5 Reasons Why you Should Travel to Thailand

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I’m always asked why I rate Thailand as my perfect destination and I’m shocked when people sound surprised by my answer.

This prompts me  to want to respond,

What do you mean, haven’t you heard? What rock have you been living under?

as if it’s a well known fact that Thailand is paradise.

I’m slowly realizing that the majority of people aren’t privy to this secret and are totally missing the chance of the most tropically, serene travel experience one could ever dream of.

Travel to Thailand is a must for your journey and here’s why:

1. Perfect Days Lived Like a King

villas and palm trees on a beach

Live like a king for a daily budget of around $20- $30 a day. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Step out from your beach bungalow for an early morning jog, swim or yoga class. Followed by a deliciously, healthy breakfast of noodle soup, fruit smoothies and green tea.

Spend the morning shopping for incredible bargains on the streets or in the local market, hire a moped and cruise around enjoying the beautiful scenery and relaxed living.

Have a massage on the beach in the afternoon, snorkel around the reefs, wrapping up the day with a hammock-swinging-sunset beer,  to the chilled tunes of Jack Johnson or something similar.

Laugh with the locals, talk travel with the backpackers, consume delicious food and cold beverages.

Head off to bed eventually, not without first taking some time to gaze at the star-filled sky in awe and contemplate the enormity of the Universe and just how small you and your problems really are.

As your head hits the pillow your last thought is

‘Man! What a perfect day, how wonderful it feels to just be simply alive.”

Beaches, Islands, Jungle, Culture

Rayavadee Railay Beach Thailand

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, Thailand has got you covered.

Want to scuba dive, snorkel, island hop, rock climb or just chill on the beach?

Thailand has some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Crystal clear waters the temperature of your bath tub, soft sand beneath your toes and coconuts dropping around your head. Perfect!

Would you rather something a bit more adventurous? Head for the hills and trek your heart out through mountainous valleys and spend some time with the Hill Tribe people.

Or perhaps you want something more cultural?

Thailand is an ancient cultural land, from temples, to palaces and ancient ruins you’ll never run short of a chance to learn from the traditions and customs of this incredible country.

Aroi Aroi! Thai Food to Die For

a plate of food
Aroi mak

There’s no denying that if you’d rather pass on Thai food, then your taste buds have taken a leave of permanent absence due to insanity. Thai food is sooo delicious and soooo healthy!

There’s something to suit all tastes, from curries, to noodles, seafood, fish cakes, fresh fruit, omelets, soups and smoothies.

No matter what time of the day or where you eat,  your taste buds will be ‘wai-ing’ you with gratitude for the explosion of flavor you’ve sent their way.

Living in Thailand for 6 months was the healthiest I had ever been. I was weighing in at a healthy number, fit as a fiddle, and alive with energy! It must be all those herbs and spices!

The Sun always Shines in Thailand

people on a beach
Travel with children is rewarding

Everybody wants warm, sunny weather on their travels or vacations. You are never left wandering where all that lovely weather has gone when you are in Thailand.

All year round is swimming weather, some months just a little hotter than others. It’s the tropics, and with the tropics comes a lot of rain as well. But the rain comes in and then it goes out just as quickly, cooling you down for another round of fun in the sun.

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Thailand is the Land of Smiles

teacher and students standing outside
with my students in Bangkok

Everyone in Thailand is smiling. The tourists, the backpackers, the Thai cook, the Thai student, the waiter, waitress or bar men, the teachers and students at school, the tuk tuk driver and the sleeping Thai baby.

Thailand will teach you the art of “Mai Pen Rai,”  or as we Aussies like to say  ‘No worries mate!”

You’d be hard pressed to find someone worrying in Thailand. And why would you?

Each day is a gift of paradise and a new opportunity to live from a place of kindness and happiness. Thai people accept and embrace, and serve to keep a smile upon your face.

I’m thinking I might move back to Thailand …massages every day, healthy delicious food, friendly happy people who understand that life is not a worry, runs along the beach, nightly hammock swings while watching the sunset with a cheap cocktail…. yep, think I might do just that!

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