I Don’t Have the Money to Travel

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How many times have we let this statement of not having money get in the way of our dreams?

We cut ourselves off from the actualization of our goals before we have even given ourselves a chance to open our minds to the opportunities that will allow us to find the money we need, in order to do what we desire.

I don't have the money to travel
Dream First

Here’s a news flash.

Life is short.

Too short.

For some, it is longer than others.

The only certainty is that none of us will ever know when our time on this beautiful planet is over.

It is not the money you don’t have, it is the time.

Ask yourself what are you spending your money on?

How can you better switch the equation around so you are spending your money on the time you need to do what you love?

Don’t allow money to be the excuse that gets in the way of your dream. Don’t worry, we all do it. We’ve been there before too, and we are waking up once again to how we used to think.

First you believe in the dream and then the money will come.

Works every time.

Like the time we planned our two month road trip down the South East Coast of the USA. Just weeks out from our depature date, we had no idea how we were going to do it. We hadn’t saved enough, but we kept planning and dreaming.

And then a friend from Dublin contacted me, “Hey, I have a check here for you. Back pay from when you taught here two years ago. Where do you want me to send the 2,000 Euros?”

“Straight to my road trip fund please!”

I arrived in London with no money, no jobs and no friends, just a dream. A couple of weeks later I had friends, a job, and was all set to go to the Greek Isles for a 2 week summer holiday.

I arrived in Dublin with 70 pounds to my name. Again no job, no friends, in two days time I had two jobs and the money was flowing.

Just like we spent all our money in Africa, just before we were set to move to America. We had the job ready, and the dream alive, just no cash to get started.

“You guys really should come and work on the Pearl Farm with me,” my brother encouraged us,  “It’s awesome and the money is great. I can help you get a jpb.”

We took a risk and flew to Broome, Western Australia.

We got on the farm a week later. Four months later we boarded the flight to the US with $15,000.

We believe in the dream and have no idea how the money will come, we just know it will.

The Ultimate Travel Adventure starts for Craig in two weeks in New Zealand for the World Cup Rugby. The money came without us ever having to work out HOW.

It’s not the money that is important.

It’s the dream

And its the time you have left to live the dream.

Believe in the dream and the money will come.

Have you had money suddenly appear for your dreams before?


50 thoughts on “I Don’t Have the Money to Travel”

  1. I’ve said it before. It’s not about how much money you have but how much you can experience with the money you have to spend. You don’t have to go far to have a great adventure!

    1. The great adventure can start with your spirit. A hike in the woods can be some of the most valuable adventures you can have- and all for free!

  2. Inspring, C&C! I dream now, because I dar. So many travel blogs including yours have been encouraging in a way I never thought possible. In a way, I hope to find that voice which provides similar encouragement to someone else in the future, a way of passing it forward.

      1. I really enjoy this article. Don’t let money get in the way indeed. I am a student who can’t really afford to travel, but I also need to balance my life and get away sometimes, immerse myself in adventure and satiate my desires. This past summer, I dusted off my thumb and went hitchhiking. Although I would not promote this method of travel, I would suggest it. Trust your gut obviously, and if possible, travel with someone. While traveling in Northern Quebec, a German couple picked us up, along with a 10-month old baby. You never know who’s world you will get to take a ride in. Makes me think of Waking Life… Free travel is available, in exchange for work. A wonderful way is to farm. I see that you went farming, and that you were paid which is a wonderful opportunity. I was not looking for money as much as I was looking for a working holiday. WWOOF is international and a great way to be invited into the worlds of interesting people. I made a short video of my experience that I would like to share: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb7oeyL2aoQ Happy Travels!

        1. Thanks for sharing Lindsay and your suggestions. There are plenty of ways to travel for free or on the cheap, you just have to look for them and then be prepared to do them. Hitchiking would have been a grand adventure.

  3. It’s funny how it works out. Almost like the power of thought?
    I was worried that I was running out of money and wouldn’t be able to finish my RTW trip and the next day got a call that a substantial pay cheque was still owed to me.
    And even if you don’t have money coming in…there are ways to cut down on what money is going out too.

    1. Exactly Brock! I love how you said that you always have that back up plan of things you can do. Definitely the power of thought and so awesome that it helped your travels continue

  4. LOL Money suddenly appears in my dreams, sometimes. It’s the healthy can-do attitude you have that puts the money in your bank account, though. Great post and an inspiration. Thanks !

  5. Thank you! You are so right, “life is too short!”. I will definitely take each thought into consideration when I plan for my next vacation, which will be hopefully soon:-) Take care, Terra

  6. Hi Caz! This is so true. Especially in India where I come from, and where it isn’t so common for people to take career breaks, when people hear about my plans they immediately assume I must’ve come into some money through an inheritance or have always been rich and some even ask me if my parents are probably funding this trip! Its hard to convince them that if you plan and effectively save up for your dreams its easily possible to do it. Whether it’s buying a car, house or travelling for a year. Travelling is NOT that expensive.. and while I haven’t had the experience of money suddenly appearing but it has appeared slowly and steadily but only because I chose so.

    1. I like how you said because I chose so. That is spot on. You chose to believe in your dreams and then you chose to make certain sacrifices and lifestyle choices in order to make them a reality. Inspirational!

  7. I’ve always been a saver, but I definitely think it’s about priorities! I’ve never been one to blow money at the bars or on lots of new clothes–I love the term “thoughtful consumption.” Helps me be able to save up for experiences and travel! When my friends complain about not having the money to travel–and wonder why I do–I remind them that I don’t hit up every happy hour, I don’t have the latest Marc Jacobs watch, etc. It’s all about choosing the life you want to live!

    1. Exactly!! We have to always give the same reminders. all you need to do is make a few different, and simple, lifestyle choices and you’ll discover a whole lot avenues of money start streaming in.

  8. another inspiring post caz… and i so agree… looking back… i also couldnt believe how things fell into its right place… i left my country with so little money that wouldnt last me for a couple of months and yet im still on the road until now (5th month)… a few bucks started flowing thru the income streams that i built a year ago… money though is not the deal maker… it’s our passion to pursue our dreams and make it our reality… keep on being an inspiration Caz 🙂

  9. Absolutely this has happened to me! Once my kids left home and I was freer to travel I was really irresponsible and blew all my money. The next time I really really needed to get away I booked flights and next thing I knew there was €4,000 in my bank, like magic. They told me it was a life insurance policy which I’d cancelled three years previously! I’d argued with them at the time that they hadn’t paid me sufficiently (it was a mortgage protection insurance & I’d sold my apartment to travel), and they swore it was all paid. However, I’m glad they made the mistake because it funded that trip! I’ve had smaller instances too. Just the other day, having booked the first leg of my short Autumn trip for this year, I got a phone call to ask if I’d like to be an extra in an advertising video being made last Wednesday….not a fortune, one day’s work, but it will pay for at least one flight in my trip, and I expect more instances to turn up now that I am concentrated on my journey.

    1. I love it when money magically appears!! Trying to figure it out for yourself is just too difficult. I love how you said you expect more instances to turn up now. Perfect attitude

  10. I have always been very risk averse, so I saved for a long time to live my travel dream of taking a sabbatical to travel through Latin America.

    But I am meeting so many people and reading stories like this that tell me it is still possible without saving up lots of cash. Hopefully, that can-do attitude is rubbing off on me a little 🙂

    1. I think so! Plus once you start doing the travel you start to see how you really don’t need millions to do it, you just have to make different choices.

  11. Petina/ pocketvillage

    So true that it’s all about priorities, how you choose to spend your money and also looking for opportunities. I have two trips planned for next year and I’m trying to find more activities that are fun and free. 😉

    1. And it is so easy to find those fun and free activities as well. Once you start believing in your dream all the ways that it can be made possible start appearing.

  12. Such an inspiring entry. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me 🙂

    I’ve just gotten over the excitement of returning to Sydney and having a job and a social life again, and the urge to get out and see more of the world has well and truly returned. But bills and credit card payments and the like all seemed very overwhelming.

    It was good to read an entry like this. Makes me feel like maybe I don’t need to put off my trip until next December just so I can save $10,000. Maybe $5000 is enough to follow my dream 🙂

    1. That’s right Chris. When you start believing in the dream then your mind starts to think of other ways to make it possible. Allow your mind the freedom to explore those ways

  13. I love this post! “Dream big and don’t let money stand in the way.”
    Thank you for reminding me that if I want do travel the world, I can! and I will. Thanks:)

  14. You are so right! We’ve been able to travel and adjust our travel depending on the money we have. You can have an adventure no matter how much money you have – you just need to know how to adjust!

    Being “planning-centric”, I tend to make sure we save enough before we embark on any “dream” of ours. But I’m starting to see your point. As long as we stay true to our dream, we’ll always find a way to make the money to sustain it!

  15. I’m in a similar situation you mentioned in the post. I’ve been in West Africa the last year and am now back in the UK with a couple of hundred pounds to my name… My next adventure awaits though, I’ll be teaching in China for a year come October. I then hope to travel through Central Asia before planning for my ultimate dream. Alaska to Argentina by bike. I’ve never understood when people (my friends included) have said they don’t have the money to travel. Travel is often about sacrifice and it most certainly is when it comes to saving for it. Do we really need a new pair of Jeans or a mobile every other month… No, I’ll take the road! 🙂 Great post, thanks guys! 🙂

    1. Spot on Sam. If you prioritize in the right way, you’ll find the money for whatever it is that you want. Your ultimate dream sounds fantastic!

  16. I just wanted to thank you Caz for such an inspiring and uplifting post. Reading this and all the other comments couldn’t have come at a better time. I graduated from culinary school a year ago and I was able to accomplish some personal and travel goals, which I wanted to do before “getting serious”. During this time (and due to a major travel mishap *think visa/deportation*) I did some life reevaluation. I realized that the reason I was feeling down was because I was thinking that getting a job, means my traveling days are over. But then I thought “Why can’t I travel and make it my life, career even?”. There is nothing stopping it from happening except myself. So again thank you for a wonderful post.

    1. You are welcome Lisa.
      Craig and I know what you are going through. We went through that when we returned home in 07 after 5 years abraod. It is a really depressing time, especially when you think your travels are over- the very thing that brings you so much joy.
      It took us awhile but we finally discovered how we can make travel a permanent lifestyle. Not there totally yet but almost. You can do it, absolutely nothing stopping you. Go for it!

  17. I like how you dream and it happens! Its asking the right questions that makes all the difference!!! I have a dream to travel around Australia in our Motorhome. Dont know how that is going to happen, just know that it is! Kinda like you with your faith about travelling and the money turning up!


  18. Well put. When I was in the very early stages of getting serious about planning my move over here, I won a bit over $1,000 with a Lotto slikpik. And if that wasn’t enough…I did it again 6 weeks later! I still would have saved the money to get over here….it was a very welcome kick-start to my savings fund, that’s for sure.

  19. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to us! But the opportunities don’t present themselves until AFTER you decide you’re going to do it, and start looking for how to make it happen.

  20. Great post! I have just finished listening your pod cast about working around the world this morning so timely that I should stumble on this today. We are currently heading our way through Vietnam and hoping to find work teaching or in a beach bar to fund further travels! Hope it comes as easily to us!

    1. That sounds like it will be lots of fun. It will come easily to you. Just focus on it being so. There usually is lots of work aroudn the world for teaching

  21. I just read this (again, I guess) and was about to comment and tell you ‘Yes! this has happened to us”… but I saw I already commented in Oct ’11 🙂

    Guess it’s just a really good post. I’m going to include it in my ‘Fund Your Lifestyle’ resource page 🙂

  22. As much of an inspirational post this is it does not apply for all. I live on a tight budget and rarely spend money on indulgences, and at the end still have not money for travel. A year or so ago I tried this way of living and took off. I had the most amazing time of my life, but am still working to pay back debt from this adventure. I lived super cheaply, in a tent rarely paying for accommodation, basic food was the only real expense. No jobs or money fell into my lap. What did I do wrong? It’s my dream to get out and need so seriously positive advice.

    1. I know how hard it is Ashlee, as we have struggled before too with finding any spare money. But you have done it before. You just have to ask yourself two important questions: How can I create more money? How can I cut back my expenses and save more? It sounds like you live on a tight budget already. What can you do then to create more money? Can you work extra hours? Get a second job? Sell some possessions? Somehow create your own income? or study more to get different qualifications?

      And then think of the free “travel” experiences you can have in your own backyard. This is one of our favourite ways to travel. Discover new ares in your own home region. You might not be going far and it might not feel like travel, but in essence you really are. Once you start feeling that travel joy and excitment doors of opportunity might open to you and you might start thinking of new ideas. So much of what we attract into your life is a result of how we are feeling–we start to feel better and what we want begins to arrive.

  23. This post is truly inspiring, I’m currently in the midst of having to make another massive jump in my life from living in Australia to heading to UK to work with very little money. I just wanted to know how much your post has helped inspire me to make that big step and follow my dreams 🙂

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