A Travel Manifesto: Our Guide for Memorable Travel

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I sat down to write a travel manifesto and struggled. Not struggled for something to say, but struggled with too many things to say.

Sometimes too much sage advice can overwhelm and paralyze. I decided to pare my travel wisdom back to 10.

What are the 10 essential guidelines to follow to ensure a memorable travel experience?

To be honest, it’s not just about memorable travel for you, because nothing we ever do involves us. Other people will always be present as our world is interconnected.

The travel manifesto needs to incorporate the experience of those you encounter on your journey and how your growth through travel can make a positive difference.

I knew a travel manifesto was dying to be born.

Our Travel Manifesto

Following these 10 principles will affect your life positively, both in the moment of travel and for many years after.

A travel manifesto
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28 thoughts on “A Travel Manifesto: Our Guide for Memorable Travel”

  1. Great graphic. It’s extremely important to “love like it is not home” instead of trying to recreate home all the time. I think that is one of the major draws of travel for me.

    1. I agree Forest! I crave the differences always. We love living as a foreigner in another country as even the everyday is an adventure. The bad effect of that of course is when you have to return home. It seems so boring and its so hard to adjust!

  2. Hey Caz, thank you for adding such informative and valuable article for the travel community. This article gives me some new ideas to move further. Also the info graphic is nice to understand the whole idea. Once again thank you!

  3. Christoffer Moen

    Love this! “Give back and share what you’ve learned” –> That’s a lovely tenet to live by as you go places.

  4. I love this. It’s so short, so simple, and so… right on the mark! My wife and I just launched our blog a few months ago, I wanted to explore other cool travel manifestos (that’s what got us started after a really inspirational honeymoon in New Zealand) and I came across yours and it has to be my favorite of my discoveries thus far. I then got sidetracked reading tons of blogs, particularly around traveling with kids as we explore what adding kids to the mix will look like for our travel style when we’re currently doing 20+ international trips each year. So thanks for the inspiration and the insight!

    Our travel manifesto is posted here: http://twototravelandtango.com/travel-stories/travel-manifesto-loving-hearts-analytical-minds-and-curious-souls/

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