Things to Do in Phuket in 48 hours

Looking for things to do in Phuket? And you only have 48 hours?

Phuket, Thailand is the perfect place for those wanting an indulgent getaway – whether for just the weekend, or a longer stay. You can get a direct flight from Australia and the prices compared to Down Under are cheap.

We recently stayed at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa for 6 nights and had a fantastic family holiday enjoying all that was on offer on Thailand’s largest island.

We first visited Phuket 10 years earlier on our honeymoon and were not impressed. That was because we stayed in Patong Beach, the area notorious for wild party nights and a chaotic mess of street markets, pubs, and go go bars.

This time, our stay at Karon Beach was perfect. It is a much quieter destination more suited to families and those wanting to relax and appreciate, rather than paint the town scarlet!

things to do in phuket
Our morning walk on Karon Beach

We took time to explore Phuket Island, dig deeper into Thai culture, eat lots of delicious food and relax on the beach and by the pool.

Hilton HHonors (the reward program for Hilton Hotels) currently have an Any Weekend, Anywhere sale, where you can receive up to 40% discount on your stay at participating hotels and resorts within the Hilton HHonors portfolio.

Usually, you’re going to visit Phuket, or Thailand, for longer than 48 hours, but we thought this amazing sale would be a great opportunity to incorporate a little spoiling into your longer Thailand holiday. 48 hours of indulgence.

We’ve created a Phuket itinerary for a 48 hour weekend of Thai culture, beautiful scenery and indulgence.

Day 1 – Phuket Town and Karon Beach

Rise early for a breakfast buffet by the pool, or enjoy it in the private Executive Lounge with sweeping views of Karon Beach. (Free breakfast and access to the executive lounge is one of the perks of the Hilton HHonors rewards program)

things to do in phuket
Our breakfast view of Karon Beach and Hilton grounds from the Executive Lounge


Take a Traditional Thai cooking class with Pat

things to do in phuket

Visiting Pat’s home and learning to cook Thai food was one of our Phuket highlights.

Pat’s home cooking school first opened in 1996 in Phuket Town and has since been featured in many print media publications and TV programs.

Our experience began in the local market gathering the supplies for the food we were soon to prepare. We had a lesson in the various uses of vegetables and herbs in Thai cooking as we walked through, picking up each new one to smell and feel their textures.

things to do in phuket
at the markets

This introduction was the perfect way to get a feel for the basics of a delicious Thai meal and what sets it apart from the cuisine of its Asian neighbours. I certainly had a better understanding of where I was going wrong with my own attempts of cooking Thai food at home.

Pat’s open aired kitchen is attached to the side of her home and she never has more than 8 people per class, maintaining that small, homely feel.

After a welcome glass of iced lemongrass tea, we donned the aprons and set to work chopping, peeling, mortar and pestle bashing to create some of my favourite Thai meals: tom yum goong, spring rolls, green curry, som tum and banana in coconut milk.

things to do in phuket
let me at it
things to do in phuket

What I loved the most was sharing the experience with Kalyra. She eagerly followed us through the markets learning about the different ingredients and enthusiastically helped me prepare the food. My Junior – Masterchef even rolled a near perfect spring roll.

things to do in phuket
Kalyra a junior master Thai chef

I was even impressed with my ability to finally produce a delicious Thai meal thanks to Pat’s expert guidance.

things to do in phuket
Finished products

Visit Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha

things to do in phuket
Wat Chalong

Not far from Phuket Town is the stunning Wat Chalong. I was suffering from Bangkok belly on our visit and could barely focus on the aesthetic designs of the temple complex.

We’ve visited a lot of wats in South East Asia, and this one certainly had its own unique flare. Craig was more than impressed and found it to be a perfect temple for those new to Thailand.

The Grand Pagoda dominates the temple grounds–it’s cool and breezy location makes it just as popular as the splinter of Buddha’s bone that rests inside. The pagoda walls depict Buddha’s life story and immense golden statues of the various Buddha poses sit in the main hall. Choose the one you wish to worship to most.

Pay attention to the fire crackers going off inside the brick oven out the front of the ordination hall. Thai people set them off to celebrate if they receive any good luck.

things to do in phuket
Wat Chalong
things to do in phuket
Wat Chalong

The Big Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and is 45 m high and can be seen far and wide across Phuket. Not only is it a place of tranquillity to receive your blessings, but has 360 degree views of Phuket.

The Buddha’s body is layered with Burmese marble which shines in the sun, making it a symbol of hope and a guarding force of protection.

things to do in phuket

photo credit: Trip Advisor

Relax by the Pool or on the Beach

Thailand is full of difficult decisions, like should I drink a beer or a cocktail, or swim at the pool with ocean views or cross the road to swim in the warm ocean, with views?

You choose what suits you best.

We did both throughout the week, but your objective here is to relax after a busy day. The Hilton Arcadia has 5 pools to choose from. If you have kids you might want to visit the Garden pool and enjoy the small waterslide first, before moving to the Ocean Pool to relax with a cocktail for sunset.

things to do in phuket
Garden pool waterslide
things to do in phuket
cocktails by the ocean pool
things to do in phuket

Or head over the road, rent a chair and umbrella for 200 baht and order a beer a cocktail or a fresh coconut from the makeshift bar on the beach. Sit back with a camera in hand as the sun retires. Think of the amazing day you just had exploring a little Thai culture.

things to do in phuket
Karon Beach
things to do in phuket
things to do in phuket

things to do in phuket

Enjoy a special dinner at Thai Thai

I have one rule in Thailand.

No Western food allowed.

I would even put it in my black book of crimes you should never commit. My second rule is you should never stop eating, no matter how full you are.

Who cares you cooked up a smorgasbord for lunch, you have had a whole afternoon to digest it. It’s time to top up!

We had our indulgent Thai dinner at the Thai Thai Restaurant at the Hilton.

things to do in phuket
Thai Thai restaurant

What I love the most about dining out in Thailand–and this restaurant excelled at this–is the outstanding service. Our head waiter, Pop, was always on hand to ensure we were happy and content. He shared many stories with us of Thailand and his own life, always with an affectionate giggle.

We enjoyed crab cakes and Thai prawn salad for entrees, followed by slow cooked tilapia in coconut milk and Phuket yellow noodles. I had to finish dinner with my favourite Thai desert—mango and sticky rice; Craig opted for the coconut ice cream and tried unsuccessfully to convince me his was better. Lucky Kalyra was asleep in the chair or she would have backed him.

things to do in phuket
things to do in phuket

Now you can go back to your room and collapse. The pillows will mould around your head so you feel like you are sleeping on clouds.

Day 2 – Phang Ngha Bay and Kata Beach

Your day will start early so first stop will be the poolside breakfast buffet. Eat up as today is a BIG day!

Go on the James Bond tour of Phang Ngha Bay

things to do in phuket
Phang Nga Bay

I never wanted to go on his tour before because it was so James Bond and I have never watched a movie. Our friend Roger recommended it as one of his things to do in Phuket.

James Bond Island was made famous by his movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” It does not mean much to me, but the island itself is very picturesque and photo worthy.

things to do in phuket
James Bond Island

Many of our followers on facebook recommended the Sea Canoes as the best way to enjoy the limestone tunnels and caves. This was not really an option with our little ones so we did a full day tour taking in four of the islands in the Bay area.

The seas were a little rough and the water murky, but if you arrived on a day when the Andaman Sea was blazing with its crystal clear emerald waters and the dramatic limestone mountains, I’d imagine it would be stunning.

things to do in phuket
Phang Nga Bay

The floating Muslim village at Koh Paynee was a fascinating stop. The silted homes joined together in the mud swamps in front of a large limestone rock island was started 200 years ago by 3 Indonesian families now hosts nearly 1700 people and over 300 families.

We really loved our small kayak tour through the mangroves and tunnels of one island and swimming at Naka Island. It’s a full day tour and popular, but an enjoyable day out.

things to do in phuket

Catch the Sunset at the After Beach Bar in Kata

Do not delay in heading straight to the After Beach Bar on the hill behind Kata Noi. This place is legendary for sunset drinks and a relaxed vibe.

We arrived here after a day of cruising the beaches of the West Coast of Phuket. As soon as we arrived and saw the amazing views and felt the cool breeze we were happy. It didn’t even faze us that we had chosen the one day in our two weeks in Thailand that was cloudy!!

things to do in phuket
Sunset views from After Beach Bar

Luckily there was a small break in the clouds so we were able to see a beautiful pink orb poking through.

things to do in phuket
cocktails and sunsets

Sit back with a cocktail and enjoy. (Just don’t order a mojito – they were awful and they tried to charge me for three of them!)

Pick up a Bargain at the local Karon Temple Night Markets

If you are not too exhausted, head to the Karon temple night markets held every Tuesday and Saturday night.

The shopping here is cheap! It is mostly clothes with the odd tourist artifacts like lanterns and Buddha statues thrown in.

You can even pick up a cheap bowl of curry noodles for 30 baht and Thai banana pancake for 40 baht. (around $1 for each)

things to do in phuket

Day 3 – Worship your body at Hilton Day Spa

things to do in phuket

Before it’s time to check out you might want to give yourself a little treat.

Indulge in a massage

things to do in phuket

You cannot come to Thailand without worshipping your body with a Thai massage. (Crime number 10 to never commit in Thailand)!

We’d already had our cheap 200 baht massage in Bangkok before arriving to Phuket and have many more planned for our next week of travel.

For this indulgent 48 hours though, I’d say ramp up the feel good factor with a special spa treatment. They may be expensive in comparisons to the ones you can get on the beach or in a room with 10 other people, but in comparison to Australian prices they’re really quite cheap.

things to do in phuket
things to do in phuket

The Hilton Arcadia had complimentary Kids Club for Kalyra (who was begging us to go. She came home with her hair beautifully braided and a beaded necklace and a broad grin saying it was the best one ever!) Savannah was too young so we hired a babysitter for 2 hours so we could treat ourselves.

A body scrub and a Thai-herbal-heat massage later we felt like new and improved version of ourselves. We possibly couldn’t get any more relaxed.

things to do in phuket
enjoying a herbal tea at the day spa

Finish with a feast at the Sunday Brunch Buffet

Why not gorge one more time? (Remember Rule 2!)

The Hilton Arcadia Phuket holds a special weekly Sunday Brunch. Feast out on a seafood and BBQ buffet washed down with a glass of wine! We indulged while waiting for our pick up to take us from the life of luxury back to budget Thai travel.

things to do in phuket

Our stay at the Hilton was just what we needed.

It’s hard to travel like this all the time, but it is wonderful to treat yourself every now and then. Reward programs like the Hilton HHonors can be a great way reduce your accommodation expenses so you can have a bit more of that luxury you deserve.

Our stay at Hilton Arcadia was hosted in part by Thailand Tourism and Hilton Arcadia Phuket.

Which Hilton Worldwide property would you book into?

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Looking for things to do in Phuket? Our travel guide highlights how to spend 48 hours in Phuket including a little indulgence, culture and eating.

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69 thoughts on “Things to Do in Phuket in 48 hours”

  1. Great pictures!

    I would love to go to the hotel that you stayed at. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to Thailand, and winning this giveaway would help greatly with my achieving that dream 🙂

  2. Wow! I had been following your little journey on facebook but loved the photos and all the info you added here. Sure does look like you had a fun packed adventure holiday even with the kids. One of the places I would love to go to and who knows maybe this year some time. Live for the now and not for the later!

  3. I would head straight to Bangkok Millenium Hilton and in between tuk-tuk rides and holding shopping bags for my wife, I’d sit “in” the Millenium infinity pool on my banana lounge watching life on the Chao Phraya River ordering freshly squeezed juices of every tropical fruit available.

  4. I would take my Hawaii obsessed husband (50 years) and daughter (14 years), as well as our son (10 years) to the Hilton in Oahu, Hawaii.
    My daughter has had this trip planned forever! We would get 2 free days with the 100,000 points! 🙂
    On the first day, we would probably spend a great deal of time at the Hilton. Whether that be in one of the many pools, getting massages or facials, shopping or just admiring our view in the hotel room.
    We would also visit Waikiki beach, which is less than a 100 metre walk from the Hilton entrance. (We are a big beach family).
    In the second day we would fit in a Jurassic Park tour for my son, a scenic hike up to the Diamond Head summit and surf lesson for my husband and daughter on the North Shore. A big, but rewarding day i’m sure!
    Providing we could afford it, we would most certainly try to extend our trip to a week. 🙂

    Winning this would competition would most certainly help to realize both my husband and daughter’s dreams! 🙂

    Many thanks for your consideration! 🙂

  5. After reading your blog post I’d have to choose the Hilton Aracadia Phuket! I’ve never been to Thailand (keep going back to Europe!) and would love love love to go. It looks fantastic and getting spa treatments followed by cocktails and great food sounds like heaven.

    BTW Kaz, you are looking great! Your magic keeps on keeping on x

    1. My creative entry:

      I’d choose Hilton Arcadia Phuket
      100,000 HHonors points perfect!

      Please choose me to win!
      As I’ve never been
      To Asia apart from airports
      Feeling out of sorts
      Pampering is what I need!

  6. The Conrad/Hilton Hong Kong beckons.

    I doubt I could tear myself away from the shopping that Hong Kong has to offer. I’ll be sampling the food between shops merely to sustain my energy for the long haul.

    If we arrive for Chinese New Year we will have the best seat in the house for the fireworks that the good people of China actually invented.

    A night time harbour cruise & a visit to the races would top off this once in a lifetime visit.

    We would go home with great memories – and pearls – among my other purchases.

  7. Oh my goodness! My first overseas holiday was at the (then) Phuket Arcadia Resort, where I got totally bitten by the travel bug and fell in love with Thailand. I have never been back to the Arcadia and I’d love the chance to return and check out the Hilton and how Karon Beach has changed in all that time. It looks glorious and very, very happy!

  8. Drop the kids at mum and dad’s then rush to Hilton on the Park, Melbourne. Hubby and I wouldn’t leave the room – except to indulge at the eforea spa.

  9. Wow, CAZ you made a good usage of time by staying in Thailand and that too in a premier way! The hotel seems so luxurious , awesome! Seems like your daughter was enjoying and learning a lot in preparation of Thai cuisines 😛 congrats , you have got a new Small (master)Chef 😉

  10. I am a mom of two girls, one with autism. We live in Florida and have yet to travel internationally. We are quite simple and love stay cations in Florida. We have gorgeous towns and beaches everywhere and we wouldn’t mind at all planning another getaway with all these points!!! We find the ocean our restorer in a very stressful world that we live in. Good luck to everyone 😉

  11. I’d use my points to stay at Hilton Waikiki beach. My husband could go shopping and me and my nearly 15 year old daughter would spend our time hunting for Commander Steve McGarrett- preferably shirtless. In between McGarrett sightings we’d go to Pearl Harbour and island hop- cos he’s been there too… right?

    1. My mum entered the competition and we would also go to the Hilton in Oahu. I am obsessed with Hawaii Five.0, and Steve McGarrett! I’d probably try and stalk him! Haha 🙂 I’m 14 🙂

  12. I would stay at the resort where I could make the most out of the points, stay the longest, do the most, all with my 4 kids, after all, any time away together is a holiday and as long as we are all together it will be filled with fun, laughter, love and relaxation! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  13. With 3 kids 4 and under WE NEED A HOLIDAY – we’ve never travelled as a family, and I would love THAILAND to be the 1st place we go – my kids love the water, and we love relaxing so doesn’t all that come standard 🙂 We’d explore the beaches, indulge in the culture and soak up all the beauty that Thailand has to offer. My husband runs his own business so a short getaway is all we need to recharge, renew and ROMANCE – after 8 years of marriage it’s JUST what we need. HELP US feel young and vibrant again 🙂

  14. Well you’ve sold the Phukhet Hilton so well that I think given the opportunity I’d head straight there. I’d let my hubby take our little ones to the beach and then set about some very serious (and well earned) pampering!

  15. Looks like you guys have had fun in Phuket!

    I’d head to the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing for a few days of luxury and culture.

    On the first day I’d head to the Forbidden Palace and Tiannamen Square to learn about Beijing’s history, both modern and historic, and then spend the afternoon taking in the designer boutiques and malls along Jinyu Hutong (though I have a feeling I’ll only be window shopping at the Chanel and YSL stores!)
    I’d ask the concierge to point me in the direction of a good place for dumplings and then end the night with foot reflexology at Liangzi Foot Body Massage Centre (conveniently around the corner!)

    On day 2 I’d spend the morning being chauffeur driven in the hotels car to one of the sections of the Great Wall of China and spend an hour or two taking in its magnificence.
    In the afternoon I’d head to the 798 Art Zone – a 1950s facty which has been overtaken by artists, galleries and cafes but with Mao-era propaganda slogans.

    I’d enjoy Peking Duck (a must have in Beijing, right?!) before heading to the Emperor Hotel Bar – a roottop bar overlooking the Forbidden City.
    After a few drinks I’ll need a second dinner so I’ll check out the Donghuamen night markets. I’ll skip the scorpions, starfish and centipedes and go for some fried pork dumplings or something a little bit easier to digest.

  16. H-eaven on earth
    L-ocated here
    T-ime spent at Hilton Phuket
    O-nly bliss it would be
    N-ow please let me win, so happy I’d be!

  17. A night at the Hilton Surfers Paradise would be a dream come true, only 1 hour drive to reach our “world away”!

    During the day we would take the kids to the beach, followed by an afternoon of lazing around the Deck Pool. Did someone say ‘poolside valet’??…YES PLEASE!, We would then enjoy a family picnic of fish and chips on the beach, ending with a stop for ice-cream. We would then head back to the hotel, drop the kids off with a babysitter, and my husband and I would enjoy the very rare treat of a spa treatment, followed by a relaxing dinner at the Salt Grill….yes just the 2 of us! We would then finish the night with a sneaky cocktail or two at the Fix Bar…

  18. The Conrad Singapore is a fantastic choice, excellent service and location to see the neighbouring sights, Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, shopping

  19. My Hilton Hotel of choice is the Courthouse DoubleTree in London

    I Love London, I have Lived in London, I have Loitered in London, I have Looked all over London but I have never stayed in a hotel in London. On the other hand, my husband Peter has never been to this city I love. Therefore, I would love to spend my 100 000 HiltonHHonors/Rewards at the Courthouse Double Tree Hotel Hilton Hotel in Regent Street London.

    This hotel is right in the heart of London life. Whatever I want to do in London it is all easily accessible from here.

    48 hours – so much to do and so little time! I suppose I need to allow a little time for sleeping – maybe 6 hours each night in one of the hotel’s amazing rooms, so that takes us down to 36 hours in reality!

    36 hours – as well there is eating time – let’s allow 6 meals in this time, either in the hotel’s Silk Restaurant, Carnaby Brasserie or Soho Sky Terrace, or out and about in the streets of London. Don’t want to waste time on these, so only an hour per meal will be allowed, therefore our time is down to thirty hours.

    30 hours – I could spend a large amount of money on an organised tour of the traditional historical sights of London, but as I know London fairly well I would rather use the traditional transport system, Red Buses and The Tube. The best way to do this nowadays is, of course, to buy an Oyster Pass. So with our pass in hand, off we go. My estimate is approximately half an hour per site and approximately half an hour’s travelling time between overall (varies of course) so to visit Marble Arch, Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, Horse Guards & Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, St Pauls Cathedral, the Tower of London & the Tower Bridge will occupy about eleven hours, so now we’re down to nineteen hours. A very long day but well worth the effort!

    19 hours – Can’t visit London without a visit to several different shopping precincts and some of the most distinctive shops – Regent Street’s Hamley’s Toy Store (one of the oldest in the world), Foyles Book Shop (all five floors of it), trendy Soho, with its eclectic collection of shops, including the famous Carnaby Street and at least a couple of the large London department stores from the lower end of the market, Marks & Spencers, through stores such as Debenhams and Selfridges and a visit to London is not complete without a visit to Harrods. These are all easy to access with our trusty Oyster Pass! This shopping spree will probably occupy another eight hours, a much more relaxed day, so now I’m down to ten.

    11 hours – time is getting very short – as this hotel is only a short walk from several of London’s Musical Theatres, each evening needs to be spent ‘seeing a show’. There are usually last minute tickets that mean you sit ‘up in the gods’, but that is half the fun of the theatre experience in London. By the time we line up and see the show that’s another eight hours gone.

    3 hours – Nowadays, of course, the London Eye is not negotiable as a must-do! With the normal time of thirty minutes on the Eye and with travelling times that is another hour gone.

    2 hours – To survive all of this, I see the necessity of some relaxation during this full-on overview of London! To this end, I am putting aside one hour in each 24 hour period to unwind and relax in the swimming pool in the hotel. Thus my 48 hours’ time limit is filled. “Oh bother!” as Pooh Bear would say, I have forgotten to include High Tea with the Queen!

  20. Since you convinced us that Thailand is a great choice we would spend a weekend at the Hilton Resort in Hua Hin which is just two hours south of Bangkok.

    Right after our arrival we would worship our bodies with a couple massage which would not only be relaxing but also provide positive energy for the next days.

    Refreshed like this we would head to Wat Khao Takiab which is located on a small mountain overlooking the beach of Hua Hin. Remember to have your camera ready as there is not only an impressive golden Buddha statue but also many monkeys are around.
    There is even food for sale in small shops near the temple for the case that you would like to feed the monkeys – they are curious animals and pretty cheeky but remember that although used to people, they are still wild animals which might also bite you.

    As the small port of Khao Takiab is renowned for its fresh seafood we would have an early dinner there before heading back to the Hilton Resort in Hua Hin. We might choose to walk all the way along the beach now to burn at least some of the calories we were eating.
    On the way back we would not forget to give fishes a chance to take revenge on us and have a fish pedicure, which means we would have to place our feet in an aquarium with doctor fishes which are experts in eating dead skin away.

    As we like to stand up early, we would start the next day with an early breakfast in the executive lounge and enjoy the sunrise while spoiling our tongues.

    This day we would use to see the summer palace of the royal family before visiting the famous vineyards of Hua Hin ( We would explore the hills from the back of an elephant before tasting (and buying) these extraordinary wines.

    In the evening we would like to attend a cooking class to learn more about preparing this exotic food which we all love. Of course we would not only learn more about the culinary delights of Thailand but also about the cultural diversities of Thailand.
    As we never tried durian before we would later head to the night market to buy some durian (maybe with sticky rice) for desert as well as some souvenirs to take home.

    There are no corals in the ocean to see (nor to destroy), so we would rent a water scooter on our last day and have a wild ride through the waves to wake up before having a last swim in the warm Gulf of Thailand.

    For sure we would then be hungry for an extensive brunch which we would definitely have at the Hilton Resort in Hua Hin before leaving for the airport.

    At the airport we would enjoy one last mango cocktail before returning home with countless new impressions.

  21. HILTON SANYA RESORT AND SPA is my choice. I have always wanted to travel to China. I want to see temples, markets, arts and crafts and shopping and how the people live and eat. As with any holiday I have spa time is required too. I also must eat the local cuisine, market/street stalls are a favourite to get the real taste of a country even if I sometimes am not quite sure what the food is, it is always a surprise at least.

  22. My Hilton of choice is: Niseko Village, Japan! Love to take my girls and hubby for an action packed week of onsite skiing and some serious sushi! While they hit the slopes, I could force myself to relax at the open natural hot springs spa! Lovely! Right now, it is a hot 45 degrees here in outback Queensland, so a trip to ski fields would be cool…literally!

  23. Hello!
    My choice is Hilton Phuket. I have never had the chance to stay in such luxurious hotels so it would be great!!
    Glad you had nice holidays!!

  24. It looks like you had an amazing time. Caz, you always make me want to drop everything and jump on a plane. Unfortunately that isn’t an option so I am going to enter your competition! Here is my entry:

    Conrad Maldives, a place that changes lives.
    A place where dreams come true, but getting there is for a lucky few.
    The Over-Water-Spa is where you would find me, in total bliss and solitary.
    To dive with “Nemo” would be amazing, and definitely something to get my heart racing.
    For my first holiday in over 3 years, missing this opportunity is now one of my fears.

  25. I would choose Hilton on the Park in Melbourne. I have had as a goal for the last two years to have a weekend away with Phil, but it is just hasn’t happened.

    Having the weekend away locally would mean we would have more time for relaxing and less travel time.

    Would start with a session each at escape to eforea (they do a special men’s package). We would aim to time it so Phil could see a sporting event as it is close to the MCG and the next evening we could go and see a play at the Arts Centre – mixing up the best Melbourne has to offer.

    We would also walk down to Richmond, where we used to live and visit some of our favourite watering holes and Vietnamese restaurants in Victoria Street.

    Hopefully the Melbourne weather would be kind and we could swim in the hotel pool as well.

  26. Martina Peterson

    If I were to get the opportunity, I would choose the Hilton in Key Largo, FL. I would bring my boyfriend with for a nice relaxing vacation. He is currently a member of the United States Navy through the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Being able to relax on the beach, eat out at cozy restaurants, go on sight seeing tours, snorkeling, and being together away from all the hype would be the trip of a lifetime. Tyler, my boyfriend, is a very avid rock climber; so, if the location is suitable, I am sure we would be enjoying ourselves with an afternoon of climbing.

  27. I would book into Sydney Hilton so that David and I could have time for us in a Hotel that holds a lot of special memories.
    We stayed there many years ago for a weekend and had quality time together.
    Seen as how our older son now lives in Sydney we could ask him to babysit our younger boys so we could have a weekend of sleep-ins, good food, great places to explore and time to chill out.

  28. The Conrad Bali is right up my alley
    I can’t decide if I’d take the kids or not, but the resort would clearly cater for us all! After relaxing in the beautiful bedrooms, I’d be down in the lobby in a heartbeat signing up myself and hubby for the Indonesian Language and Cooking classes. What a great way to experience a new culture before setting out to explore one of the local villages by bike. Husband and I might be clumsy and novices when it comes to travelling, but we love to meet new people and try new things so this resort and its offerings is the perfect combination of adventure and new experiences along with rest & relaxation.
    And if we really feel like splurging, there is always the Jiwa spa. I’m sure I wouldn’t feel guilty about leaving the kids behind at all! Especially not if I was receiving a fabulous massage with my husband nearby.

  29. Great pics. You have a beautiful family. we’d go to Hilton Molino Stucky Venice. I’m not sure exactly what we’d do. We’ve been to Italy before on a cruise and we didn’t do excursions so we could find things on our own.

  30. I would want to go to New York! I know its not a far or exotic place to go but i have always wanted to go there! We have friends that live there and we never get to visit them. We just celebrated our 14th anniversary and we have never had a honeymoon or been anywhere on our anniversary so it would be nice to go somewhere. Jus the 2 of us! We want to do all the corny things people go to New York to do! 🙂 I love to shop…so i want to stop at all the vendors and buy the cheap knock off imitation purses!

  31. I think the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City would be a great vacation. Go to the U.S. and see where they make all of the movies! It’s right near Universal Studios, the Hollywood sign and a bunch of other sites. Would be a very cool stay and the property looks superb!

  32. I could only dream of staying in at a hotel as stunning as a Hilton property. If I’m daydreaming about an awesome hotel then I should aim just as high with the destination, an over water bungalow at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa would fulfill a travel fantasy! From snokerling, swimming and hiking to fine dinning, I could easily while away the hours.

  33. Tourism in Malaysia

    Wow! awesome beautiful places pictures collections in Hilton thanks for providing a useful information. It’s very useful for me and other people.

  34. Gold Coast Hilton! My sister is coming from America to visit – its been EIGHT YEARS since she’s come for a visit and it will be my FIRST TIME away from the kids! So hoping to win this so we can live it up!!!

  35. I would choose the Hilton in Athens. Sad to say that I’ve only been to Greece once, when I was five and my parents are distraught that I haven’t been back to their motherland since.

    But seriously, my eldest son has taken to Greek Mythology and Ancient Greece like it’s in his blood. I would love nothing more than to take him to Athens to see the Parthenon and the museums for him and for me. And having 4 kids means we don’t have a lot of money to splash around so this would absolutely help in getting us one step closer.

    AND I have a Great Uncle turning 100 this year and the town he has lived in his whole life will be putting on a huge celebration for him…but that’s down near Kalamata.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  36. I dream of the lush vegetation and white sandy beach that surrounds Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa but realistically when travel costs are included I would be happy to improvise staying at Hilton Surfers Paradise.
    With an abundance of theme parks, the Australian Outback spectacular, idyllic surfing beaches and Tambourine Mountain National Park there is something to entertain and amaze everyone!

  37. I would have to say the Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort in Egypt.

    I have always wanted to go and visit Egypt there is so much history and amazing things to see and do. I would start off by exploring the wonders of the ocean and go scuba diving in the Red Sea (they say that Giftun Island is a must see). I would then head out for an afternoon of snorkelling or simply admire the amazing scenery from one of their boats.

    I would make this a holiday of firsts too though: I would try kite boarding from the resorts private beach And well you can’t head to Egypt without a few day trips to Luxor and Cairo to see the Valley of the Kings and finally get to see the pyramids and Tutankhamon’s tomb in real life. I would head out on my first 4X4 Jeep Safari, take a ride on a camel (here’s hoping they don’t spit – and that I don’t fall off for that matter) and shop to my hearts content at a real Egyptian bazaar in Hurghada.

    All of that sounds amazing already but to top it all off one can’t go wrong with an all inclusive package too! Cocktails at sunset – oh why not I say. I don’t think a holiday could get much better than this! I think it’s a category 7 Resort so I’d get 2 nights free but hell with the amount of things to do here I’d be staying a lot longer!

  38. OK, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the Hilton Maldives Resort. I would stay in the Underwater Suite! It’s so awesome – the room is literally surrounded in glass and under water! Even one night would be so awesome! How cool would it be to go snorkeling and swimming and then so to bed under water?!

  39. I can’t wait to travel to Thailand.

    But where would I stay with Hilton? Hilton Cartagena. Why? So I could have some relax and such time with Diego (my fiance) who I haven’t seen for 7 MONTHS! Luckily, I finally get to go back to Colombia in 22 days!

  40. Thank you so much all for your awesome entries, comments and support.

    This giveaway is now closed and the winner will be announced on the blog January 31st

  41. I’d love to pop over to Sydney for the weekend with my family and stay at the gorgeous Hilton Sydney Hotel. It’s luxurious, with great customer service and has everything you could ever need! On our stay, we’d explore the city, visit chocolate cafes, go to some world renown restaurants and indulge in lots of shopping! I’d love to take my son on the monorail to Darling Harbour, which is just so beautiful!

    oh no – just saw that the comp is closed, after I wrote all that. Oops.

  42. Oh no, I’ve come back a day too late, Caz! 🙁 That’s what being in holiday mode does to you… you forget to check your diary!
    Really loved reading about your holiday. We’ve always holidayed within Australia (this month we’ve done Sydney, Tasmania and this weekend will be Melbourne!) but this year we’re seriously considering an overseas holiday. We’re trying to decide whether we want a Thailand/Bali resort style holiday with kids club or whether to do Disney World in Florida for the girls. xx

    1. So sorry Kellie!! Big decision! One is going to be way more relaxing (and cheaper) than the other, but your girls will be more excited about Disney World! MAybe flip a coin? 🙂

  43. Hope Canadian Citizens are also elligible…

    I would love to go to the exact same resort as you did when my boyfriend meets me there during my RTW trip I’m on. I would definitely do the spa treatment and take time to indulge! It looks so awesome!

  44. Phuket has been on my list since my friend spend a summer there. GORGEOUS photos, it sounds like the family vacation of a lifetime! It’s especially inspiring to see that you’ve managed to travel even now with two babes in tow!

    1. Yes! We keep the travel dreams alive with our babies, although it is full of challenges! Thailand is a fantastic destination. I much prefer the islands nearby to Phuket though. Phuket is a little too busy for me

  45. Rebecca Esther (@RebeccaEstherxo)

    I dream of Thailand… so I think I’d go to the same Hilton you did! It sounds magnificent.

  46. Priscilla Bailey

    I was reading that the Hilton in Phuket offers Batik classes and Fruit carving classes. Do you have to stay at the resort to take part in the classes or can anyone join?

  47. Patricia Seago

    Last month my husband and I visited Phuket island of Thailand. One of the places we really enjoyed was a Thai Cultural Theme Park – Phuket FantaSea. Every service area there was beautiful and neat. We enjoyed watching their beautiful, costumed parade culminating at an outdoor stage with a Bangok theme show. The place is really somewhat like Disneyland of Thailand! The highlight their main show held at a beautiful Palace of the Elephants Theater. I must say it was pretty amazing, I left overwhelmed by their beautiful culture. International buffet dinner was good, particularly the noodle soup. We remember it as one of our nicest outings in Phuket and do recommend it for a quality evening-into-the-night entertainment. Don’t miss it!

  48. Great family vacation. There are lots of hotels and resorts in Karon beach indeed that is great for families to enjoy and relax. Lots of restaurants and cafes as well which is quite nice to chill while waiting for the sundown. Hoping to see your revisit in phuket soon.

  49. Hi, we are currently contemplating going to Karon beach area and would like to know what is the night time like? We have 2 children, aged 10 & 3. Is there anywhere that has evening entertainment? Also, we are not sure whether to go bed & breakfast, half or full board? Is eating out cheap or is it best to stick to hotel? Thanks for your help! Kindest regards. Carol

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