YTB EP07: Was Our RV Trip Of The USA Worth It? (and how we’d do it differently!)

No matter what the pros and cons are of anything you do, or take a risk on, the defining question at the end is was it worth it?

caravan and truck parked on the side of the road

Despite all the setbacks and challenges (which is normal and to be expected) did you benefit, grow or gain enough to make it worthwhile?

This is the topic we explore in our latest video and podcast.

The other day we discussed the pros and cons to RV travel and the RV lifestyle. And the girls joined us in an episode to share their thoughts on the RV trip.

Now we put all of that together, comparing it with our 18 month Australian road trip, to say whether we feel we benefited, gained or grew enough from the experience to make it worthwhile.

In this video we share:

  • Why our decision was a little crazy from the beginning.
  • The negative impact on our health, relationships and finances.
  • What makes travel purposeful for us.
  • How we seriously can’t cope with cold weather!
  • How did this one compare with our Australian road trip?
  • How we’d do it differently next time – RV or something different?

Listen now on the podcast:

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You only know what you know and you can only make decisions based upon that.

We don’t have a crystal ball, so you do the best with what you have from where you are. Pivot when you can and make the changes that best warrant your situation.

That’s what we want you to take away from this.

We’re kind of like your crystal ball, but don’t follow us completely. We may not be the best fortune tellers for your life, for your values, for what you want to experience.

The RV lifestyle may actually be that dream you’ve been longing for. It might check off all your boxes. Prepare yourself so you can maximize the boxes as best you can.

Take what you liked from our video, leave what you don’t and use that to help you craft the best decision for you.

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7 thoughts on “YTB EP07: Was Our RV Trip Of The USA Worth It? (and how we’d do it differently!)”

  1. Enjoyed listening, our family also went on trip around Australia, the 6 of us in the jayco swan. That was 7 years ago, and it’s funny at the time I thought maybe we were dragging the kids around too much but now I overhear them all talking and laughing about how much fun they had that year. Also last year did 5 weeks in USA , we drove and mostly stayed in motels and some camping – like in national parks. Yeah definitely easier in USA to find accommodation even for the 6 of us and good value too. We had friends who did the RV thing they liked it but I preferred the freedom of choice of motel. I remember a grey nomad telling us in outback Australia, “the best thing about a caravan is that there’s a motel up the road, and the worst thing about a caravan is that there’s a motel up the road” 😂

    1. haha. I like that! So true. Thank you for sharing that experience. I think different styles work for different countries. Australia is great for caravanning. It’s way more relaxing! Thanks for listening to the podcast. We appreciate it.

  2. I’m glad you guys have done this and for a number of reasons really. 1) I remember how long the visa took you to get and we were following your journey wondering if we could do the same thing but also 2) because we don’t really share the less appertising experiences and I do think this clouds people’s judgements about full time travel. For us, I guess like you too, the US was a very mixed barrel of experiences that provoked extreme reactions from immensely sad or angry to ecstatic & in the end very tired. You can’t possibly work and homeschool while you’re fast travelling because there’s no time or room. From another traveller’s perspective, it’s really nice to hear you guys being so honest. Thank you. Enjoy your next travels.

    1. Thank you Emma!! We so appreciate this comment. It’s so true that everything is glorified. We want to show the real experience so that people can be adequately prepared. We want people, families especially, to have the best time together when they travel, if we can help someone avoid making the mistakes we did in order to do that, it makes us feel so happy that we’ve taken the time to share.

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