EP 32: From Big House to Full Time RV Travel with Kay (Mom Trotter)

Kay the mom trotter
Kay, Sylvester and Aiden

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Show Notes: About Kay Trotter

This podcast interview is with the inspiring Kay Akpan from the popular Instagram, YouTube, and blog, The Mom Trotter. She is also a writer, speaker and advocate for gentle parenting.

Kay created The Mom Trotter to share her budget travel tips, homeschooling life, parenting as well as to connect with other families following the same path.

Kay joins me to chat who and her husband Sylvester sold their way too big house to buy an RV and put family at the center of their life as they travel full time with their son, Aiden.

We chat about overcoming your fears to Just Do It, life on the road, homeschooling, reducing debt and smart money matters for kids.

I love how Kay embraces our family travel philosophy that travel doesn’t have to stop after kids. Her passion is to empower parents to see how travel with kids is possible and doable as a one income family, stay at home parent or while working a full time job.

We discuss:

  • Kay’s family travel lifestyle and how it has evolved
  • Why they decided to trade the too big house for an RV
  • The benefits full time RV travel has given to their family
  • The value of taking a leap of faith (and how to do it)
  • The homeschooling lifestyle
  • The crippling nature of debt and student loans
  • Tips on how to pay down your debt – and ways to reframe your thinking around spending
  • Some useful advice on smart money matter for kids – including Roblox investing!
  • The power of a positive attitude to change your perspective on the challenging times

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