6 Beaches in Tasmania you must set foot on

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For a small state Tasmania has a lot going for it, and you should definitely give the “Apple Isle” more than a few days.

Tassie has some of Australia’s most important historical sites like World Heritage Port Arthur, delicious local produce that you must get a taste of, unspoilt wilderness in places like the Gordon River and Bruny Island, and charming walkable cities filled with sandstone buildings like Hobart.

And then there are the beaches in Tasmania! Some of the most scenic and uncrowded beaches you will find anywhere in Australia are in Tasmania. Tasmanian beaches are not famous for surfing or warm temperatures for swimming, but if you want some serious eye candy and a beautiful beach to stroll along, Tasmania has them.

Below are photos of my 6 favourite beaches in Tasmania from our month long road trip that you must set foot on:

1. Hazards Beach

Located in Freycinet National Park (our favourite place in Tassie), we fell in love with Hazards Beach. Base yourself in Coles Bay and combine it with the walk to Wine Glass Bay. Or, do it in style and take a sea plane from Hobart.Hazards Beach, Tasmania, Australia

A rocky beach next to a body of water

2. Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is situated on the north-east coast of Tasmania and is a region of white beaches, blue water and these incredible rock formations (orange-hued granite).ay of Fires, Tasmania, AustraliaBay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

3. Wineglass Bay

Imagine being all alone on world famous Wine Glass Bay. That’s what happened to us. When you visit Freycinet National Park, get up early to do the walk to Wineglass Bay. You may just have the place all to yourself like us.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia

man standing on a beach

4. Bicheno Beach

I wish we spent more time in Bicheno instead of just a lunch break on one of our driving days. Located on the east coast of Tasmania (north-east of Hobart), this beach and small town was very inviting and hard to leave.

Bicheno Beach, Tasmania, Australia

Bicheno Beach, Tasmania, Australia

5. Binalong Bay

This beach is actually situated at the southern end of the Bay of Fires (can that place get any better?). Take a walk here then finish off with a great coffee and view from the Binalong Bay Cafe.

Binnalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Binnalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Bay of Fires Tasmania (17)

6. Friendly Beaches

One more beach from Freycinet National Park. You can now see why Freycinet is our favourite place in Tasmania. Want incredible beaches, this National Park has them!

Friendly Beaches, Tasmania, Australia

Friendly Beaches, Tasmania, Australia

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed our photos and got inspired to include these beaches on your list of things to do in Tasmania.

Want more best beaches in Australia?

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Can you recommend a beach in Tasmania we haven’t visited yet?

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28 thoughts on “6 Beaches in Tasmania you must set foot on”

  1. What a beautiful place Tassie is and you are capturing it so well with all of your wonderful photos. It’s really making me want to get to Tassie soon.

  2. Beautiful fotos. We still have three weeks here in Tassie to visit some of these beaches. Today we have been to the South Cape Bay. There are some really nice bays and beaches too. Now we are on the way to Bruny Island.

  3. Some great pictures there, although it make me regret not visiting Tasmania when I drove around Australia a few years back. Still, it’s there for next time!

  4. Interesting that you never found any beaches up along the North West coast like Boat Harbour Beach , Godfrey’s Beach at Stanley, and Ocean Beach on the West Coast to add .

    I should know as i am a tour guide and operate Murrays Day Out Tasmania , and you may see a few other beaches and sites of Tassie if you look at http://www.facebook.com/murraysdayouttasmania cheers.

      1. Eye roll. What a ridiculous comment. Search around the site and you’ll see we went to the rest of the state- the parts we could get to. We didn’t think the beaches compared to that of the East coast which is why these are listed. This is our personal blog with our personal opinion. Please go and make better use of your time then wasting it with snarky comments. Surely life can offer you far more enjoyment than that.

        btw are you Tasmanian? We know of at least three people who have told us they travelled to Tasmania for at 3 months or more because of the content we put on this blog. That’s only people who we’ve met in person who’s told us. I’m sure there are hundreds more who will now make Tasmania a destination. What does that do to your local economy? We didn’t get much in return to be honest. So Tasmania gets way more than we did. Yet you want to say comments like this. A simple thank you is enough

        1. I am a Tasmanian (currently living interstate) and your pictures only make me more homesick :p It’s a beautiful place, the whole state and I can understand how some locals feel like the western region gets forgotten and passed over. However you can’t take that out on the tourists themselves. The best we can do is to lobby the government and the tourism body to market all regions and as far as I’m concerned the most recent Discover Tasmania campaign (Go behind the scenery) does that much better than past campaigns while still leaving room for improvement. Please don’t take too much offence Caz and Craig, Arcadia seems to be misdirecting their frustration.

  5. Absolute beautiful! But these beaches are all on the East coast. What about the rest of the state? Boat Harbour Beach or Sisters Beach are two superb examples on North West coast.

  6. #7 “the golden mile” at the tip of seven mile beach, as commonly seen from lewisham
    #8 “carlton beach and its inlets”
    #9 “pirates bay” at eaglehawk neck, involves a 30min walk, it’s home to 90m sand dunes that end on the water

    Just 3 amazing beaches in the south of tasmania, with many more, yes the eastcoast has some of tassies best beaches but not all of them! Ask the locals in the know, not all of our top beaches are in glossy brochers 😉 we do like to keep some secret

  7. You didn’t mention Boat Harbour beach west of Wynyard on the north west coast. One of the best beaches in Tassie especially for families with children.

  8. We accidentally stumbled upon Hawley Beach 15 years ago whilst looking for accommodation near The Spirit of Tasmania. Devonport was booked out…and we are glad, as immediately we fell in love with the incredible beauty here and have lived here ever since. The 20 minute countryside drive is lovely…and then…that view coming into the Port Sorell region of the irridescent turquoise bay with Narawntapu National Park backdrop is WOW. The beaches are pristine, and Hawley Beach is unique with the tangerine lichen topped volcanic rock beach formations at one end. The region is surrounded by nature reserves and walking tracks where you see pademelons and wallabies. Shops, cafes etc 1km away. Approx 4,000 in the community, though you feel like the large expanses of beach, coves, nature are your own paradise as you hardly see another person, except in January – the population more than doubles. Hawley Beach is perfect for getting back to nature and WOW for the eyes and soul.

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