The Luxurious Soneva Kiri Beach Resort on Koh Kood Thailand

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Are you looking for luxury accommodation in Thailand?

Luxury and children is not something that typically go together, but on the island of Koh Kood in Thailand, we have found the perfect Koh Kood beach resort for the whole family- the Soneva Kiri resort on Koh Kood.

Although this is a very exclusive resort we thought it was worth a peek. The good news about luxury accommodation in Thailand is that it’s typically way cheaper than luxury in any other country.

So if you are going to splurge, this could be the perfect way time to do it!

Soneva Kiri Bay Koh Kood Beach Resort Thailand
Soneva Kiri Bay from the air

Soneva Kiri Beach Resort, Koh Kood, Thailand

Located just 80km off the Thai mainland is the second largest island of the Koh Chiang archipelago; Koh Kood.

Described as ‘Thailand’s last unspoilt island,’ it’s a secluded paradise home to around 2,000 villagers and remains largely undeveloped, with no landline phones, limited internet access and few cars.

The ecologically constructed resort of Soneva Kiri blends in beautifully with the unspoilt island.

Getting there is an experience in itself, due to its relative remoteness; an internal flight or train from Bangkok, followed by an hour’s boat ride from the mainland.

Thai Luxury suited to family travel

soneva kiri resort- Snorkelling Koh Kood Thailand
Snorkelling turned AWESOME

Soneva Kiri Beach Resort’s detachment from the hectic lands around offers families a relaxing beach paradise. It’s great for parents to relax and unwind, while still offering plenty of other activities either the children or the whole family can get involved in.

The crystal clear waters make the ideal setting for snorkeling and diving, placing you and your family in front of some of the most exotic sea creatures in the world.

Koh Chang National Park offers over 20 dive sites taking you from colourful coral thrives close to the surface, to around 30 metres below to experience the deep blue sea.

The Den

Unlike many luxury resorts, Soneva Kiri Koh Kood welcomes families and has some amazing facilities including ‘The Den’.

If this Koh Kood beach resort location doesn’t get the young ones imagination firing then The Den definitely will.

With its drawbridge entrance shaped like a huge manta ray, this bamboo built structure is an amazing place complete with music room, games room, library and art room where children can let their imagination run riot under the supervision of the resort’s professional child-minders.

The Den at Soneva Kiri a luxury koh kood beach resort
The Awesome Soneva Kiri Den

The Chocolate Factory

The Soneva Kiri Koh Kood Beach resort also has its own Willy Wonka style chocolate factory, ‘Ever Soneva So Chocoholic’ – a child’s and chocolate lovers favourite.

Here guests can choose from a selection of chocolates, truffles and drinking chocolates all prepared from scratch on the island.

If this isn’t enough the resort also boasts the ‘Ever Soneva So Chilled’ outdoor ice cream parlour where guests can choose from over sixty ice cream and sorbet flavours.

The only problem you could have with taking your kids to The Chocolate Factory is that they’ll never want to leave. Then again, you probably won’t want to either!

Outdoor cinema

The Soneva Kiri Koh Kood Beach Resort is host to the island’s only cinema; ‘Cinema Paradiso’ where the family can relax after a hard days adventuring and watch a classic or contemporary film under the clear nights sky.

This paradise island outdoor cinema experience is accompanied by a menu of American inspired burgers, homemade popcorn and chocolates making it the most luxurious movie experience we’ve ever come across.

Soneva Kiri luxury koh kood beach resort in Thailand
I want to stay at this luxury Koh Kood beach resort for families

The Dining Pod

For a dining experience out of this world the resort has The Dining Pod, which is an experience the whole family will never forget.

A bamboo-made dining pod is lifted 16 feet into the air giving diners a fantastic view of the Koh Kood coastline from within the canopy of the surrounding forest, with food served by a harnessed ‘flying waiter’ delivering gourmet meals on a zip-line.

This Koh Kood beach resort is the luxury Swiss Family Robinson experience you’ve dreamed of! You can book your experience here. 

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