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San Francisco travel tips

Tips for San Francisco, California

By Craig Makepeace | May 11, 2011

Looking for some insider San Francisco travel tips? We always like to ask our community for tips, so we put the question to our Facebook community who were willing to oblige. The questions were based […]

Michael Jordan's 1982 NCAA Championship shoes

Michael Jordan and the North Carolina Experience

By Craig Makepeace | March 27, 2011

Growing up as a kid in Australia, I was never a basketball fan, let alone a Michael Jordan fan. For me it was all about Rugby League and Cricket. We didn’t have cable TV back […]

New York City the perfect winter vacation for families in the USA

New York City Travel Tips

By Craig Makepeace | February 23, 2011

One of our great traveling memories was spending Christmas in New York City back in 2003. In total we spent 10 days in New York over the Christmas and New Years period and we had […]

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

USA Natural Wonders: 3 Spectacular Canyons to Visit

By Caz | September 17, 2010

Living in the US gave us ample opportunity to travel and experience the beauty of its natural wonders. America has some truly spectacular national parks to explore and enjoy. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit as many natural wonders […]

Chapel Hill Campus

Top 7 Things to do in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

By Caz | August 26, 2010

There is a reason why Chapel Hill is consistently rated as one of the best places in America to live, and as being the best college town in the States. It’s a town that is […]

Shackleford Island Outer Banks NC

Beaufort, NC- Pirate town and Place of many Treasures

By Caz | July 2, 2010

“Did you hear they’ve finally got the name right, Hal? Callin’ it by it proper name now ‘Bow-fort’ instead of ‘Bew-fort’ like they do down there in South Carolina.” The gray-haired lady, blue apron covering […]