMB.

I would purchase them myself and I would recommend these as a must travel product for traveling with a baby.

It will make your parenting life easier. Even without the travel.

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Have you used any of these travel products for family travel before?

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