Why Trover is a Great Travel App for Travel Planning

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About a month ago the folks behind Trover asked us to take a look at their travel app.

My initial thoughts were it looks a lot like Pinterest, and it kinda sounds like Instagram, and I need another social network like I need a hole in the head. I bet you’re probably the same right?

This year was meant to be the year of scaling back and prioritizing my time. I can barely get done what I need to do now let alone using ANOTHER network.

I had already made up my mind to say NO, sorry guys I just don’t have the time nor do I see the need. Things are going great for us on Pinterest, thank you!

But I’m human and love travel so took a sneak peek, and then another peek, and now four weeks later I’m currently more active on Trover than on Pinterest, and with a following of 4 million on Pinterest that should say something.

Are you ready to get addicted too?

What is Trover?

Trover is a travel app and a website, much like Pinterest and Facebook are both apps and web based.

It’s visual grid-like display of photos is similar to Pinterest, but Trover is purely about travel and a community of traveller’s sharing photos and tips dedicated to helping with both the discovery and planning.

Trover users submit “discoveries” in the form of a photo with a handy tip attached on how to get the best out of that place or expereince. It could be a beach, a waterfall, a hike to go on, or even a place to eat, stay or drink.

Here’s a sneak peak at our profile page:

A look at the new travel app TROVER

On the other platforms you get the inspiration, but rarely do you also get the information.

Sound cool so far? Allow me to elaborate.

9 Things I like about Trover

1. It’s only about travel

Too often on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook we get distracted by photos of celebrities, pets, home decor, fashion, people’s personal problems, annoying selfies and endless quotes.

Do we really need another travel quote? I’d much rather a beautiful photo with a helpful description to fuel my wanderlust.

Trover is so refreshing. When you login you know it’s just other travellers sharing travel photos with helpful tips. And that’s it. No BS or self-absorbed updates.

Look, no selfies or photos of Kim Kardashian, (or cats)

Trover App

2. Each image is from the original source

If there’s one thing that annoys me the most about Pinterest, it’s clicking on an image and being sent to a Tumblr account, a Google search image, a Flickr account or worst of all a porn site.

Who took the photo and how do I find out more about that destination? I like that each image on Trover is from the original source, another traveller out there exploring!

Anyone for Costa Rica?


3. Each image is geotagged

This is the magic behind Trover. Having each photo geotagged makes it easier for you to find the same place and experience. Click on the map icon and the geographic location opens up in a new window.

For example, here’s a photo on Trover of Pismo State Beach in California. And the second screen shot shows what happens when you click on the little map icon:


When you upload your own photos but the location you want to add is not in the Trover database, a map will automatically appear with the option to add a new place. Type in your desired location and save it – too easy.

4. Each image has a description

This is the part that makes Trover stand out from other sites. ‘Trovers’ are encouraged to provide useful descriptions and tips to enhance the visitors experience to the destination.

Often you’ll get behind the scenes knowledge, and insider tips, to help you get the most out of that area.


5. You can create LISTS

I love this function.

I’ve never been the most organised guy with photos and tips. I’m forever trying to find old photos for blog posts, and my idea of collecting inspiration was ripping photos out of magazines and pinning them haphazardly on a cork board.

To hell with that. With apps like Trover, I can organise my photos into lists of places and take them everywhere with me on my phone or laptop. You can create your own lists or follow lists created by others.

A list is similar to a board on Pinterest. And in the same way, you collect a bunch of discoveries according to a theme. Pinterest boards and Trover lists even look similar and makes it super easy to use.

You can see how this works with the lists we are currently creating with useful tips on Australia:

Beaches in Australia

They’re a handy reference guide on how to have the best experience in Sydney or discover beautiful beaches in Oz.

But, it’s not just about us helping people to travel. It’s helping us to prepare for our future travels too.

We’ve got our sights set on road tripping New Zealand so I’ve started creating this awesome list on New Zealand Travel Tips from other Trovers:


Whenever I find a cool new photo showcasing a New Zealand experience or destination I want to have, I just add it to my list using the + or “add to list” button. I now want to stand here at Matai Falls like the guys from Living a Kiwi Life:

Matai Falls, New Zealand

Following Lists:

Another feature I enjoy is the ability to follow lists that others have created. I’m using this to help us plan our own travels.

For example we’re planning to road trip the USA after we’re done traveling around Australia, so I’m following Kristin’s California Road Trippin list:


And Laurence’s Out of the Way Australia is providing inspiration for our current trip!

Lists also provide you with a very cool map feature in the top left corner showing where everything is located. When I click on one of the yellow dots on my California Road Tripping list it goes from this:


To this:


6. “Explore this area”

A cool feature this one.

When you discover a photo and click on it, not only do you get tips on that photo, but down in the right corner is a tab called “Explore this area”. On your phone it’s called “Nearby Discoveries”.

Click on that tab and it shows you other discoveries around that location. e.g. when I open up this Central Park photo and click on “Explore this area” it goes from this:


To this:


All these new tips for the area, discovered by a click of a button! I must say, Trover does nothing to cure my eternal itchy feet problem and is good at getting you to click around and keep dreaming and learning.

7. The Search function

Visiting a new area? There’s a function for that.

A handy geo-search tool bar scrolls down the page with you showing the distance to other discoveries near you!

I’m currently in Airlie Beach so I type that into the search bar at the top right and start scrolling down. The closest places are at the top and as you scroll the places get further away. I got to 12 miles away, that’s far enough considering we’re currently car-less.

Yes, Trover knows where you are and shares the discoveries close to you.

Simple and smart!


Oh crap! I’m now looking at all these amazing places near Airlie Beach I did not know about and we’re leaving today.

8. The comment section

In the bottom right of each discovery is a comment section where you can engage with the Trover member who uploaded the pic. Very handy if you have questions or suggestions and it makes the whole Trover experience feel more communal.

Sure Pinterest has a comment section, but I have 4 million followers on Pinterest and I feel as lonely as hell. I’m on Pinterest probably more than any other travel blogger, but of the 12,538 pins I have added very rarely do I receive a comment. Maybe it’s just me?

But in the four weeks since I’ve started playing around on Trover I can already feel more of a community vibe forming, it feels more intimate and I see chatter amongst travellers.


9. Easy to share your discoveries

It might seem like I’m bashing Pinterest a little, but it’s still my main go to channel and has been very good to me in bringing a lot of new eyeballs to our site.

And what I’m really liking now is the ability to share my new discoveries from Trover onto my relevant boards on Pinterest, which is helping my followers on both networks, win-win.

Did you know that 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins? Pinterest is crying out for new content and it’s been great discovering new photos and tips I can share with my followers over there.

Instead of having to check a pin before sharing to make sure it doesn’t go to a spammy site, I know the photos on Trover are legit and have helpful information attached.

You can share your Trover photos to your network of choice via the icons in the top left of each photo:


The App

I’m happy to say Trover is on Android as well as iPhone. And it’s FREE. Finally an app developer cares about us lot!

And I think I like the app better than the web platform to be honest. We are always on-the-go with our kids so it’s handy to be able to jump on wherever I am. I’ll be using it a lot today on our 5 hour bus ride in North Queensland.

Here’s a screen shot from my Samsung GalaxyS4:


When I first downloaded the android version of the app several weeks ago it was in beta mode and a little buggy uploading photos and geotagging a location, but now that it’s available to the public they seem to have smoothed things over and is working fine!

The only problem I’m having now is shitty phone connection in Oz. But do you think that sleepy koala gives a damn? Sure wish I could curl up against a tree and sleep like that.

Trover App features:

  • Friends Discoveries – when you first open the app it shows photos of the people you are following. Much like your news feed on Facebook.
  • NEW – this tab is a discovery function and shows ALL the photos uploaded in the area you are located. See that little bicycle icon, when you scroll down it turns into a car and shows you how many miles away you are from each discovery.
  • HOT – this tab shows popular discoveries.
PicMonkey Collage
  • Drop down menu – where you access all your account details and settings.
  • Outdoor – scroll across the menu bar and it has categories like outdoor, food and art.
  • Share & Comment – just like on the web platform you have the ability to share your discoveries to your favourite social network, comment, add to a list and thank your fellow Trover by clicking the heart shape icon.
PicMonkey Collage

[Caz’s input] When I first started using Trover, I received messages that people thanked me for my discovery. I sat a little straighter and thought, well isn’t that nice – people are thanking me! A thank is like a like, but I think it’s more human and better suited to a travel community. We share tips and stories and we thank each other for them. Ultra cool feature!

Limitations of Trover

  • There’s a minimum photo upload size of 612 and many of my old photos from our travels are sized at 600 so I can’t add them which is frustrating.
  • It would be nice to be able to share photos to my lists straight from blog posts, just like I can pin photos straight to my boards on Pinterest. This would save me time.
  • Not every location around the world has discoveries (which could be a good thing really – is there still a place we can go and getaway from everyone??). So it doesn’t have the depth of TripAdvisor but it’s growing and that’s why we need you sharing your discoveries and tips!
  • I can’t seem to @tag people in the comments section for some reason. Is this just me?

How to Get Started Using Trover

Sign up at Trover.com and download the app on Android or iPhone.

I found this travel app easy to use once I started playing around with it. Once you’ve joined you have the option of seeing what other people have added, or adding your own discoveries (photos).

Step 1. Add your discoveries


Adding your discoveries is easy. In the header, there is a link that says ‘Add a Photo’. This takes you to a page where you are asked whether you want to find the image on your computer or import it from Facebook.

After you’ve uploaded the photo, you’ll need to find the location.

You’ll then be asked to provide a description after you’ve mapped it. It’s that simple.

People will find your discoveries by searching for ideas in a certain area, by following your profile, or because it’s been added to a list.

Step 2. Create Lists

You can create lists about anything you like. I found it easy to create lists according to location. This way, I can get ideas about an area before I even get there and then add my own discoveries.

To add to a list find a photo and click that “add to list” button I was talking about:


Here are a few more of my lists for inspiration:

What do I think?

Well, what makes a good travel app? One that is functional and useful, and I think Trover does a really good job of this.

It’s easy to search, share, comment and curate. And it’s a lot of fun!

Another measure of a good travel app or website is how addictive it is and your time on site. My addiction is growing daily and I may just have to add more data to my phone plan, sucks that we don’t have unlimited data plans in Oz!

Whilst Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration, and Pinterest can provide information as well if it links out to a useful blog post, but often you are left with just a beautiful photo.

Trover helps with travel planning and removes a lot of the hassle of trying to find awesome experiences in your bucket list destinations.

Over time, as the community and number of discoveries grow on Trover – and I see no reason why it can’t – I think it could be better than Pinterest for travel planning, and definitely better as a social network.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join the fun.

We’d love to see you guys on there.

You can follow us here and then check out what’s hot.

47 thoughts on “Why Trover is a Great Travel App for Travel Planning”

  1. I just got started on Trover this week and can attest that it is addicting! Not only is it a great hub of travel tips and inspiration, but it’s awe-inspiring to see the photography skills of so many of the users – especially you all! I feel like I’ve got some work to do stepping up my photography game, which is a good challenge! 🙂 I love following Living A Kiwi Life and Young Adventuress, too. Australia and New Zealand are definitely well-represented on Trover.

    1. Awesome Lauren, but sorry to hear about your addiction haha. A lot of our addictions seem to be travel related, and incurable.

      We are doing our best to inspire more people to come to Oz and see its beauty. And I’m also loving the NZ tips. And all the tips!

  2. I recently started using Trover too and I’m a huge fan! I’ve found it’s generally got higher-quality travel content than Pinterest or Instagram. A lot of Pinterest travel is just the same pretty picture re-pinned 5,000 times. And on Instagram, if you search for a hashtag for a big city, you often get tons of selfies of people who were there, or people who’ve randomly tagged 20 different cities for likes.

    Trover is way better for finding useful stuff, at least so far. Definitely a fan!

  3. Hi, trover sounds like an amazing website. Will head over now. Just a heads up though that your link to trover.com above is incorrect and doesn’t take you to the site. Have an awesome day 🙂

  4. I should not have read this. That is all.

    Well ok, not all. You owe me a drink if I get addicted to this as I know I will. Great idea – love that the images are original and it is geotagged – perfect for you guys!

  5. Hi guys,

    Great article, and I’m signing up right now. From a marketing perspective, sounds like an awesome way to share with the world our beautiful part of WA!

    Happy troving!

    Australia’s South West

    1. Absolutely Briana. Will be using it for sure when we hit WA from September for 3 months! Can’t wait to explore WA, way more untouched than the east coast.

  6. I got converted to Trover after Kristim wrote about it after her California Road Trip. As a blogger I love sharing tidbits of advice that might not warrant a post. As a traveller I’m loving the inspiration! I’m off to Far North Qld for a couple of months next week and used the map feature to make a list of places I might like to go.

    1. I’ve got some great California tips from that list of Kristin’s.

      We are in North Queensland right now, heading to Magnetic Island for 6 nights then Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. Will be sharing our tips on Trover! Enjoy your trip too Megan!

  7. I’m already addicted! I love all your discoveries and your right, it feels more intimate and like a community compared to Pinterest! I also think the photos are more beautiful! Greyhound? What happened to the trailer? Thanks for the tips Craig.

    1. Been liking your New York photos and tips Brenda. Good to see on there!

      Our camper trailer is temporarily in storage as we are in between getting a new car.

  8. Trover is the perfect combination of Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is overwhelming with beautiful travel images but not a lot of information. Trover gives me the information I need.

    I like that I can read the info quickly, or add something to a list and come back to it later, and know there will be useful tips attached to a photo. It’s currently my favorite app.

  9. I have been using Trover for quite sometime now, but I am too lazy to update it very often. Thanks for inspiring me to be active on trover too!

  10. I recently signed up for Trover and uploaded a few pictures, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. Now it all makes more sense! I guess I’ll check it out more, considering it specifically for travel, which is awesome!

  11. I love that this is specific to travel, and seems WAY more useful than pinterest, where links are sometimes broken or spammy. Great find, thanks for providing a mini tutorial on how to use it as well!

  12. I am using Trover for several months now and I love that it is only for traveling. you can see how the place is called and where it is. Usually on FB people upload photos without saying where is that so you have to ask them if you are interested.

  13. I’m late to the party as I’ve still been trying to get a grasp on Pinterest, but I’ve been hearing lots of great things about Trover lately. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot as I work out some upcoming travel plans. I really like the fact that Trover fosters a sense of community and that those posting can provide notes/tips. That will definitely come in handy!

    1. Definitely more intimate and a good community forming there Dana. And you’re definitely not late to the party with Trover 🙂

  14. I’m a big big fan as well. In fact, I’m such a huge fan that we are borrowing some of their “nearby” UI for the new private couchsurfing app we are building 🙂

  15. I was reading about Trover on another travel blog recently and it does look like a very useful resource. I’m going to check them out right now. I am associated with mapdestinations.org. Map Destinations is there to provide you the best information about the trips and vacations around the world.

  16. This sounds pretty cool! It also sounds thoroughly addictive. I may regret this but I’m off to download the app…

  17. I really love Trover too! (My profile is gezinopreis). It is so addictive. To only thing I would still want is more dutchies on Trover so there will be more local discoveries. If we ever go to australia we will visited some of your discoveries for sure. Those beaches are great!

  18. I was thinking the same thing: OMG who needs another social media app. But I must say I was wrong. After downloading it and playing around with I am now addicted to it as well.

  19. I actually signed up for this site a few months ago after seeing it on another travel blog, but kind of forgot about it. I saw the link in your email today and after reading your article, you motivated me to start posting. I have felt the frustration of the lack of interest from friends and family who don’t understand why I want to make travel a priority in my life and spend less money on material things. Thanks for the reminder and great information!

  20. Crikey. It is so easy to get side tracked! Thanks for the info on Trover, I saw it recently too and had intended to sign up… so will now go do it. Love the fact they are dedicated to travel only.
    Also, you mentioned the smaller files of your older images you wanted to add – if they are jogs, you could maybe open them up in an editing program and save as png’s, which should increase the file size? Cheers.

  21. I never heard about Trover, mainly because there so many social web communities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) but I think I will give a shot for Trover.

  22. Thanks for the very well-written article. I just got started on Trover and, like you, was wondering if it was going to be worth the effort of joining yet another social media app. So far, I’m happy with what I’ve seen and will be using this to plan my trip to Europe next year. I appreciate the tips on how to get started, too. See you on Trover!

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