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The Working Holiday Australia Visa, also called the WHV Australia, is a great way to work and travel Australia.

The working holiday Australia program is hugely popular for gap year students and backpackers, as it gives them the opportunity to experience a new culture, gain new skills, and it’s a great way to fund your travels for an extended stay.

By participating, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the people and their day to day lives, you’ll get a real feel for the heartbeat of the country, and you’ll get out of your comfort zone by trying different and unusual jobs.

How to Get the WHV Visa…

First of all, you must be between the ages of 18 – 30 years old, and you must come from a qualifying country. And depending on where you come from, there are actually two visa categories.

For all the details on who qualifies for what, please see our working holiday Australia visa page.

how to work and travel australia
The iconic Sydney Opera House

Moving to Australia Tips…

So you’ve decided to move to Australia. That’s the easy part, now you’ve got things to organize.

Moving to Australia Tips:

  • Open a Bank Account Pre-Arrival….Sorting out your finances before you leave should make your move a little easier. Three banks that have international services can help you achieve just that. Try the HSBC, the Commonwealth Bank, or the ANZ.
  • Healthcare AgreementThe Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with the following countries: United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and Italy.

To enrol in the Australian Medicare System you will need:

  • your passport with a valid visa
  • to provide, in some cases, identification showing you are enrolled in your country’s national health scheme.

If your application to enrol in Medicare is approved, you will receive an Australian reciprocal health care card in the mail. Learn more here.

  • Leaving Australia Tax OverviewIf you have been living in Australia, intend leaving Australia soon, or have recently left Australia, there are things you need to do to get your tax affairs in order. Learn more here.
how to work and travel australia
Kings Park, Perth

Finding Cheap Flights to Australia

You should have several websites bookmarked for finding cheap flights to Australia.

All of Australia’s international airports have regular public transport such as bus, train and taxi connections to the city centres. For more detailed information on all the airports, see the Australian Airports Guide

Here is a list of search engines to start searching  for your cheap flights to Australia:

Flights to Australia:

Flights within Australia:

how to work and travel australia
Byron Bay main beach

Finding a Place to Stay when you get there

Finding backpackers hostels, a flat-mate, a budget hotel, or other cheap accommodation is an important part of your working holiday Australia trip.

Depending on your budget, your comfort zone,  your travel style, and your relationship status, there are many options for finding the right accommodation to suit your short term and long term needs.

1. Stay in a Backpackers Hostel:

If you need budget accommodation when first arriving or cheap accommodation whilst traveling, a great place to start is a Backpackers Hostel. They are cheap, everywhere, and a great place to meet other travellers.

how to work and travel australia
View from YHA The Rocks, Sydney

2. Find a Flat or a Flat-Mate:

  • Flatmate Finderis a great resource to advertise yourself if you are looking for a room, or to find rooms that are already being advertised. And the great thing about it is that membership and advertising on Flatmate Finder is FREE!
  • Gum Tree – another fantastic site for finding flats, units, apartments, and houses to rent.
  • TNT Downunder - This site has a database of more then 8,500 accommodation listings in Australia and NZ!

3. Find a Cheap Hotel:

There are several Hotel booking sites to compare hotel prices and facilities. Check out:

4. VRBO – Vacation Rentals By Owner:

Vacation Rentals By OwnerSometimes, staying in a vacation property is cheaper than a hotel. Compared to hotels, vacation rentals offer more value, space and privacy.

VRBO provide an online space for homeowners to advertise their vacation properties and make it easy for travelers to search 150,000+ rentals in over 100 countries worldwide.

5. Mind My House:

Mind My House – is a global house sitting matching service. They provide all the online tools for home owners and house sitters to find each other from around the globe (or around the corner). House sitters provide their house sitting services for free in exchange for the privilege of accommodation in the owner’s home.

Finding Work

Travel Jobs and backpacker jobs in Australia come in all shapes and sizes.

If you want to work and travel Australia we’ve got you covered. Job agencies in Australia are plentiful and travel jobs for backpackers is a large industry.

Whether you want farm jobs, retail, hospitality, construction,  nursing, engineering, childcare, or you want to go fruit picking Australia, chances are the opportunity is there for you.

Below is a list of websites, job agencies, and jobs boards:

  • GumTree – Great job site for travelers. There is a Gum Tree site for every city!
  • Helpx – Listing of host organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation!
  • Fruit Picking – a great place to find fruit picking Australia work!
  • Harvest Trail – this site links job seekers with harvest jobs and fruit picking Australia seasonal info!
  • Aussie Jobs – For a REAL Australian work experience check out this site!
  • Thumbrella – Jobs for travelers around Australia
  • Travellers at Work – Job search club for working holiday visa holders and backpackers!
  • WWOOF – Willing Workers On Organic Farms. Work in exchange for your meals and accommodation!
  • Extra Man – For Mining, Marine, Engineering, Automotive, Construction & Hospitality Jobs they can help!

Nursing Jobs:

Nurses with overseas qualifications will first have to register with the Nurses Registration Board in the state you want to work in.

Visit the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia for all the info.

Nursing Agencies: There are loads of agencies out there to help you find a job including:

Teaching Jobs:

As with nursing, teachers are required to register with the Teacher registration Board in each state they hope to work in.

how to work and travel australia
Learning to surf at Bondi Beach in Sydney

Getting Around

Australia is a big country, and how you get around depends on factors like your budget, the amount of time you have, and your traveling style.

Thankfully, there are options to satisfy all scenarios…

Cars and Campervans for Sale & Rent:

Backpacker Bus Companies:

Have you done the Australia Working Holiday?


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  3. Great tips! The websites you have listed on here are very informative and it can really help those people who are looking for tips while they are working on their requirements for migrating to Australia. However, I hope you included good health insurance providers here. When I was working on my own requirements, I had a hard time looking for one. Anyway, here are some recommendations that might help some people: You can try out http://www. or IMAN . They offer the best and affordable 457 health insurance which is good if you are in a budget. Good luck!

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  5. Great post! Moving to Australia can be quite intimidating, but if you do your research, it’s guaranteed to be quite an experience. As someone who has moved around the world before settling in Brisbane, I just want to give one piece of advice: Always be prepared for the worst, especially financially. It would be ideal if you could save up before making that big move.

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