Chasing chooks at Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

You know a place is good when you can let your children roam around the property without you and know they are safe AND happy.

Kalyra and Savannah had extraordinarily good fun playing with the chooks that roamed about Crystal Creek Meadows, in Kangaroo Valley.

The rooster and his hens would race over to the door of our Rose Garden Cottage the moment we opened it.

 Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

The girls gave them names and visited them in their hen house, watching as one sat on her eggs. She so generously gave us some of them for our morning breakfast.

I got full reports every half an hour as to what the hen and the eggs were doing. The girls also wandered through the gardens picking a few mandarins off the trees for snack time.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

What was I doing while they were enjoying a taste of freedom?

Enjoying a taste of my own by swinging in the hammock under the trees in the rose garden. It was bliss. Truthfully, the swinging serenity only really lasted 5 minutes, but it was paradise all the same. (Five minutes is just about all a parent needs and will get. It’s amazing how five minutes can clear your head and bring you peace).

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Crystal Creek Meadows has won numerous Australian and NSW tourism awards, including Excellence in Sustainable tourism. The owners Sophie and Christopher are passionate about conserving the local environment and appreciating the peace and serenity nature can give you.

Crystal Creek Meadows encourages you to stay close to the environment and to take care of it.

There’s a bin for your food scraps for the chooks; provided shampoo, conditioner, and lotions all come from natural plants; and the toilet is eco-friendly with a sink built over the cistern, so fresh water runs through the tap, which you wash your hands under, and that water then trickles down to fill the cistern. We LOVED it!! All homes need to have this.

You walk out your cottage and you’re surrounded by abundant gardens, singing birds, and flowering plants, and a 16-acre farm property to explore.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Around the cottage are maps and books about nature and the local area, and Sophie and Christopher are a wealth of knowledge on the best things you can do and see in the area including cycling trails, wombat and platypus viewing areas, and great places to eat in the small Kangaroo Valley town.

What I loved about this property was that it wasn’t sanitary luxury.

You know those places that are too pristine and exquisite and you’re frightened to breathe hence you blow out stale air. This one was homely luxury.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

When you live a nomadic life, you long for those experiences that bring you a bit of home comforts.

Like provided afternoon tea of cupcakes, lamingtons, scones and cream, and gluten free almond cake.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Or, Island Paradise essential oils to soak in the tub of a night.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Or a warm, cozy fire to burn off the chilly evening air and snuggle up to.

And a basket of food sourced locally for breakfast. We enjoyed our smoked salmon, and poached egg breakfasts.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

Not only was Crystal Creek Meadows homely luxurious, it was also magical.

The girls happily jumped in our king-sized bed of a night to read books together and fall asleep. We did not have to ask them more than once to get into bed; read them 5 stories each; or battle for 2 hours with rocks, bum pats, and lullabies to get them to welcome in night time dream land. (We’ve gone back to that battle since we left the Rose Garden Cottage).

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

We just could not believe this had happened and relished those extra evening hours we were gifted, with a soak in the bath and a glass of wine by the fire.

We loved returning to the cottage after a day of exploring to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and the smell of roses and the fresh country air.

Crystal Creek Meadows, Kangaroo Valley

We appreciated our own moments of calm and quiet as the girls raced out of the car door to see how the chooks were getting on without them.

Ahhh serenity.

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Kangaroo Valley is a rift valley along the Kangaroo River, and the small town within it is also called Kangaroo Valley. It’s one of NSW’s hidden gems and is located less than two hours from Sydney.

To stay at Crystal Creek Meadows cottages start at $280 per couple per night.

Want more information? Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

Disclaimer: Our stay was hosted by Destination NSW

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  1. We stayed at Crystal Creek for our honeymoon and loved it. Actually, it’s our 3rd anniversary today so it was timely that I saw this on your blog today. Such a relaxing, peaceful place and it’s amazing what they’ve been able to achieve with the property. We planted a tree with Christopher to help in the rejuvenation too. Would recommend this place to anyone.

  2. Wow ! Loved it ! Kangaroo valley is really worth to explore. I can say that it is a perfect destination of interaction with nature.

  3. Christopher Warren

    Thank you for such a lovely review. I think it is so important that young families enjoy a bit of luxury too!

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