In Love with Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Tasmania

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I am deeply, madly in love with Tasmania. In fact I am deeply, madly in love with Australia.

One thing this I’ve learned is how beautiful and diverse my own country is and how much we as Australian’s take it for granted.

We look to Asia and the Pacific Islands to quench our travel thirst, when in our own backyards we have everything you could ever ask for: amazing scenery, diverse ecosystems, incredible fresh produce, great wine, stunning beaches, vibrant multicultural cities, a cool happening vibe and wonderful people.

My heart at the moment has been left on the rocky cove of Hazards Beach, Tasmania.

It was where it wanted to rest for a while where nothing else moved through except the wind, marine life, and the rare soft patter of feet.

Pure, remote, desolate, peaceful, and breathtaking.

Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (27)
Hazards Beach
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (31)
The granite peaks
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (28)
Pure and ready for your footprints
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (20)
Hazard Peaks at the other end of the beach
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (21)
A rocky playground
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (38)
I want to sit here for hours
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (37)
Playing in the rock pools

Tasmanian Air Adventures – Sea Plane to Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay Tasmania (4)
Our departure from Hobart
Wineglass Bay Tasmania (5)
Lauren: Instagrammer and co-pilot

We arrived by sea plane from Hobart, flying over the famous Wineglass Bay – a beach consistently rated as one of the world’s best.

Three pink granite peaks – the Hazard mountains – rise dramatically, protecting the bay from the infiltration of humanity. The Freycinet Peninsula was not meant for buildings and tour groups, rubbish and flashing neon lines, and those not willing to make a journey to experience paradise.

Our pilot pointed out beautiful places along the way and had a lot of knowledge and passion for the area. I felt really safe in the sea plane and thoroughly enjoyed this way of flying. Landing and take off was smooth and far more stunning than any airport could ever be.

Freycinet Peninsula
The views along the flight – How beautiful is the water in Tasmania?
Freycinet Peninsula TAsmania (3)
Freycinet Peninsula – a protected National Park
Freycinet Peninsula (2)
Yet another stunning Tassie Beach
Freycinet Peninsula TAsmania (1)
Gorgeous coastline
Freycinet Peninsula TAsmania (2)
Here comes Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay Tasmania (1)
One of the best beaches in the world
Wineglass Bay Tasmania (2)
Wineglass Bay
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (25)
Flying over Hazards Beach – stunning
Hazards Beach Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania (23)
Getting ready to land on these waters
Tasmanian air adventures
What a parking space!

Just across the small strip of land from Wineglass Bay was Hazards Beach, the place where our sea plane has permission to land.

We were met by Ranger D. He hiked 2 hours to greet us. That is the only other way you can sit and contemplate how beautiful nature can be and how lucky you are to experience it.

Ranger D took us to the rock pools to show us starfish and sea snails hiding under rocks, sea anemones and hermit crabs. He brings families and school children out for discovery tours on the beach.

“They absolutely love it. “he said. “You need them to come here when they are young and full of curiosity, before they are sucked in by the likes of Facebook.”

I could barely concentrate on what he was saying. My heart was calling me to just sit and be. To soak up this magical place and fill myself up on its perfect energy.

Ranger discovery tours Freycinet Peninsula
Ranger D
starfish (1)
Abundance of starfish
Teeny crabs
marine life starfish
Rock pools thriving with marine life
starfish (2)
Up close

It was the most amazing way to finish my visit to Tasmania.

Tasmania is beautiful. I am stunned that it is often overlooked for the other major star Australian attractions. For more information on sea plane tours to Wineglass Bay click here.


8 thoughts on “In Love with Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Tasmania”

  1. Hi Caz,

    Great pics – any chance we can use them. Especially those aerials of Hazards?? Can you send jpegs to my Email

    Pleasure to host you, glad you loved it – come back one day!!


  2. It must be amazing to live in Australia. Those pics are stunning I can’t even imagine how beautiful it must have been to experience that. Wow.

    Being from a small, not very diverse country as Denmark, I feel like I know everything this country has to offer. I would love to go to Australia soon, it looks so amazing and full of surprises! I really love your Australia posts and those amazing pictures… Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for enjoying them Celia! Australia is so diverse, I am really loving exploring it more. We are hoping to do a big road trip around the country with the girls so stay tuned

  3. Love your images of Tasmania so inspiring…yes we are fortunate to live in this amazing country. Took my french dad and his girlfriend on an 8 day self drive around Tasmania about 12 years ago… I am now helping him plan a return to Tasmania, but this time with my sister and her kids…he is not a big traveller but he loved Tassie…

    1. Oh how wonderful. I hope they all have a great time. Tasmania has so much to offer, it really is a unique part of Australia. I can’t wait to return to explore more

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