Winery and Cycling Tour Around Hawke’s Bay

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As we pulled our bikes up for yet another stop at a winery in Hawke’s Bay, I could not help but think what Caz might be doing at home.

Not thinking in a way to rub it in what I was currently doing, but just wishing she was with me.

This would have been one of Caz’s favourite days.

There is nothing she likes more than wine tasting through spectacular wine regions of the world, and to do it via a cycling tour she would have been in her travel element.

We were located on the idyllic Te Awanga coast, in the Hawke’s Bay area which is one of New Zealand’s premier wine regions

And one of the best ways to visit the wineries in this area is by bicycle as the land is flat and most of the wineries are within easy cycling distance.

winery tour around hawke's bay

Elephant Hill

The most stunning of the wineries we visited was Elephant Hill.

With the majestic elephant as it’s namesake this winery spans over 25 hectares of vineyards producing classical whites and world-class reds.

Elephant Hill was stylish and I enjoyed sampling the Merlot whilst relaxing on the outside deck and admiring the breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean and vines.

Our wine tasting was accompanied by platters of cheese, crackers, and fruit and there is also the opportunity to visit the cellar door for even more wine tasting

On Ya Bike

After lounging around for a few hours eating and drinking I was happy to be able to hit the road and stretch the legs on our classic beach cruiser.

We were allocated single-speed cruisers with comfy seats and they were an awesome way to re-locate to our next winery.

Our bike path was via the coastal cycleway which is a dedicated cycle path that’s flat and easy to navigate.

I loved riding up the long driveway entrances stopping at leisure to take photos of the vineyards as we passed. For me it is the best way to see the Bay’s Coastal scenery and vineyards.

Te Awanga

The  Te Awanga Estate is situated on an elevated site consisting of 42 acres of Vines.

I loved the approach to this winery. It was a long flat dirt road and on either side were endless rows of vines and in the distance behind the main building were majestic mountains.

And once again the views from the cellar door during our wine tasting or whilst lazing around on the grassy slopes outside were amazing.

All up we visited a total of three wineries in half a day at a very relaxed pace. There are many more to visit in the local area which gives me great reason to return, next time with my wine loving wife – cheers Caz!

The Facts

Elephant Hill – For more information visit their website at 

Te Awanga Estate – For more information visit their website at

Cycle Tours – To cycle your way along the coast and around the vineyards visit Coastal Wine Cycles. 

11 thoughts on “Winery and Cycling Tour Around Hawke’s Bay”

  1. Will - Gap Daemon

    Firstly, what amazing photos! You’ve certainly succeeded in stirring a deep desire within me to get on out to New Zealand and see all this for myself.

    Secondly, I’ve never had wine from Hawke’s Bay, but then again I only started drinking it a few years ago! I’m curious: what’s it like, and did it effect your biking much?

    Nice post!

    1. G’day Will,

      Thanks, it was easy to take good photos as the area really was stunning. I enjoyed the wine and didn’t go too crazy that it would be unsafe to bike. The bike company followed us around so could keep an eye on anyone taking it a bit too far 🙂

  2. Its cool they had a dedicated cycle path. When we did a vineyard tour in Blenheim their were cyclists all over the place which did not seem to safe. We were lucky as a family member drove us around for the day!

    1. Hey James,

      Yeah the dedicated path made for easy re-location without worrying too much about cars. And the bike company followed us to the end with a big trailor and minibus and collected the bikes for us. It worked perfectly 🙂

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