3-Day Bangok Itinerary: The Best of Bangkok

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If you are looking for a 3-day Bangkok itinerary, then you are in the right place. Bangkok is one of the most bustling cities in the world, and you are going to miss tons of amazing attractions if you are planning a short visit without a detailed itinerary.

grand palace bangkok
Grand Palace Bangkok

That’s why we’ve designed this 3-day Bangkok itinerary filled with just the best things to do in Bangkok, so you can experience the very best of the city in just 72 hours.

From exploring ancient temples, to wandering around the back streets and canals, to sampling delicious street food – this itinerary will allow you to fully submerse yourself in the Thai culture on a quick 3 day trip.

So if you’re ready to embark on the ultimate Bangkok adventure? Let’s get started.

Planning your trip to Bangkok last-minute?

Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Bangkok! Here are some of the top tours, hotels, and useful items you may need before your trip!

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Top Experiences and Tours in Bangkok

  1. Bicycle tour of Bangkok (a great way to see the backstreets!)
  2. Damnoen Saduak Market and Maeklong Railway Market (an unmissable thing to do!)
  3. Ayutthaya Day Trip from Bangkok (the best historical attraction in Thailand)

Top Accommodation and Hotels in Bangkok

  1. JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok (5* Hotel Ideally Located in Sukhumvit, near MRT and Sky Train)
  2. Bliston Suwan Park View (4* Family-Friendly Hotel)

Things To Do In Our 3-Day Bangkok Itinerary

From the jaw-dropping Grand Palace and centuries-old temples to the lively markets and authentic Thai dishes, these are some of the best bucket list experiences for Thailand!

So when you’re ready, let’s get into how you can spend 3 days in Bangkok!

Day 1

Day 1 of the 3-day Bangkok itinerary focuses on the cultural side of the city. You’ll be visiting some of the most iconic temples in the city such as Wat Pho, Grand Palace, and Wat Arun. The night ends at Khao San Road, one of the best places to party in Thailand!

Wat Pho

wat pho lying down bangkok

No visit to Bangkok is complete without a stop at Wat Pho. Also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho houses a massive 46-meter-long gold-plated Reclining Buddha statue, representing the Buddha’s entry into Nirvana and the end of all reincarnations.

Beyond the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho offers plenty more to explore. The temple features maze-like corridors where you can find beautifully decorated halls, vibrant murals depicting scenes of Thai Buddhism, and a lush garden.

It is one of the most famous attractions in Bangkok, but since this is your first one, you’ll need to know some etiquette before visiting. Make sure you are dressed modestly. This means you have to cover both your shoulders and knees e before entering, or you might be rejected.

Grand Palace

people standing in front of a temple
Visiting the Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace is one of the most revered buildings in Thailand and is often seen as a symbol of the nation’s rich cultural heritage. From 1782 until 1925, this magnificent complex served as the official residence of the Kings of Siam (now Thailand) and their royal court.

Today, the Grand Palace is a tourist destination that attracts visitors from all around the world thanks to its beauty, intricate details, and historical significance.

Sprawling across an area of 218,000 square meters, the Grand Palace is enclosed by four walls and features a blend of traditional Thai and European architectural styles. The complex is divided into several quarters, each with its distinct purpose and charm.

The most famous part of the Grand Palace is the sacred Temple of the Emerald Buddha, or Wat Phra Kaew in Thai. This revered temple houses the Emerald Buddha, a highly venerated statue carved from a single block of jade, believed to bring legitimacy and prosperity to all those who possess it.

grand palace bangkok

Besides the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace is home to many significant halls and buildings. If you wish to learn more about the Grand Palace, it is almost essential that you take a guided tour.

Yes, you’ll be able to enter the Grand Palace without a guide, but the stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and colorful mosaics you see have a much more significant meaning that you can grasp by yourself.

Expect to spend around 3 hours in the Grand Palace, and if it’s a hot day, make sure you are taking breaks to hydrate!

Wat Arun

wat arun

Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn, is a spectacular Buddhist temple located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. It is considered one of the most unique temples in Bangkok thanks to its unique architectural style.

The most striking feature of the temple is its central prang (Khmer-style tower), which soars about 82 meters into the sky. The prang is decorated with intricate carvings, colorful porcelain tiles, and seashell fragments, creating an epic building that simply looks gorgeous. The main tower is surrounded by four smaller prangs, each dedicated to the four different guardian spirits.

Wat ARun sunset Bangkok
Bangkok sunset

Wat Arun is one of the places that look so different at different times of the day. Because of its distinct style and its location next to the river, its beauty really shows during sunset. There are plenty of rooftop bars across the river where you can catch this beautiful scenery.

The daytime is great for exploring the temple itself and learning more about the cultural significance of this temple. It is also a good time for taking iconic Instagram-famous photos at the base of the temple.

So, we recommend that you visit the temple grounds first, before heading across the river on a ferry (there’s a ferry terminal right at the temple) and catching the sunset from a rooftop bar.

Khao San Road

food sellers on khao san road
Khao San Road – Bangkok Thailand

No Bangkok itinerary is complete without visiting the infamous Khao San Road, a vibrant street that has become synonymous with the city’s backpacker culture. Here you’ll find everything from affordable accommodations to mouthwatering street food to an energetic nightlife scene.

Khao San Road is definitely the best place to party for those that are young (or young at heart).

As the sun sets, Khao San Road transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub, drawing both locals and tourists alike.

people on khaosan road

There are numerous bars, clubs, and pubs to choose from, and you are guaranteed to find a venue that plays your type of music and has your vibe. From laid-back watering holes offering live music and cheap drinks to lively dance clubs playing the latest hits, it is almost impossible to not have a good time there.

What’s more is that the energy is so invigorating and the atmosphere is so inviting that even solo travelers can easily make friends and enjoy themselves there!

Day 2

Day two is going to be a bit more toned down than day 1. After a full day of exploring yesterday, it is no doubt that you’ll be exhausted today, so today you’ll visit a floating market, get a Thai massage, and visit Chinatown at night!

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

boats on canal at damnoen saduak floating market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of Thailand’s most famous floating markets, and it is located approximately 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. Floating markets offer visitors a unique glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditional way of life, and there is no better place to experience it than the biggest one in Thailand – Damneon Saduak.

Established in the late 19th century during the reign of King Rama IV, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was created as a hub for the exchange of goods and services between local communities connected by a network of canals, known as “khlongs.”

Today, the market continues to serve as an important center of trade and commerce, with vendors and buyers navigating the narrow waterways on wooden boats laden with a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other products.

People at Damnoen saduak floating market, Bangkok Thailand
People at Damnoen saduak floating market, Bangkok Thailand

One of the main highlights of a visit to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the opportunity to sample a wide variety of mouthwatering Thai delicacies prepared right on the boats. From steaming bowls of noodle soup and sizzling seafood skewers to sweet coconut pancakes and refreshing tropical fruit smoothies, foodies are going to fall in love.

Make sure you arrive hungry, because there are so many dishes and local snacks you’ll want to try!

Because Damneon Saduak Floating Market is situated about 1.5 to 2 hours away from Bangkok, we recommend you go with a guided tour. It is a great way to learn more about the floating market’s history and get an introduction to local Thai food.

Enjoy A Thai Massage

person receiving Thai massage

After a busy morning, it is time to relax. Luckily, in Bangkok, you’ll find that getting a massage isn’t only about relaxing, but learning more about its culture as well.

Thai massage is a centuries-old healing practice deeply rooted in Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, and there is no better place to experience this than in the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. In the bustling city, you’ll find a wide range of massage parlors and spas offering authentic Thai massage experiences that cater to both locals and visitors alike.

Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of bodywork that combines elements of acupressure, yoga, and assisted stretching to create a holistic therapeutic experience.

person getting leg twisted during thai massage bangkok

Unlike Western-style massages that typically involve the use of oils and lotions, Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a floor mat, with the therapist using their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to apply pressure and guide the recipient through a series of passive stretches.

For first-timers, it’s a very eye-widening experience since it’s so different from typical massage techniques. But after a few times and you learn how to give in to the masseuse, you’ll find that Thai massages rejuvenate you in a unique way.

Explore Chinatown

people shopping at food market chinatown bangkok

One of the best neighborhoods in Bangkok to visit is Chinatown. Also known as Yaowarat, Chinatown is a vibrant and bustling district. With its rich history, colorful street life, and mouthwatering culinary offerings. It is the perfect place to experience the fusion of Thai and Chinese cultures in Thailand.

Established in the late 18th century, Chinatown in Bangkok is now an area filled with narrow alleyways and bustling streets lined with an eclectic mix of traditional shophouses, ornate temples, and lively markets. There is no better place in Thailand that showcase the rich heritage and architectural influences of its Chinese settlers than in Chinatown.

If you are visiting after a Thai Massage, you might be visiting close to sunset. If it’s still early, make sure you check our some of the temples such as Wat Traimit and Wat Mangkon Kamalawat.

incense offering in gold bowl outside Chinatown Bangkok temple
Chinese temple

Wat Traimit houses what is believed to be the world’s largest solid gold Buddha statue is the largest and most important Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

But perhaps the main reason why you are visiting Bangkok in the evening is for its street food. Once the sun sets, hundreds of street vendors and open-air restaurants come out to the streets and sell their specialties.

From succulent roast duck and crispy pork belly to steamed buns and sweet sesame balls, there’s a seemingly endless array of dishes to satisfy your appetite.

You’ll also find some famous local specialties, such as bird’s nest soup and shark fin. Though they are considered delicacies in Chinese cuisine, we don’t really recommend giving them a try because we don’t support the business behind them.

Day 3

Long-Boat Thonburi Canal Tour

Artists House Bangkok klongs
The Artists House

One of the most unique things to do in Bangkok is to explore the Thonburi Canals. These canals, or khlongs as we mentioned, are situated on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River. Sometimes referred to as the Venice of the East, these khlongs offer a unique glimpse into a more traditional way of life that still thrives amid the modern metropolis.

With its stilted wooden homes perched above the water, local residents tending to their daily chores, and children playing along the banks, a Thonburi canal tour is a must-have experience for anyone seeking to explore the hidden treasures of Bangkok.

woman in a canoe
Busy work day

One of the attractions you’ll see along the route is The Artist’s House, or Baan Silapin. This hidden gem is a beautifully restored wooden house dating back over 200 years and serves as a cultural center and art gallery, showcasing the works of local artists and craftsmen.

The Artist’s House is also home to a traditional Thai puppet theater, where you can witness captivating performances featuring intricate, hand-carved puppets that bring ancient folktales to life. These shows are part of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions that are not to be missed.

It’s one of our top recommendations for things to do in Bangkok with kids!

MBK Center

outside o MBK center

No Bangkok itinerary is complete without the chance to buy some of the coolest Thai souvenirs to take home. While there are many vendors and markets all around the city, MBK Center (Maboonkrong) is one of the best places for souvenirs.

The shopping center is eight stories tall and contains around 2000 shops. There is an entire floor in the shopping center dedicated to just souvenirs for tourists.

And when you are tired from shopping, the mall has lots of restaurants and entertainment options for you to take the stress away. We all know how stressful shopping can be sometimes! When you are shopping here, don’t forget to haggle!

Lumphini Park

Panorama from Lumphini Park
Lumphini Park in Bangkok, Thailand

If you have not spent your entire afternoon shopping at MBK Center, you can take a stroll in Lumphini Park. As the largest public park in Bangkok, it offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lumphini Park is one of the few places in Bangkok that offers serenity, and covers an impressive 142 acres and is filled with lush greenery, ponds, lakes, walking paths and plenty of open spaces. It’s the perfect place to relax after a busy 3 days in Bangkok.

Rooftop Bars

bangkok at night from rooftop bar

If you still have energy after a busy day in Bangkok, then we recommend you to check out some of the rooftop bars in the city. The skyline in Bangkok is gorgeous, and there is no better way to see it than on one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars. The bonus? You’ll get to sip on delicious cocktails as you do so!

There are plenty of rooftop bars to pick from. The most famous is Sky Bar at the Lebua State Tower. It is one of the highest cocktail bars in the world at 820 feet high and was featured in the movie “The Hangover 2”.

If you want a more affordable option, check out Swing Bar by ChingCha or Legend Roof Bar!

More Than 3 Days In Bangkok?

3 days barely scratches the surface of what Bangkok has to offer. If you can afford to spend more time, we recommend doing so. Here are some additional things to do in Bangkok if you have more than 3 days on your itinerary.


Ayutthaya ruins at sunset

Ayutthaya is a great day trip from Bangkok. It’s a historical site located about 85 kilometers north of Bangkok and makes for the perfect day trip. Founded in 1351 by King Uthong, Ayutthaya served as the capital of the Kingdom of Siam for around four centuries and was once considered one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Though the invasion of the Burmese left the city with crumbling temples, statues, and monuments, the ruins of Ayutthaya stand as a testament to its former glory. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and history-lovers must not miss this attraction. It is one of the best day trips from Bangkok so don’t miss out!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak weekend market bangkok

The Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market, is the biggest open-air marketplace in Bangkok. Covering an area of 35 acres and featuring over 15,000 stalls, the weekend market attracts more than 200,000 visitors every weekend.

Chatuchak Weekend Market offers a huge mix of products, ranging from clothing, accessories, and handicrafts to antiques, furniture, and home decor. The market is divided into 26 sections, and this organized layout is supposed to make it easier for shoppers to navigate the vast array of stalls and find what they are looking for.

But for anyone that has actually been there, you’ll know that getting lost at Chatuchak Weekend Market is part of the experience!

In addition to shopping, Chatuchak Weekend Market is also a great place to sample authentic Thai street food and local delicacies. Scattered throughout the market are numerous food stalls and small eateries, offering delicious dishes such as pad Thai, mango sticky rice, and spicy papaya salad!

Muay Thai

two men thai boxing

Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that originated in Thailand and is known as the ‘art of eight limbs’. Compared to other martial arts, you can use your knees, elbows, legs and hands in the fight.

Not only is watching a fight an exhilarating experience, but Muay Thai is a part of Thai culture, and it is a great way to learn more about the country.

And if you want to challenge yourself physically, there are plenty of Muay Thai classes you can take in the city. Find a class that is beginner or tourist-friendly and you’ll get a good workout. Then you don’t have to feel guilty about eating all the yummy Thai food!

FAQs About Spending 3 Days in Bangkok

Here’s what people usually ask us about spending three days in Bangkok.

Is 3 days enough to visit Bangkok?

Three days in Bangkok is the minimum amount of time you should spend in Bangkok. In three days, you can see the main highlights, get a feel for the culture and get to know the Bangkok way of life.

Is 4 days in Bangkok too much?

If you have four days to spend in Bangkok, then you can use the fourth day to take a day trip to Ayutthaya or have a relaxing day getting a Thai massage. There is no shortage of things to do in Bangkok so you could easily spend four days there without getting bored.

How much money do I need for 3 days in Bangkok?

How much you need to budget for Bangkok depends on your travel style and comfort levels, but we recommend you budget around $50 USD per day which should cover accommodation, transport, food, and some attractions.

Before You Go

The Grand Palace Bangkok on the water
The Grand Palace

The capital of Thailand is full of amazing things to do, and planning a trip without a proper itinerary can be stressful.

Our 3-day Bangkok itinerary is filled with some of the best attractions of the city that you should not miss, especially for first timer visitors!

We hope that our itinerary has given you some great ideas for your own trip and that you feel confident and excited to explore Bangkok on your own.

Don’t forget to carry plenty of water because this city is hot all year round, and be sure to try the street food and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this incredible city.

If you have any comments or questions about our Bangkok itinerary, please feel free to leave them below. And most importantly, have a fantastic trip!

More Thailand Travel Tips

If you’re planning to visit other parts of Thailand, you may find these other resources helpful!

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