EP 33: Chattanooga Road Trip with Savannah

visiting chattanooga with kids
Exploring Chattanooga with Savannah

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Show Notes: Chattanooga, TN Road Trip

A special guest joins me in this episode, Miss Savannah Makepeace!

I’m delighted to share the podcast mic with my savvy and vivacious nine year old daughter. We chat about our recent road trip to Chattanooga. It was the first time, Savannah and I have taken a trip with just the two of us.

Traveling solo with just one child is a wonderful way to deepen your bond, have special and rare alone time together, and create wonderful memories. I want to do it more. The last (and only time) I’ve done this was with Kalyra when we visited Chicago together on a weekend getaway for St Patrick’s Day.

We discuss:

  • Why taking a trip with just me was important to Savannah
  • Our stopover destination in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina
  • The power of a labyrinth
  • We we loved Chattanooga and Tennessee
  • All the attractions (including thrilling ones) on Lookout Mountain
  • Savannah’s favorites: Rock City Gardens, the Incline Railway & Ruby Falls
  • A few of the hikes we did (with some tips)
  • What we learned about Stalagmites and Stalactites
  • The Battles for Chattanooga experience + Point Park (tips for how to do it right)
  • The amazing South District area of Chattanooga: food, murals, the Chattanooga Choo Choo and more (including ice cream)
  • The unique Bluff View District and the walk over Walnut Bridge to North Chattanooga (don’t miss the dancing shoes)
  • Kayaking the Tennessee River – a unique Chattanooga experience
  • Our accommodation at the Chattanoogan Hotel and it’s ideal location and cool roof top bar (s’mores deserts for the kids)
  • What else do you want Savannah to talk about on the podcast in future episodes?


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