EP 17: Your RV / Caravan Lifestyle Questions Answered

The colors of Broome + the mudwalk

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Show Notes

You asked, we answered! Thank you so much for shooting through your questions about RV travel. We have answered them for you on our latest podcast episode.

For those of you who prefer video, you’re in luck with this one as we also recorded it in video form!

Keep sending us your questions. We have traveled in multiple styles for over 22 years – and I mean that’s pretty much nomadic the entire time. So don’t be shy. We can help.

We discuss:

  • The best approach for a six month trip of the US in a 4×4 camper
  • Handy tips for managing wanting to see it all!
  • We may whine about the weather again – but we give tips to work around it!
  • What wild camping/ free camping/ boondocking is and tips for finding them
  • Should you rent a travel trailer/ camper/ caravan etc before you buy one?
  • Where you can store your RV
  • Tips for dumping your black waste: How often, how, useful resources and gear
  • Travel Trailer vs RV
  • Approximate costs of the RV trip of the US
  • How the kids are entertained while traveling in the RV
  • What’s it like to drive and RV/travel trailer? And things to consider for safety
  • Using the bathrooms in an RV – what most people really use it for
  • Costs comparisons to traveling in an RV to renting hotels and apartments and self driving and when you should choose one over the other
  • What did we find out the hard way
  • What do we love about it
caravans parked next to a beach
RV camping LA


RV and Caravan resources

Port Lincoln is a must stop on your road trip with kids in South Australia. Click to read more tips on things to do on the Eyre Peninsula
Eyre Peninsula road trip

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