Mantra Perth Review: Why We Stay in Apartments with kids

As you can tell from following our journey around Australia we don’t always stay in our five by three-metre camper trailer. I’d go insane living ONLY in that for 18 months.

I like the stability of it and always having a place for my things, but sometimes you just need a bit more comfort and space, especially traveling with kids and running our business.

I love staying in holiday apartments for a refreshing escape and to get some decent rest, to have a clean private shower for awhile, and to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and go to the toilet without having to grab the torch and shuffle in the dark for 50 metres to the amenities block in the campsite. And I love having a big kitchen, with an oven.

I miss not having an oven in the camper trailer as I love to make meals like vegetable lasagne, lentil shepherds pie and Mediterranean vegetable bake. And maybe a chocolate cashew tart or two (sugar and gluten free!!)

Plus, we always find the girls get a good rest and enjoy having their own room and separate beds. And we don’t have to go through the dreaded 90-minute pack up and set up time-consuming process with our camper.

Not to mention being able to knuckle down and get some work done at a real desk!

Thanks to our partnership with Mantra Hotels, we’ve have been staying in Mantra holiday apartments in cities and coastal areas on our road trip. Check out Mantra Lorne, Mantra Southbank Melbourne, Mantra Mololoolaba, Mantra on Salt Kingscliff.

Their tag line is “there’s room for everyone” and they’ve become our little home away from home that offers us all we need from our break and typically they come with AMAZING views like this one in Coolangatta.

Mantra Coolangatta Beach - Queensland, Australia
Mantra Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

We raced to the Mantra in Perth. Like literally raced there!

We were meant to stop in Jurien Bay for the night to break up the eight-hour drwive to Perth from Kalbarri. And because we wanted to visit The Pinnacles – limestone formations contained within Nambung National Park on the Coral Coast.

But, then along the way I came down really sick. I have a few food issues sometimes and I think I’d eaten some gluten somewhere. My stomach was on fire and I was sure I’d have to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

So we headed straight down to Perth and were thankfully able to get a room at the Mantra on Hay Street.

Mantra on Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia
Mantra on Hay Street, Perth
Night time view from our balcony
Night time view from our balcony

I didn’t even see the Pinnacles, which was on my bucket list.

We stopped in there hoping to drive through it so I could get a glimpse through the window, but our camper trailer was not allowed on the road and we weren’t about to unhitch it.

So Craig went walking around to have a look, while I sat clenched over with the girls in the car.

The Pinnacles, Western Australia
The Pinnacles

I really didn’t care that I was missing it, I just wanted to get to the Mantra and lie down.

Which was what I did.

We arrived and I lay straight on the couch, numbing out to a bit of TV.

Craig and the girls dialed in pizza and I collapsed into bed for a restful sleep. It was exactly what I needed. I woke up in the morning still sore and a bit hazy, but feeling like I did not need to see a doctor anymore.

I was so grateful for the apartment the next day as I just hung out and got the rest I needed to recover, and got in a little bit of work whilst the kids watched cartoons.

That afternoon, I was able to take a walk outside to discover the city. We love central apartment stays in the city.

Mantra Apartments in Perth, Western Australia
Mantra Apartments in Perth, Western Australia
Mantra Apartments in Perth, Western Australia

The Mantra on Hay, Perth

The location of the Mantra is on Hay Street and easy 10-minute walk to the CBD, or a short walk down to the river, and for cricket fans, the WACA. It’s also close to the Hay Street and Murray Street Malls for the shopaholics.

I certainly enjoyed that on the Friday morning with Lululemon, an athletic clothing store, offering a free yoga class! AWESOME! I almost had the city to myself as I walked down for a bit of vinyasa flow to start my day in the right way.

Close by was Northbridge, which offered 6am morning rooftop yoga. The class completely kicked my butt, but I loved starting my day looking at the skyline while doing my upward dogs. The rooftop also has evening outdoor cinema in the summer.

The Mantra on Hay also had lovely lighting coming into the living room window and modern decor, which was really important for me. It was the perfect opportunity for me to shoot my videos for our upcoming free training series for my Money Cleanse.

There’s no way I can get those conditions in the camper trailer so I have to look for those opps when we stay in apartments. This was exactly what I needed. Craig took the girls for a swim in the indoor pool on the top floor of the Mantra and then for a play down by the river while I got busy shooting the videos.

girls standing on pool steps
Mantra in Perth swimming pool
Fun by the Swan river

We’ll be staying in a few apartments in January, so hopefully I’ll finish off my videos then. At least I’ll have space and comfort and no 2am walks to the campsite toilets.

Yay my own bathroom.

It’s the little things!

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  1. It is really more spacious. And if you’re traveling with a big family, apartments are better when you’re on a holiday not to mention that it can save you a lot of money on hotel service fees.

  2. Traveller Philippines

    Great tip. I will follow what you did, to stay in an apartment to save money for a hotel. Anyways, you will stay in the apartment during the night, as the days are spent for the sight seeing. Have a great travel.

  3. Vacation homes and service apartments are best option for saving money while you are travelling for a vacation or business purpose. Always use those websites which provide verified property listings.

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