EP 16: Tips for Tent Camping (+ fun stories from around the world)

tent camping tips
We love tent camping

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Show Notes

Why not record a podcast offering camping tips while you’re camping on the edge of the lake?

We spent a few days camping at Kerr Lake. Tent camping is one of our favorite things to do and we have LOADS of experience camping in Australia, Africa and the US.

We share all our tips, plus a few insider stories and funnies.

We discuss:

  • Why we love camping and the adventures it’s given our lives
  • How it suits your circadian rhythm and enhances your health, especially your mental health
  • Camping on the beach on Zanzibar Island and Lake Malawi, Africa
  • How camping helps you get off the beaten path
  • How easy it is to camp with minimal equipment (hello 6 months in Africa with just a tent and roll mattress)
  • A helpful organization tip to help you be able to leave at a moment’s notice
  • Put it in your calendar and let nature unplug you. Slow down, disconnect, get quiet and silent so you can figure it out. Go to nature.
  • The equipment we have and other handy things we want in the future.
  • Potential pains and how you can overcome them.
  • Different places you can go camping, what we prefer, and how to book a spot.
  • Why an RV park may not be the best for kids and what alternative is
  • The thing that scares Caz the most and a story that freaked her out when camping at Mooloolaba
  • Some of our favorite camping places around the world.
  • Some rules and considerations of camping
  • Our bear incident camping in the Colorado Rockies
  • The snake in the toilet incident in Darwin
  • The most dangerous hike in Africa that took us to an unbelievable campsite

There’s something so magical about camping in nature, that when you arrive, it just pulls you into the present moment. Just get yourself here. Nature will take care of the rest.

lone rock campground, Lake Powell
Camping on Lake Powell (Lone Rock Campground)

Places & Stories mentioned in podcast

Satterwhite Point campsite Kerr Lake NC


Some beautiful campsites

Campsite overlooking the escarpment in Malawi
Campsite overlooking the escarpment in Malawi
Daily Travel Photo: Zanzibar Island, Africa
Our beach campsite on Zanzibar Island, Africa – heaven
Camping at Kerr Lake, North Carolina
Kerr Lake camping, NC
Mayoka Village Nkhata Bay Malawi
Our terraced campsite at Mayoka Village Nhkatha Bay
Mayoka village Malawi (800 x 600)
The owners gave us a cheap deal on a bungalow upgrade
Budget travel to Africa
Chillin Africa style -after months of camping, we were in heaven!

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