AKASO Brave 6 Plus Action Camera – GoPro alternative just over $100

We’re back reviewing a new AKASO Camera – the Brave 6 Plus action camera. It’s a Go-Pro alternative camera at a much cheaper price at $119.99 MSRP.

AKASO Brave 6 plus action camera review
Quality action camera at an affordable price

We recently worked with AKASO to review their AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera

AKASO has a great reputation throughout the industry for its feature-packed, well-made cameras which are both reliable and affordable. 

We took that camera away to Wilmington for a few days to test it out and found it a fantastic action camera for those not willing to spend as much on a Go Pro.

Unlike many other budget camera makers, AKASO includes a full set of camera mounts including a helmet accessories kit, so you are ready to shoot in many different types of situations straight out of the box.

The Brave 6 Plus is even more affordable and so won’t have a few of the extra bells and whistles and a few slight differences, but basically for the price, it’s a great entry into the action camera world.

If you have kids who like to capture their travel memories, this is the perfect travel gift for them. You won’t have to worry about losing a lot of money should their youth cause break or a loss.

It’s manageable enough that they can work their way around it and capture pretty cool memories. As with the previous camera, Savannah took control of this one to record here day we spent at the local outdoor park.

Attractive Features of the Akaso Brave 6 Plus

Light, small and mobile

AKASO brave 6 plus action camera review-800x600
Small and lightweight camera

The Brave 6 Plus is made of plastic and so light and barely felt if wearing it on your chest or head.

IT’s size makes it easy to use and carry around, which helps me take photos and footage when I don’t want to carry around a lot of camera gear and want to be a little more versatile than what my phone camera can do – for example with super wide shots.

You just can’t get similar wide angles with a phone.

The separation of the power button (on the front) with the recording button makes it easier to operate.

On the left side there is a USB C charging port and the HDMI output. On the right we have a little plastic door that can be opened so you can access the 1350mAh battery and SD card.

Note: This plastic door was sticky for us and difficult to open. I had to pry it with a knife. I checked with AKASO and they have had no previous reports on this and were passing my feedback onto the engineering team. It could have just been a random glitch with mine.

Waterproof casing

As you would expect, this go pro alternative comes with a waterproof housing that protects the camera to a depth of 40m. Its tough casing will also help avoid damage from rocks, dust and scratches that comes with adventurous travel.

I could not work out how to switch the camera from photo to video while the casing was on. You can use the remote in order to do this.


Is really easy to use I find it simpler and more intuitive than the previous AKASO camera we had and a Go Pro camera.

I much prefer to use the touch screen than navigate through the settings with the buttons, but you’ll need to do that if you have the waterproof casing on.

The touchscreen was bright enough for me to use on a bright sunny day.

AKASO Brave 6 Plus remote

akaso brave 6 plus remote
AKASO remote

Like the V50, the AKASO Brave 6 Plus comes with a remote you can wear on your wrist. I love this feature for ease of access and control when you’re in the middle of action experiences like snorkeling or mountain bike riding with the camera on your helmet, or you have the casing on.

It’s fast, efficient and reliable. I prefer to voice activation – you’ll see why in the next point.

Voice activation

akaso brave 6 plus review action camera go pro alternative (1)

Frustrated by the effort to control and action camera when on the move?

Enter voice activation, a feature that until recently could only be found on premium cameras. It’s great that an action camera at this affordable price has it. However, it didn’t well for us.

To be honest, voice activation for any product or call center rarely works for us – that Aussie accent of ours.

So many people can’t understand us even when we have in-person interactions. I am baffled constantly by how difficult it is for people to understand us when we say Makepeace.

Just exactly what does it sound like when we say it??

Savannah can get voice activation working better than me. Of course, she is sounding more American every day.

If have an American accent, the voice activation is a feature you’ll love.

External Mic

I love this feature of the AKASO Brave 6 Plus, where you can plug in an external mic. Although, the audio is surprisingly not too bad with the small AKASO camera, it’s great to be able to improve that with an external mic.

This makes this a very attractive action camera for the price as it makes creating video that much easier.

I hate lugging around my DSLR to capture video, especially for our outdoor adventures. If I can capture good audio with this, I can leave it at home in many situations.

You will need a small lapel mic with a USB connection. Unfortunately, my rode lapel mic doesn’t have that connection.

WIFI control and AKASO GO App

Akaso Brave 6 Plus can also be controlled over WiFi from your smartphone or tablet. The connection is good for 8-10 meters away from your camera.

You can connect to your phone via the Akaso GO app. You can see the live view on your device, change settings, view videos and pictures taken and download them on your device.

This is another excellent feature for easy camera control and management. Again, making it an excellent camera for the low price.

Photo and Video Quality of the AKASO Brave 6 Plus

Raleigh beer garden
Brave6 Plus

For the price, the quality of the video and photos are quite good, another reason it’s an attractive camera for recording travel memories for kids. Give them the camera and let them get creative.

I like the different angles you can choose for the lens. I could not capture the following photo on my phone to include the entire words on the billboard. The wide angle on the AKASO allowed me to do so.

wide angle akaso brave action camera
The wide angle captures a lot

The video can record in real 4K at 30fps and image stabilization at this resolution. I was very surprised by the quality of the video. It was sharp, clear and well saturated.

We filmed a time lapse of us setting up our tent on a recent camping trip, and it turned out so well. We were stoked at how easy it was and how great it looked. This is a feature we will now use regularly. (video coming soon)

The introduction of the built-in 3-axis electronic image stabilization (EIS) in this new AKASO camera means the footage you shoot is silky smooth without the normal camera wobble attributed to hand holding the camera. 

This is a step up for the brand, which has become an action camera essential.

The shutter speed is slow, and noticeably different in comparison to the AKASO V50. So hold steady until it fires.

What comes in the Box

Our previous AKASO V50 Pro came in a plastic box which was a little tricky to open. The AKASO Brave 6 Plus corrects that with an easy to open cardboard box.

The camera comes beautifully packed in the box by the way, with environmentally friendly packaging. Parts are packed in numbered bags that correspond with the quick start guide so you can quickly and effortlessly put it together.

The packaging definitely has a more upscale, premium feel which is where they are going with this new camera.

  • Waterproof casing
  • 2 batteries + charger
  • remote control
  • Stickers for mounting
  • Mounts
  • Line 6

You will need to supply your own mircroSD card, it does not come with the package. For V50 Pro, you have to use the 64GB U3 card whose WRITE speed is up to 60mb/s.

TIP: Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Micro SD Card is Highly Recommended

Akaso Brave 6 Plus Features

  • Touchscreen
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Control
  • 6-Axis EIS
  • 4k30 / 2.7k30 / 12440p60 / 1080p90 / 720p120
  • 20mp Photo
  • AKASO GO App
  • Viewing Angles: 170°, 140°, 110°, 70°
  • Type-C USB
  • 8x Zoom
  • External Microphone Support
  • Waterproof to 130 feet / 40 meters
  • WiFi
  • Includes full range of camera mounts including bicycle stand and helmet kit


AKASO is a leading international and extremely affordable action cameras brand and the biggest action camera brand in Amazon.

They have served millions of customers and have been recommended by many top best tech websites, such as thenextweb, bgr, cnet, wccftech, maketecheasier, pcworld, tomsguide, zdnet and techtudo.

All-around rock climber-Tommy Caldwell is an AKASO ambassador.

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