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  1. Tash

    Ohhh, bookmarked for later this month! I have been a few times, but really only as stopovers or at the end of a SE Asia trip, so this will be helpful for actual places to seek out! Thanks!

    • Craig

      Hey Tash,

      We actually fly to Bangkok next Thursday, so this awesome guide from Mark is perfect timing and has us pumped! Glad it will help you too 🙂

  2. Shane

    Thanks for the tips Mark. I’m reading this in between constant interuptions of ‘Should I take this?’ for our trip to SE Asia in a few days. As soon as we’ve offloaded our bags it’ll be staight to Sukhumvit Soi 38 for some street food.

    • Mark Wiens

      Hey Shane, you’ve got your priorities right – straight for the street food! Have a great visit!

  3. Amy @ The Q Family

    Great guide! I will add that for affordable and varieties as well as easy access place to eat is the food court in all the shopping mall in Bangkok. We frequent Siam Paragon’s food court during our visit. The food is clean and affordable. It’s a great start for those who can be easily intimidated by the side street eating. Plus you will have options to try different types of food in one place. If you need more guide for Bangkok with kids, let me know. 🙂

    • Craig

      Hi Amy,

      Yeah great tip on the food court situation for first timers! Definitely another affordable way to experience delicious Thai food. Yeah, lets have your Bangkok tips with kids 🙂

  4. Ian Ord - Where Sidewalks End

    An awesome list! I’ve been in Thailand for just over a year now, and 4 of those months in Bangkok. There’s definitely a never ending list of things to go and do here – but this is a pretty substantial start of some of the most interesting (and some new ones I just added to my own to-do list)!! Thanks for sharing and getting the goods from Mark! 🙂

    • Craig

      Hey Ian,

      That’s awesome you’ve got so much time in Thailand. Jealous. But we’re looking forward to our two week trip this month and using these tips! Enjoy the rest of your time in BKK.

  5. TammyOnTheMove

    I have been to Bangkok a few months ago, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to do all the things you are suggesting here. Must go back. And Thai food, hmm-just delicious!

    • Mark Wiens

      Hey Tammy, great to hear you’ve been to Bangkok already, there really are so many things to do and experience. Hope you can visit again in the future!

  6. Nick Rutten

    Great post! I’m going to check out some of those places, as I’m in Bangkok right now!

  7. Deborah Frieden

    I’m particularly interested in visiting arts and crafts shops for good quality products along with studios with artisans working. Any suggestions?

  8. Ron Lee

    Ahhh, just realized this was your space Mark! Cheers
    Jason Lee~

  9. nathaly

    Hi, I do not trust the “famous sellers” now, I really prefer to buy everything from Thailand now, this is where I buy my stuff, for $20 “Personal Shopper Bangkok” (Google it I don’t have the exact link) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same cheap service in Paris or New York !!!

  10. Charis

    Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and there are many popular places as well as some religious places at there like the temple of God Buddha. Also A Museum is one of the great place which attract the attention of a traveller.

  11. Alex Cardo @ Traveling Myself

    Yes…very huge and great article! Bangkok is too big to explore. Once I wrote a big report with photos about my travel in Pattay and Krabi, and I still can’t find forces to write a huge article about Bangkok.

    Thanks for your impressions. It is very interesting to read, especially about Thai food )))

  12. Christabel

    Great tips! Gald I found this post! We are leaving on the 14th of December 2013 for 3 weeks in Bangkok. SO excited. If you have any MORE tips please let me know! Thanks a mill! 🙂

  13. nathalie abao

    thanks a lot..we will be travelling bangkok on november 2…oh..i mean with my sister..we are very exciting to visit all the places u have mentioned in your journey in thailand. your story helps us a lot and guide us when we will be there soon..excited..:)

  14. Sam Coughlan

    Great article Ytravel!

    I think Mark knows just about all there is to know about Bangkok! The advice to “eat everything you see” is spot on. You just have to toughen up the taste buds and go for it!

    If you are looking to pack in some of these amazing experiences all into one day you should check out AdventureHoney’s “Bangkok Day Tour”. It offers a local guide and is really flexible and what you can see and do.

    Check it out!

  15. Laura

    This was an amazing find! I have been living in Chon Buri for four months and haven’t gotten to do too much exploring of Bangkok with all of the protests and such. A friend is visiting in April and will be using this as my bible! Thank you!

    • Caz

      Aha! More protests in Thailand hey! We’re living in a no media travel bubble in Australia at the moment. Missing out on the global dramas. Glad the post could help you. We love Bangkok. Enjoy and stay safe

  16. Rachel

    The protests are actually far smaller than they have been and, at this point, not remotely dangerous.

    i’ve lived in Bangkok for 12 years and, at the beginning of the year, when the protests started to get big, protesters were camped out at the bottom of my street for almost a month. Annoying, to say the least. Particularly as for all their talk of being ‘democrats’ they are the least democratic group of people you could come across.

    Now, however, they’vw relocated from all protest sites around Bangkok to Lumphini Park, so if you avoid heading into the park, you’re not likely to see much.

    Overall, Bangkok is just as safe as it has always been in March, 2014. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend tourists travel here.

  17. Rachel

    Oh and your commenter above ‘Personal Shopper Bangkok’ is a well known spammer. She’s been on every website I write for with her ‘don’t know the link’ comment. A scam website for sure 🙂

    And there is NO need to ever hire a personal shopper in Bangkok. Shopping here is half of the fun, particularly as almost everything sold here is a fraction of the cost of the west.

  18. MightyTravels

    Guys – have you been out to Wat Saket? Easy to reach by boat (no taxi needed) and it’s a great oasis with a golden pagoda and a cool view over Bangkok.

    • Caz

      We sure have! I used to teach at Wat Saket High School and lived in an old converted office building. Wat Saket was the view from my bedroom window and my daily place to get away! Love it there

  19. Bettina Gutwenger

    One place nobody mention is “Ancient City” which I love very much.

    I call it “little Thailand”. When I was there for the first time, now nearly 35 years ago, it was way smaller than today. It has the propotions of Thailand but “in small” and you can see a lot places of interest – rebuilt or imitated – smaller than the original. The first time I was there, in 1980/81 we walked around the ground. Today it is not possible anymore and makes much more fun to drive with a golf caddy around.
    We come back to Thailand every 3-4 years and it is always a pleasure to visit this place again to see what was built last.

    A place to enjoy Thailand from North to South within one day!
    Love it !!!

  20. Mat

    I would add: go watch a movie at Siam theater (or any other movie theatre). It’s cheap, it’s huge and you can watch trailers of thai movies, which are good for cultural knowledge ! and don’t forget to stand up for the national hymn.

  21. Escape Hunter

    The Grand Palace is definitely one of those things I’m aching for.
    But I’d also like to see a piece of modern Bangkok, it’s very exciting.

  22. Frank

    Great info. A day trip to Ayuttaya a must, it really is a highlight. I would actually suggest visiting the Jim Thomson house over the Vimanmek Mansion, we just thought it was way more impressive. Been there 5 times and never saw the Erewan museum…thanks for mentioning it.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  23. Alex

    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. I am planning to visit the most famous cities in Bangkok Krabi during May month as i have booked my holidays with Uk based Travel agent

  24. Duyen

    After reading your post, I’m more surely to plan a trip to Bangkok this June! I’m so thankful for your information!
    Hope you are always have great time in your trip!

  25. Kanthi Jayamaha

    in bangkok from where can you buy art & crafts and lanterns for restaurants

    • things to do in Bangkok trip

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      On your next trip to Bangkok, surely plan a Bangkok itinerary using above link shared and make your trip everlasting..

  26. EJ

    I love Bangkok’s beautiful modern temples in the Royal Palace and how it’s close to Ayutthaya’s ancient temples. Their rich culture is very fascinating. 🙂

  27. MJS

    Hi! How is the month of May to visit Thailand?
    Thanks for your advise!

    • Craig

      Thailand has three official seasons – hot, cool, and wet. The hot season runs from March through to June, with April and May the hottest months of the year. So if you can handle the heat and humidity you’ll be ok. Hope this things to do in Bangkok article helps with your visit.

      • MJS

        Than you, Craig.
        Do you consider it as awful as it is in India in May?
        The weather channel forecasts 80-92ºF.. If it really is like that, I can handle it perfectly.

  28. Jessica Festa

    Awesome list! I’ve done quite a bit of the things mentioned on here but NONE of the festivals sadly. That vegetarian festival sounds awesome — and I’m not even a vegetarian ha. Any food-related event in Thailand sounds amazing to me though 🙂

    • Craig

      Hey Jessica, glad you’ve done many on this list of things to do in Bangkok. And I agree on you in regards to the food – hard to beat.

  29. Krizzelle

    Me and my bestfriend are planning to book a flight this September. This really excites me to get lost in Thailand. Awesome! Thanks for this! 🙂

  30. Allan Wilson

    Unfortunately the Sukhumvit Soi 38 street food street has been (disastrously) closed down as well as Cheap Charlies. Pad Kra Pao for the win however.

  31. Sumita

    Hi, loved your article. We’ll be visiting Thailand for 8 days in December and our flights are to and from Bangkok. Will really appreciate any help with itinerary planning. Wish to see elephant bathing, women with the long necks and of course everything else. Sounds crazy. But this trip is so long due and I want to see the most in this short time. Thanks in advance.

  32. Agness of Etramping

    This is such a comprehensive city guide which I really enjoyed reading, Craig! Bangkok seems truly astonishing and a definitely worth visiting destination. These are all excellent suggestions. How many days would be enough to explore Bangkok properly?

  33. South Korean Culture

    Thanks for the tips Mark. I’m reading this in between constant interuptions of ‘Should I take this?’ for our trip to SE Asia in a few days. As soon as we’ve offloaded our bags it’ll be staight to Sukhumvit Soi 38 for some street food. !