Unexpected Kiama Surprises

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I’m not sure what I was expecting from Kiama.

I had it in my head there would be lots of concrete, busy roads, and scurrying people. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because its so close to Sydney?

I hear so much about it I guess I just thought it would be a largish town.

Of course I knew about the blowhole, the infamous spouting water drawing visitors from across the globe. Well maybe not that many, but it should considering the type of place that Kiama is.

I thought the blowhole would be far out from the town, not a five minute stroll from the main street on the headland.

And I mean THE main street.

I was surprised when after researching places to stay in Kiama it didn’t return much.

“What do you mean there are not that many places? It’s Kiama, the home of the famous blow hole. There must be streets full of holiday units, caravan parks and B & B’s.”

Thank goodness there isn’t.

Kiama is a sleepy, seaside village. The kind of place you expect to see on the coastline of Wales or Ireland.

Surf beach kiama
A relaxing Kiama coastal stroll

It’s black and rugged and the headlands and rolling green hills somewhat remind me of Ireland. But instead of the hills rolling into bare, craggy mountains like on the Emerald Isle, here they move into the escarpments so familiar of the Australian bush.

It’s bloody beautiful.

It’s quiet, it’s lazy, it’s simple and laid back.

relaxing on the headland

If you like an evening stroll and a day spent whiling away in cafes then Kiama is for you.

If you love spending the day at pristine beaches with plenty of sand for you to lay on, then the surrounding beaches are for you.

If you are a surfer, I doubt you’ll have to fight for waves. Kiama is for you. As we walked from the blowhole to Surfers Beach we could hear the surfers yahooing as they rode a wave into shore – a wave they did not have to fight to get.

Surf beach kiama (1)
Surf Beach- the waves all to yourself

If you like heading off into the bush for cool, relaxing walks or scaring yourself over steel walkways on top of the canopy then Kiama is for you.

Head out to Minnamurra rainforest to see the Minnamurra Waterfall and walk in the shades of the towering trees and ferns. Or, go to the Illawarra Fly and walk on top of the rainforest with views back over the valley and Kiama below (We say go to the rainforest or find some views from the escarpment that come for free. The Illawarra Fly was good, but way overpriced)

Illawarra Fly Kiama
Views over Kiama from Illawarra Fly
Illawarra Fly Kiama
Illawarra Fly Kiama
Minnamurra Rainforest Kiama (3)
Love in the Minnamurra rainforest
Minnamurra Rainforest Kiama (3)
Minnamurra Rainforest

And of course, if you like to see phenomenal feats of nature than come to Kiama.

Well maybe not.

Sometimes, the famous blowhole just might be a hole. Like it was for us.

Kiama blowhole
The blowhole becomes a hole

It all depends on nature folks.

We got a glimpse of it the next morning. It was spouting a bit of a puff, enough for Kalyra to scream “It’s blowing!!”

We saw the blowhole blow.

I didn’t really care.

I just really enjoyed Kiama.

It was completely unexpected. A little quiet dose of serenity in a different side of Australia coastal life.

You won’t be overrun by tourists when you arrive. You could even possibly have the whole place to yourself.

Surf beach kiama (3)
Sisters – Savannah and Kalyra
Kiama (1)
Old terrace homes turned into cafes and restaurants
Kiama (2)
Beautiful jacaranda trees
Kiama lighthouse
Kalyra at the lighthouse
Kiama harbour
some of the locals

Have you been to Kiama before?

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Kiama Surprises”

  1. This is just the type of place for me! It looks so lovely and peaceful – and it’s by the ocean but also has a rainforest. When I finally get to Australia I must visit Kiama. It’s the kind of place I always wanted to live, before I fell in love with the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ. Thank you this post.

    1. No worries. It’s such an undiscovered spot and just over an hour from Sydney. Perfect!! There is loads more to do in the area, we just didn’t have the time to explore

  2. Hello, we stop off in Kiama on the way down to Jervis Bay. It’s a beaut little town. One day I’d like to stay at Easts Beach caravan/camping park down there, just for fun. It looks great and is on the beach. Lovely part of the world and feels like a seaside town from when I was young.

    1. You could get around the town easy enough on foot. If you want to go to further afield to the National Park and other nearby beaches you will need a car though. But there are plenty of nice beaches within walking distance

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