Why visit Kangaroo Valley in NSW

You should always leave space in your travel itinerary for spontaneity.

A large focus of our Australian road trip is to ask for suggestions from our readers and social communities on things to do and see.

When we asked for suggestions on where to go in Southern NSW, there were far too many shout outs to visit Kangaroo Valley for us to ignore. We shuffled around our itinerary and made room for it.

We’re so glad we did. You should really go to Kangaroo Valley too.

Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia
Beautiful views on the drive in
Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia
Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

As one reader said, “I didn’t know Australia was so green.”

Australia is surprising. You’ll find a bit of everything in this country.

The valley is as green as Ireland and with the Australian bush and escarpments framing it, it’s really a pretty place. We would have loved a couple of extra days.

Check out this video of us arriving in the Valley – see how excited we were:

We had plans for exploring the many bike trails, but the weather had other ideas (if you are looking for good bike trails, head down the Upper River Road through the Upper Kangaroo Valley.)

We stayed at the Crystal Creek Meadows  and the owners, Christopher and Sophie had lots of great tips on things to do and see in Kangaroo Valley.

Crystal Creek Meadows Kangaroo Valley, Australia
Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley, Australia
Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo valley, Australia
Savannah & Kalyra exploring Crystal Creek Meadows

Combine Christopher and Sophie’s tips with our reader’s suggestions and you get a pretty great time in Kangaroo Valley, which I think should be renamed to Wombat Valley.

See wild wombats

The first thing you notice on the drive into Kangaroo Valley are the signs warning you to watch for wombats. In Australia, this is a sign usually reserved for kangaroos and koalas, and in Far North Queensland, cassowaries.

Rarely do you see wombats.

Wombat in Kangaroo Valley
wombats in the wild

Before coming to the valley, I had never seen a wild wombat. Thanks to Kangaroo Valley I saw three. They were grazing in the paddocks like lazy cows on a lovely spring afternoon.

It was a thrill for us to encounter them at the Bendeela Picnic Area, which is also a place for free camping.

Pretty cool hey! Camping with the wombats.

Wombat in Kangaroo Valley

Oh and we managed to see the only kangaroo in Kangaroo Valley in the distant paddock. (We’re still pondering why it’s Kangaroo Valley and not Wombat Valley).

Historic Hampden Bridge

The focal point of the town is the sandstone Hampden Bridge spanning the Kangaroo River.

Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia
Hampden Bridge

The historic Hampden Bridge was built in 1898 and is Australia’s last surviving wooden suspension bridge. It was considered an engineering feat of the Victorian era and second only in importance in Australia to Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It’s a pretty bridge to drive across and maintains it’s old wordly charm, with only one lane. I love how this forces you to slow down and wait, acknowledging those with a polite wave of thanks as you drive past.

Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia
Hampden Bridge, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

If you want a calm afternoon, head down to the river below to skim rocks and take a dip.

Kangaroo Valley NSW 051

Try the World’s Best Pies

This is a bold statement to make in Australia. Judging by the amount of people coming in and out of this small Barrengarry store, it could well be true.

Barrengarry store, Kangaroo Valley, Australia

Craig was disappointed to not really be able to judge it as they ran out of all pies but the vegetable curry.

Barrengarry store, Kangaroo Valley, Australia
Barrengarry store, Kangaroo Valley, Australia

Since he has returned to eating meat lately and hasn’t had a meat pie in years, he was shattered he could not try the world’s best. But, he said the curry one was pretty good. I”m gluten free so no pie tasting for me 🙁

Visit Fitzroy Falls

There’s a lovely 3 – 6 km walk here along the cliff face. Fitzroy Falls plunges over the escarpment into the thick Eucalpyt forest in the valley below.

Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia
Fitzroy Falls
Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia

I didn’t find Fitzroy Falls an overly dramatic waterfall, but it’s pretty enough and the views over the valley reminded me of the Blue Mountains.

(Having said that, after visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe I find most waterfalls aren’t that dramatic. Vic Falls will do that to you.)

The boardwalk along the creek, through restored native bushland, takes you to a lookout at the top of the Falls.

Have lunch at the Burrawang Village Hotel (Pub)

Sophie told us the Burrawang Hotel won NSW Country Pub of the year. You cannot ignore a title like that. (Thank goodness for local tips).

A sign in front of a brick building
A tree in front of a house
A group of people sitting at a park

The food was good, although not the best ever, but that did not matter as the views and the beer garden were world class. Any parent who needs a little time out and to feel happy that their kids are happy running around huge grassed areas and climbing trees, needs to come here.

A plate of food
Roast pumpkin & fetta salad
A plate of food
Sweet potato fries
Coopers Pale Ale
Coopers Pale Ale
people sitting at a table
A tree with pink flowers in a garden

There were lots of happy, squealing kids and lots of calm, contented parents gazing out yonder to soak up the serenity. Australia, give me more of these pubs please.

More tips for South Coast NSW

What do you think? Should YOU visit Kangaroo Valley?

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22 thoughts on “Why visit Kangaroo Valley in NSW”

  1. Glad you got to see the wombats at Bendella Kangaroo Valley sure is a very beautiful place. I need to get back there to camp again soon. Great photos and write up.

  2. I still haven’t been to NSW, I’m going to have to plan a trip there in the next couple of years. Kangaroo Valley looks beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Wow, looks such a pretty place 🙂 You crack me up though … I’ve just spent time I don’t actually have watching your video and listening to you sing, Caz! Loved the excitement and the ‘joshing’. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Raymond Waruhari

    The place looks so fresh and peaceful. This is definitely the place to take family. I am happy to see that the xtrail is still clocking miles.

  5. Looks beautiful there. One suggestion, is there a way to put a map on your site of the places where you are traveling in Australia. Would love to be able to see where exactly these places are in Australia since I’m only familiar with the big cities.

      1. Thanks Craig. I’m from NY and mostly familiar with only the big cities in Australia(even though I’ve been there twice).

  6. Australia is a country with numerous amazing places to see and Kangaroo Valley is among top of them. There is lot of things and reasons that makes it a best place to visit and after reading your above post, one can find why it is the best place.

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