Visiting Liffey Falls and the Central Plateau Conservation Area

One thing Craig and I really miss about travel pre-kids are bushwalks and hikes.

We do our best to still do them with Savannah and Kalyra, but it is not the same. Our walks are much shorter and our loads heavier. Kalyra doesn’t get far without breaking into the

“My legs are sooooooreeee” whinge and has to be carried on Daddy’s shoulders.

Liffey Falls, Tasmania

We were desperate for a walk in the bush on our recent Behind the Scenery trip to Tasmania and so scheduled in a walk to Liffey Falls.

Now it wasn’t a strenuous or long walk, but without the kids we could walk unencumbered for 40 minutes and quietly absorb the fresh air and forest surroundings.

There is the hot debate amongst Tasmanians as to what is the best waterfall in Tasmania: Liffey Falls or Russel Falls in the south of the island?

Liffey Falls Tasmania (1)
At the lower cascade

I have not seen Russell, but I am keen after spending time at Liffey.

The falls weren’t running at full capacity due to the drought like conditions that has hit Tasmania this past summer season (We’ve stolen all their rain on the mainland), but, it was still pretty.

Liffey is a series of four cascading falls. There are viewpoints to stop at each cascade. At the lower falls is where you probably want to spend most of your time photographing, picnicking and, if the water is high enough, swimming.

Liffey Falls Tasmania (3)
Liffey Falls
Liffey Falls Tasmania (5)
Lovely spot for a picnic lunch
Liffey Falls Tasmania (9)
The upper cascade
Liffey Falls Tasmania (7)

Much of the forest you walk through is new growth due to the history of logging in the area. I would love to have seen it before.

The towering Eucalyptus and tall tree ferns creating canopied tunnels for us to walk through seemed big and old enough to me

Liffey Falls is a World Heritage Area

The walk lies within the Liffey Falls State Reserve, an area of cool temperate rainforest, featuring myrtle, sassafras and leatherwood on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers.

Liffey Falls walk, Tasmania, Australia
Love those ferns

Central Plateau Conservation Area – the land of a thousand lakes

On our discover Launceston post we spoke about the amazing places we visited thanks to tips from the locals.

We had another great tip this day which we also followed.

Our guide, Nicola, suggested we drive from Liffey Falls to the Central Plateau Conservation area, the sub-alpine moorlands on the most northern edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Pine Lake Walk Tasmania

It’s known as the Land of A Thousand Lakes and is popular place for anglers to come and fish for wild trout. On the shores of Great Lake is Miena, the fishing shack capital of Tasmania.

This is real people free wilderness area, the Central Plateau is spiked with steep mountains, glacial lakes, waterfalls, abundant wildlife and unusual flora such as the ancient pencil pine. It reminded me of the eerie dead trees in Dead vlei, Namibia.

Central Plateau conservation area Tasmania
One of the many viewpoints

We did a short 30 minute walk around Pine Lake. It’s a gentle introduction to the rugged landscape,but will take you back over 100 million years.

There are a variety of alpine plants, many of which can only be found in Australia.

A storm was brewing in the distance over Great Lake, Australia’s largest permanent natural freshwater lake.

Our sightseeing adventure soon finished once we drove into it, but we saw enough to know that this a special area of Tasmania worth visiting.

Pine Lake Walk Tasmania (2)
The Pine Lake walk
Pine Lake Walk Tasmania (5)
A rugged landscape
Pine Lake Walk Tasmania (4)
Alpine flora
Pine Lake, Tasmania, Australia
Pine Lake
Great Lake Central Plateau Conservation area Tasmania (1)
Great Lake
Great Lake Central Plateau Conservation area Tasmania (3)
Storms ahead

What do you think? Is Liffey Falls the best in Tasmania? Know any other secret spots?

Disclaimer: We travelled to Tasmania as part of the Behind the Scenery campaign with Tourism Tasmania

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8 thoughts on “Visiting Liffey Falls and the Central Plateau Conservation Area”

  1. What a beautiful area! Whenever I get to Australia, this would definitely be the type of place I would want to hike and explore. Love the photos! What time of day were those taken?

    1. It is the most amazing state. We can’t wait to go back and do some more hiking. Have you done the Overland track?

  2. Wow gorgeous! Im ashamed to say that I never made it to Tasmania – And Im an Aussie!

    Whenever we go back to Australia I have made a promise to myself to visit Tassie. How can I miss something so beautiful when it was right in my backyard for 37 years!

    1. You really have to add it to your list Nicole. It is really the most underrated state in Australia. It is definitely one of my favourites. I can’t wait to go back and explore more. It offers so much diversity

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