I Don’t Have the Money to Travel

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How many times have we let this statement of not having money get in the way of our dreams?

We cut ourselves off from the actualization of our goals before we have even given ourselves a chance to open our minds to the opportunities that will allow us to find the money we need, in order to do what we desire.

I don't have the money to travel
Dream First

Here’s a news flash.

Life is short.

Too short.

For some, it is longer than others.

The only certainty is that none of us will ever know when our time on this beautiful planet is over.

It is not the money you don’t have, it is the time.

Ask yourself what are you spending your money on?

How can you better switch the equation around so you are spending your money on the time you need to do what you love?

Don’t allow money to be the excuse that gets in the way of your dream. Don’t worry, we all do it. We’ve been there before too, and we are waking up once again to how we used to think.

First you believe in the dream and then the money will come.

Works every time.

Like the time we planned our two month road trip down the South East Coast of the USA. Just weeks out from our depature date, we had no idea how we were going to do it. We hadn’t saved enough, but we kept planning and dreaming.

And then a friend from Dublin contacted me, “Hey, I have a check here for you. Back pay from when you taught here two years ago. Where do you want me to send the 2,000 Euros?”

“Straight to my road trip fund please!”

I arrived in London with no money, no jobs and no friends, just a dream. A couple of weeks later I had friends, a job, and was all set to go to the Greek Isles for a 2 week summer holiday.

I arrived in Dublin with 70 pounds to my name. Again no job, no friends, in two days time I had two jobs and the money was flowing.

Just like we spent all our money in Africa, just before we were set to move to America. We had the job ready, and the dream alive, just no cash to get started.

“You guys really should come and work on the Pearl Farm with me,” my brother encouraged us,  “It’s awesome and the money is great. I can help you get a jpb.”

We took a risk and flew to Broome, Western Australia.

We got on the farm a week later. Four months later we boarded the flight to the US with $15,000.

We believe in the dream and have no idea how the money will come, we just know it will.

The Ultimate Travel Adventure starts for Craig in two weeks in New Zealand for the World Cup Rugby. The money came without us ever having to work out HOW.

It’s not the money that is important.

It’s the dream

And its the time you have left to live the dream.

Believe in the dream and the money will come.

Have you had money suddenly appear for your dreams before?


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